Traci Lords Welcomes A Son

Traci Lords

Traci Lords, 39, has given birth to her first child, a boy, Joseph Gunnar. He weighed in at 6 pounds, 14 ounces. Mom, dad and baby are “healthy, happy and pretty tired.”




  1. boo says

    She also starred along side Johnny Depp and Ricki Lake in the movie Cry-Baby, I LOVE that movie to this day its one of My all time Faves.
    I’m happy for her, starting a family!
    Congratulations to her and her Hubby!!!:)

  2. Nicki says

    I believe she was on the last season or two of Melrose Place. And as with Mellynn, NO I haven’t seen any of her porn movies. Not my bag either,lol. Just heard about her when the scandel broke about her being 16 and making those movies. It came out after she left the porn industry, but did make news.

    Best wishes to her and lil Joseph and her hubby.

  3. Mellynn says

    Traci Lords is renowned here in the States for lying her way onto her first porn shoot well under the age of 18. Her movies are amongst the highest-selling of all-time. I have not seen any of them (really, I haven’t…not my bag, lol), but she stopped doing porn a few years ago and has been trying to act/sing lately.

    I’m glad she found happiness..everyone deserves a chance at it.

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