Well, JLo Skirted The Big Question

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer kept mum regarding the pregnancy “rumors” during her appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America, where she performed “Hold It, Don’t Drop It” and her hit “Lets Get Loud” this morning.

Clad in a sleeveless black tent dress with lace up, thigh high black boots, Jennifer was surrounded by dancers but hardly danced herself.

Afterward, GMA co-host Robin Roberts introduced Jennifer and told the audience, “We’re going to talk about family and what’s going on.”

But co-host Diane Sawyer countered, “She’s very private, she loves her privacy…So there’s very little we can do!”

Jennifer, 38, only went so far as to say, “This is a very happy time in my life.”

Diane Sawyer asked, “Can I hug you and say congratulations?”

The two embraced.

“The concert was good. It was loud and fun,” said Jennifer DeJesus, 14, who came from the Bronx this morning on a bus with about 25 other students from Preston High School, where Lopez went to school.

Regarding the pregnancy rumors, Jennifer DeJesus said: “I think it might be true! But I won’t believe it until she says.”



  1. maarie says

    Well you now i do not like her either but i think that if she is pregnant and does not want to tell anyone she should not do it but it is a sin to denie a child a learned that the hard way i also once did what jlo is doing and god took my baby away for denying him so if she is doing this for publicity she should really think about what is more important to her her baby or getting attention.

  2. Jeanie says

    #3 & #10 . I think that the media under the assumption that the public has a right to know, doesn’t know that we don’t care. If she doesn’t want to tell anybody about being pregnant that is her business. If you don’t like her or her movies then don’t watch. Children are a blessing from God and that is all anyone needs to know. When she is ready to tell she will and if she doesn’t you’ll find out sooner or later, trust me a full pregnancy can not be hidden.

  3. jaleesa givens says

    Hey J-lo Your amazing i think your still gonna look great pregnant forget what any one says if brittany spears can have 2 kids and look that you so can you girl even better your going to be a great mom love ya bye!!??

  4. Blue says

    Why does someone need to make a PUBLIC ANNOUCEMENT that they’re having a baby? Christina Aguilera hasn’t said ‘I’m not pregnant..I’m just bloting’ no – she’s enjoying this very personal experience with her loved ones.
    You all bug out when they are open and public about this private stuff, but the moment they try and keep the important information close to the people that would care the most, you’re all up in arms about it. There’s no winning if you’re a celebrity.
    If she is in fact pregnant, may everything go well and congradulations, its something she’s openly admitted to wanting for a long time. If she isn’t, and is merely taking a turn in her personal fashion …lay off. Last time I checked she wasn’t being told she was unfashionable. =P

  5. Andrea says

    It’s reported she’s beyond the “hush, hush 3 month” marker. And with that bump size, you have to be beyond 3 months.(I’ve seen better pictures on different sites. Clearly 2nd trimester.) –I still say she’s doing it all for the publicity. She loves the attention of keeping everryone in suspense. If she just came out and told the truth, one way or another, she wouldn’t get bothered as much.

    Jenna M:
    I never said “we” demanded or had a right to know. My point was that she should be forthright and just answer a simple question. She’s teasing the press/paparazzi……….and she knows it.

  6. Elsa says

    If they want to not tell, they have the right to not tell…but like Christina Aguilara….it’s sort of rediculous. When you clearly look it and (in Christina’s case) you are REGISTERING for baby gifts…come on now… it’s all part of life in the public eye…if you get the glory, you gotta take the bad too.

  7. ann says

    # 3 ann said mature personal was incorrect should be material personal, she was poor actress and very snobby so I don’t like her , we don’t like see her movie

  8. Lauren says

    She may as well confirm the pregnancy. She looks to be about 4 months pregnant. Congratulations! 🙂

  9. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Andrea, there are plenty of reasons why she might want to keep it private. Maybe she has had a miscarriage in the past and wants to wait until the “three month mark” has passed to be sure before announcing it? In a lot of places its actually considered bad luck to tell lots of people before the 3rd month. Also, its her business at the end of the day, what right do any of us have to *demand* to know?

    Personally though, I think that the media shouldn’t be able to announce or speculate on pregnancies without confirmation (from the PARENTS or their spokesperson, not a “friend of a friend” etc). Its completely unethical and a complete invasion of privacy.

  10. Meagan's Mom says

    First Ann…why post something like that…didn’t your mother teach you “if you don’t have anything nice to say…”

    On the subject … I applaud her for staying private. As a woman who suffered three miscarriages it is sometimes better not to talk about your pregnancy until you have to.

    More stars should take lessons from people like Kelly Clarkson and others that try to stay out of the media. I think JLo deserves her privacy…and I hope if she is going to have a baby she has a happy and healthy one

  11. Andrea says

    Why the secrecy? If you’re pregnant and you’re showing, why not just say “yes, I am” when you’re asked? I don’t mean shouting it to everyone but just that when you are asked, to be truthful. What’s the point of her secrecy? She must realize she’s more in the news BECAUSE she’s NOT confirming it. It’s all for attention, I say. She doesn’t have my respect.

  12. DMITZ says

    Elsa, I think she did. It is clear both her and Ben have learned their lesson and that’s why they both lay low. J-LO hasn’t been in the media all that much since getting together w/ MA.

  13. Elsa says

    She’s PRIVATE? She’s PRIVATE? Since when? Dear God do we remember BENIFER and how we had to hear ad nauseum abouth er “Great love” and how it was like “the fire engulfed her.” Maybe she learned her lesson from that one… who knows?

  14. DMITZ says

    I sure hope she is, if not, it’s a mean trick she’s playing with all that confusing clothing 🙂

    I think she is though.

  15. Sassy says

    I am so tired of hearing about this, if she does’nt want anybody to know, let’s just let her be….

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