Angeline Picking Maddox Up From School

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina was snapped picking up Maddox, 6, from the Lycée Français de New York school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan on Wednesday afternoon. These afternoon pick-ups have become quite the event! Maddox must have to be bemused by all the attention!



  1. Shirlgirl144 says

    I think everyone forgets that the photographers (if you can call them that) are there, lying in wait. I wouldn’t think that AJ or Brad are that desperate for attention that they would call and instigate them being whereever they go.

    They are public figures so they have to live public lives. Good thing is they get to decide HOW public they want to be. Never see pics of them in their home environment and I think that’s where they get peace. They can all just simply be a family.

    I think the psychologists in the article that say that it MAY be harmful for the kids to be globetrotters with their parents are really simple minded. These children are learning something that very few people ever get to learn….that they can be at home anywhere in the world.
    They are learning diversity, adaptability and to develop very strong family ties.

    What the heck is wrong with that?

  2. Nicki says

    They can use the side entrance in the morning, (pics have also been snapped then) but by afternoon it is chained off. It is not possible to use it for pick up. Thats why we only see pick-up pics now. The drop off are the bodyguards back and the top of Mad’s head. No one pays for them.

  3. oriana says

    Most private schools would stand on their heads for high profile people and these two are the cream of the crop, however, to their benefit, I definately think they are sick to death of all the pictures, cameras and prob fans too, gawking at them, and look at the young girls even on the sidelines, that is ridiculous to me!

  4. Elsa says

    One more point here, most private schools will stand on their heads to accomodate their rich/high profile parents… so I’m sure alternate arrangemetns could be mad (side/back enterance, perhaps>..) Yes, the paps are insatiable, but I do think that Brad/Angie love this.

  5. oriana says

    I like the color of her sweater also, I think she has the complexion that she could wear any kind of color and it would look good. She is slim, boney knees, but she doesn’t look sickly to me, she is tall and has long legs, 15 pounds would look great on her.

  6. oriana says

    Zbella, maybe you are one of the lucky mothers that doesn’t have to work an outside job and can be with your children all the time, what about the other millions of working Moms that aren’t rich like Angie to have Nannies and bodyguards, or like you, they can’t take their children to school everyday and there kids survive just fine! In most families that have two parents, both parents work, kids get on the school buses or else someone trusted takes them, I do agree if Maddox hates the flashes and the paps so much, and she doesn’t want to be bothered, there are other alternatives.

    She knows the circus atmosphere, go in the side door whenever possible to avoid the confrontation, or better yet, what is wrong with staying in the car? The world wouldn’t stop if she didn’t hold his hand and walk him in the front door every day. Just like it won’t stop when she is filming and won’t be there at all every morning.

    Nadira has a very valid point to me.

  7. dori says

    Yes everyone gets to see the kids except dear old grandpa. You never see pics of the kids with their grandparents Isn’t that a bit strange They are too busy to actually be a part of their extended family. And that Angelinas doing I’m sure of it. All she needs is the media and her man .. they are beginning to make me sick.

  8. Nadira says

    What is so stupid about staying in the car, and not subject your child to that madness daily. And also respect the other children and their parents, it is not only about them. They love it, and strive on it. Angelina and Brad are the biggest media whores around.

  9. Elsa says

    Oh PULESE people. YES in an ideal world she and every other celeb could do whatever they damned well pleased w/o paps up the yin-yang. But it is not an ideal world… and you know what, the celebs (all not basing Brangelina here…) pander to the paps (some more than others.) Loving your kid means NOT being selfish. Maybe it’s best to think of a way to get your child from school taht would not subject them to a media circus. OK? Is that so awful? What about the OTHER parents at the school and THEIR children? Do you think they want this caos daily? I think not, but he, as long as Angelina is happy.

  10. essie says

    As mentioned before, Angie is Maddox’s mother and she takes him to school. Why should she “wait in the car” while someone else does her job? It’s just stupid to say something like that.

  11. Nadira says

    Angelina wait in the car for Maddox, send someone to pick him up, it is that simple. I am starting to think she enjoy this. People are getting tired of them, that is why their movies are bombing.

  12. essie says

    I agree Granny. They are the pictures are the same everyday. Why do the paps still bother to take them and why do blog still purchase them from the paps? I have no idea but I’m glad Angie still takes her child to school. She’s a caring mother and her son obviously loves it.

    Angie has to be in Los Angeles by 10/23 to begin filming a movie with Clint Eastwood so we’ll get even more pics because Maddox will be going to the LA Lycee.

  13. Granny says

    I think this would happen at any school these kids go to. But no mother should have to give up taking their kid to school because photographers and celeb watchers don’t know when enough is enough. Haven’t the other parents had enough of watching what should be a normal activity too.

    These pics cannot be bringing in much money because there are too many of them and there isn’t anything unusual in them.

  14. Zbella says

    I’m with essie 100%. You can send your nanny to take your kids to school. Angelina (and most other loving mothers) choose to do it themselves. Get over it. Her life is a media frenzy. So I guess she should never take her kids out in public. Oh, she tried that for a year with Shiloh and you all screamed “where’s shiloh!”

    I agree Meryl is an icon. Michelle was A list and has taken several years off to raise her children. I believe she is getting back into acting again. They are both an older generation of actresses. AJ is only 32. Just like there is Ivy League – and then there are the 3 schools everyone has heard of. AJ may not be Harvard (yet) but she is in the top teer.

  15. dori says

    ANOTHER pick up Mad at school pic ….Yawn… this is getting boring. Yes the kid goes to school and Yes his mom picks him up WOW is that unique or what???!!?!?!?!?!?

  16. liliwaton says

    people ..doesn’t it tell you that she is just like any regular mom who wants to take the responsibility to take her kid to school..leave them alone already!!

  17. essie says

    Why would a mother want to have a nanny or bodyguard take her child to and from school? Angie is Maddox’s mother and she should be the one taking him to school. If the paps want to be there that’s their business, but no mother should be forced by circumstances to stop taking a child to school.

    There are other celebs who take their kids to school and they are photographed: Courtney Cox, Heidi Klum and the Beckhams to name three I saw photos of this week. Should they send their kids with the nanny? I guess only Angie should. She’s held to a higher standard by people who hate her!!!

  18. Elsa says

    Essie…I’m not looking for her, nor am I logging on saying “Oh, God, I hope there is ANOTHER picture of Brad or Angie brignign Maddox to school! Please, please, please….” Trust me, not what I want. And I think the Paps are nuts for being there every day. BUT I also know a lot of other celeb kids are being brought to and from school daily w/o the frenzy. AND if you want your kid to be spared this sort of thing (which one hopes you would WANT to spare your kid) you can easily have the nanny and driver (of which I’m sure they have many) bring your child to and from school. And you can be waiting at home with cookies and milk and hugs for your child… of course the Paps won’t be there to photograph that now, will they?

  19. essie says

    You don’t have to see it everyday. You can decide to not look at the pictures. It’s the fault of the paps not Angie’s fault. She prefers to take her child to school and her child likes to be taken to school by his mother. It’s not their fault the paps hang out there and take pictures and it’s not their fault blogs like this buy those pictures because people want to see them.

    I’m sure Maddox is totally used to all those silly people watching him walk with his mother to their car. In fact, his father said Maddox laughed about it.

    Deeds, Meryl Streep is beyond “A” list . . . she’s an icon like Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

  20. Elsa says

    Again… do we NEED to see this EVERYDAY????? OMG…. I’m starting to think that it would be A LOT better if Brangelina would start allowing the Nanny to do the pick up and drop off so the poor kid can have some semblance of normalcy.

  21. Deeds says

    I have a question and it’s not to be taken as AJ bashing. I truely want to know the answer. If AJ is an A-list actor then what catergory would Meryl Streep, Michele Phiffer(sp), ie be in?

  22. AmyY says

    although it is a very ugly color… anyway how annoying to have to dress up and make sure your makeup looks perfect so you can pick up your son from school… I would hate to have this kind of crowd waiting for me everytime I went to get my daughter from school.

  23. 2teens3beans says

    #4 I’d say it’s Angie they are gushing over. Their eyes are focused on her from what I can see.
    Mad is a cutie-pie and it’s nice to see Angie wearing some color!

  24. shutyourhole says

    omg not another one…

    sry2say no one gives a shit about watching angie drop one of her ~exotic~ orphans off at school every day.

  25. ash says

    Enough is enough already. Leave these people alone. A picture here and there of the Jolie-Pitt clan is one thing, but it’s getting ridiculous. I actually feel sorry for those kids, and wish their parents would try and do something to keep them out of the public eye so much. Why is it some celebrities can manage to do that?

  26. Nicki says

    Why is # 5, 6 and 7 talking to herself?

    Angie looks great and Maddox is adorable. I love the little side glance. He is usually just focused on getting to the car. Look at how crazy those “fans” are all lined up. They look at least 5 rows deep, and that is only one side of the street. No wonder they have security.

  27. annie tx says

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  28. annie tx says

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  29. Mybabysredhot says

    So, are the kids in the background going crazy over Angie or little Maddox? They look like tweens so I’d say Maddox.

  30. Lauren says

    Poor Maddox. 🙁 He has to deal with all these people and papparazzi everytime he gets picked up from school. He’s turning out to be quite the handsome little boy. 😀

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