Marc Anthony's Ex-Wife Spills The Beans On JLo's Baby Joy!

Jennifer Lopez

Marc Anthony’s ex-wife, former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, let it slip that JLo was indeed pregnant!

Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Dia reports that in an interview on El Escandalo TV, Dayanara, 32, gave Jennifer’s pregnancy away. When asked how the children she shares with Anthony were going to take the news of a new sibling, Dayanara replied, “They don’t know yet because I found out a day ago. But I imagine they will be happy, because when my sister had her kids they were.” She went on to explain that she heard the news either through her assistant Tiana Rios (who once worked for Jennifer and Marc) or her manager, Jennifer Nieman.

Yesterday, Jennifer Nieman denied ever hearing official word about a possible JLo pregnancy, and today, amid growing buzz, Dayanara has released a statement ending her role in the rumor-mill. She writes:

“I have neither confirmed, nor have first-hand knowledge of any pregnancy. I had been advised of pregnancy ‘rumors’ by my manager who wanted to make sure I was aware in case my children heard anything at school that I may need to address; so when I was approached by a reporter who stated as fact that my children were to have a new sibling soon, I assumed that this had been confirmed. My answer to him was that though they had no knowledge of a sibling, that I imagine that they will be incredibly happy. Marc, his family and I have a very respectful and mature relationship which we work hard to conserve for the benefit of our children.”

Dayanara has two sons with Anthony, Christian, 6, and Ryan, 4. She filed for divorce from Marc in January 2004, and in June of the same year, he and Jennifer were married. ‘

Blah blah blah! Why won’t Jennifer just admit that she is expecting!? I suppose all this mystery does garner her a lot more press and attention.



  1. latina says

    Hello, there are spliting after 7 yrs. JHO has the 7yrs. itch.
    Marc your the man your the one who knock her up. with TwINS…………..

  2. gia says

    i don’t like Jlo she a media whore,she changes men like she changing her shoes .Miss Thing
    you have kids now,so stop being a jumpoff. i’m Puerto Rican. i’m shame of you and your parents should be too. gia flores

  3. Anonymous says

    i don’t like Jlo she a media whore,she changes men like she changing her shoes .Miss Thing
    you have kids now,so stop being a jumpoff. i’m Puerto Rican. i’m shame of you and your parents should be too. gia flores

  4. NANCY says

    Relax people. It is hard to find happiness in a lifetime so no matter how many times it takes u 2 find?@! Maybe she found it. Like they say the best lovers are the best of friends. Not to mention being a celeb is 10X’s harder. Usually people have problems/issues way before that another person enters. As far as being PG, Many people dont celebrate pregancies due 2 miscarriages. My girlfriend after 6months PG lost her son. It is so much harder when you are older 2. Alot can go wrong???? So God Bless her because she looks so prego and GREAT! So give her a break. I will be the Godmother.
    #1 JLO Fan

  5. Carly says

    Marc Anthony must have a big unit….how is it that a hideous guy like him hooks up with people like her and JLO!!??? Don’t tell me it is his “personality?”

  6. Brenda says

    JLO is pregnant why coulden’t she wait untill she had her baby and she would know what it was and then she could of had gone to the store and bought cloths she just waisted her money and she can’t go change the clothes.

  7. oriana says

    I can comment on her and anyone else I want too for that is what this Country is all about, Freedom!!!!!!!! And that includes Freedom of Speech!

  8. says

    All of you who hate her or dont like her movies or singing then why are you commenting on anything JLO does. It is no ones business, JLO should tell her story when she is ready, not when you think she should.So get over it there are other more important things happening in the world.

  9. oriana says

    DMITZ, I have heard that before also that he had the hots for her for years and yearned for her. Well, he had his eye on the prize and now he has it! Elsa is right also, he has been a womanizer for years and he looks sleazy to me. He does have a fantastic voice but that is all that I see he has going for him. I would never have imagined them together as a match but guess they like it. She will have plenty of fabulous jewelry from him and I can see him following her around like a puppy dog.

    Kimora’s mom, we don’t dislike you, at least I don’t, and you have the right to admire her and like her all you want too. Surely you do realize though that she isn’t a Saint.

  10. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    If you consider me an imbecile, then you haven’t met many people. I don’t know what I’ve done to be made fun of, but I truly don’t dislike you guys….I just support Jennifer. I’m sorry if you don’t care what my name is. That’s your prerogative, I guess.

  11. oriana says

    Mia, that was funny!!!!!!! Hence, you didn’t have to point out your name was Miapocca! I got it!!!!! I would have thought Kimora’s MOM would have too!

  12. Miapocca says

    why do we care what your name is..none is goign to write out that long thing anyway……………….this site neever ceases to amaze me with the imbeciles it attracts

  13. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    I don’t ever recall picking on anyone in this forum. Like I said, I rarely am tough on people. P.S. My name’s not Kimora, that’s my daughter’s name…hence “Kimora and Kariah’s Mommy”

  14. DMITZ says

    It has been said that Marc has ALWAYS pined for J-LO. I believe they dated briefly many years ago, but she broke up with him and they always remained close friends. I believe Marc moved on with his life knowing that J-LO and him would only be friends and when she came running to his arms in need of a friend, it happened.

  15. Elsa says

    Mark married Jennifer mere days after his divorce from DT was finalized… I don’t know if she was responsible for their marriage ending though. He did cheat on DT all the time, even fathered children (one definate, one never quite confiremed) while he was married to DT. So the man is a skieve and as someone else said, LUCKY that he has talent and $ because on his looks alone he’d never get any of these women.

    Jenn and Marc seem like they are made for each other (good and bad..) and hopefully they found their soul mate and have settled down….time will tell.

  16. Elaine says

    Why is JLo catching the flak for the break-up of MA’s marriage to this person? It was MA who was married to her, not JLo, so if he broke his wedding vows then he is the guilty one.

    I vaguely remember reading he was with someone else when he got together with DT, but I can’t be certain if I remember that right. If he was, does that make DT a ho as well?

    Maybe they haven’t told DT themselves because they had a fair idea she’d blab it to the media.

  17. Squeak says

    It seems to me that J-Lo and her husband have probably gone down the assisted conception route – if she’s having twins this makes it more likely. She made no secret of wanting kids for years, announcing her plans to become a mommy only about 5 mins after marrying Marc, and yet nada for a loooong time.

    It’s obviously a personal decision but it would be nice if celebrities who have struggled with infertility would come out into the open about it as this would be a real morale boost to other couples in this position. There should be no stigma attached to fertility problems but I suspect that it’s because they fear being seen as less of a real woman.

  18. DMITZ says

    I’ve been an on and off fan of J-LO, but I think she has a good personality from what I’ve seen of her. I used to think she was a media wh%re when she was w/Diddy and Ben. I also think some of that has died down a bit; however I do think she wants Ben (and probably Diddy) to see she can have a domestic lifestyle. After all, that was a common complaint of Diddy about J-LO.

    If she is preg. I am happy for her b/c I know she’s wanted it for so long. I do find it irritating that she won’t come forth about it already.

    As far as MA’s ex-wife, if they keep it so amicable for the children, then there is NO reason that Marc shouldn’t have told her by now (out of respect). How awful to let her hear about it from the media first hand. I think that’s pretty low.

  19. Miapocca says

    Mark paid quite bit of money,because he messed up..they were married twice, she left his behind a few times too for his cheating…He also was pretty nasty to her about not ever being able to talk about hinself and jho is the media or else she will be paying up big time…Marc is just a skinny littl eman who got lucky with women off his talent and money, else I odnt see Daynara sticking with him esepecially since she figured out lal the cheating…

    Still cnat find the excerpt on JHO weekend rendevous with pdiddy while she was married to one of her husbands..its a pretty skanky life whe was living…

  20. Mellynn says

    #23, granted. Heck, even the pregnancy books say there isn’t rock solid proof of pregnancy until the baby comes!!

    Oriana, I am not sure what her talent is…just guessing she’s a singer. Oh, and collecting alimony. Old Marky-Mark had to pay up to get out, I’m sure!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Analise says

    Women are supposed to announce their pregnancies to satisfy others based upon WHAT law exactly? Many, MANY women do not announce their pregnancy in the first trimester. WM you aren’t owed any news.

  22. says

    “REN” still go over there, and tap that *ss!
    She is prettier than J-ho!

    I guess that is why they couldn’t stay away from one another!

    BTW: who cares that she is pregnant? She is not different from anybody else, in this world! 🙁

  23. oriana says

    Since my comment is under consideration, I will say this to Kimora, maybe when she has her own child she will understand about being considerate and respectful regarding children.

  24. Mellynn says

    Awww, there you go again, Kimora and Kariah’s mommy. YOU get to pick on anyone YOU want, but when we “lowlifes” express our opinions, you are on us like stink on poo. Do me a favor…LIGHTEN UP!!!!!!!! This, dear, is “spirited girl talk.”

    You no likey…you leavy!!

  25. oriana says

    Kimora, maybe when she has her own child she will be more considerate towards other children, and I am referring to Mark’s kids by his wife. She didn’t show too much concern for them when she was having an affair with Mark behind their mother’s back, actually, it wasn’t behind her back, it was in her face! She was selfish and disrespectful, same as him, he is scrawny and ugly, she is welcome to him in my opinion! Ben was the smart one in the deal!

  26. Elsa says

    Jenny always was a little trashy – we just idolize celebs so we make them into what they are not. Marc, beyond talented man, but he’s a sleazeball. I’m sure he’s very excited to add to his huge brood of children… some that were concieved with other women WHILE married to Dyanarra… good luck Jen.

  27. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    How can you all be so hateful!!? You are making judgments you are not qualified to make, I don’t care how important you think you are. It’s a very rare occasion that I berate people, but consider yourselves berated!

  28. Cathi says

    JLo should make the announcement already. I can understand waiting until the first trimester is over, but after that the risk of miscarriage decreases drastically.

    Now that she is showing and the media is buzzing, she should put Mark’s 2 children first. Spill the beans!!

  29. oriana says

    Ben got out and he definately did the right thing, I just think with all the money being spent on the fancy smancy wedding, he could have spoken up sooner! She is sleazy and was even before Diddy! I think she was messing around with Mark the whole time and you know she cried on his shoulder over Ben!

  30. Miapocca says

    Jho WAS SLEEPING WITH EVERYBOY IN BETWEEN WHENEVER..Some of the ex husbans excerpt was online a while back..she was pretty nasty…Affleck did GOOD..

  31. oriana says

    Yep, she wasn’t innocent at all, and her lawyer prob did tell her to prepare her children, I don’t see wimpy Mark telling them ahead of time.

  32. Mellynn says

    One word about Dayonara…MEOW!!!! She knew exactly what she was doing!!

    JLo, if you don’t want to be scooped by your hubby’s ex, you may want to tell people yourself. Tents and mumus only work so long….

  33. oriana says

    I am sure Mark is kissing her ass 24 hours a day, even before she got pregnant! I think Ben made her look like a Fool and took some of her steam away when he backed out on the wedding. He should have broken it off way before it got to the extreme it did, it wasn’t fair to her for him to do that but what goes around comes around.

  34. oriana says

    Jenna, none of it is any of anyone’s business but we still read about it don’t we? And I would guess that Mark’s marriage wasn’t any of J-Lo’s business either but it didn’t stop her did it?

  35. oriana says

    Zbella, look at this gorgeous woman! Mark didn’t waste any time hooking up with J-Lo because he had already hooked up with her while still married. As I said, Jenny from the block has been around the block! I wish her ex-husband could have published his book about telling some truths about her but she bought him off before hand.

  36. Zbella says

    She’s beautiful. Any pictures of their children? MA didn’t loose anytime hookin’ up with JLo, did he?!

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