Tiger Woods Misses His Daughter's Baptism

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

(In the above pics Elin and her sister were snapped with Sam in Stockholm)

Tiger Woods has missed the baptism in Sweden of his three-month-old daughter, Sam, according to Swedish media reports.

Tiger is married to the Swedish model Elin Nordegren, whose family turned out in force for the christening ceremony in Stockholm yesterday. But one source close to the family said: ““Everybody was very surprised over the fact that Tiger did not show up.”

Why Tiger missed the event is not clear and a spokeswoman for the golfer declined to comment. The Associated Press ran pictures early on Sunday morning, European time, of Tiger attending a charity event in California.

Sam Alexis Woods was born in Florida in June, the day after Tiger tied for second place in the US Open.

Among the baptism guests were Elin’s twin sister Josefin, who picked up Elin as she arrived in a private jet. The two sisters, accompanied by bodyguards, attracted a lot of attention when they went shopping in Stockholm, buying beer and wine for the baptism party.

To avoid media attention the baptism did not take place in the church but in a gym. “Elin had removed the equipment in the gym and made into a baptism facility”, one source said.

Tiger’s father-in-law, Thomas Nordegren, arrived with the baptism bowl – the same bowl that was used when Elin and her sister were baptised.

Elin’s mother, Barbro Holmberg, a former government minister, was among the first to arrive, carrying a pink baptism gown.

Woods and met his future wife in 2001 when she was was working as a nanny at the Florida mansion of Jesper Parnevki, the Swedish golfer.

They were seen in public for the first time in South Africa 2003 and were married at an exclusive golf resort in Barbados the following year.

Wow…that’s too bad that Tiger missed his daughter’s baptism.



  1. Ron says

    You mentioned earlier that you are not a catholic. That makes me think that you beleive that swedes are catholic.
    However, over 90% of the swedish population is
    protestant Lutheran, and beleive firmly in babtism.

  2. nate says

    Much ado about nothing. People need to relax – it’s obviously not a big issue for Tiger and his wife, why should it be for any of you?

  3. Lorraine says

    There’s no excuse for such a poor showing. Had it been something unforseen that could be “explained away”, the reason would have been publicized. The fact that Woods’ PR person declined comment speaks volumes. Tiger’s no-show was nothing less than tremendous disrespect for his wife and her parents, let alone the implications as to the baby. It would not surprise me to hear that this marriage ends in the not to distant future. Shameful.

  4. says

    It does seem weird that Tiger didn’t attend the baptism, but there are a lot of families who have to compromise on the way they bring up their children because of their own beliefs. I know many families where the mom goes to church with the kids and the dad doesn’t go (and vice versa). But they respect eachother’s beliefs and never belittle one another’s…based on the kind of person Tiger appears to be I would imagine he and his wife have planned to support one another in a respectful way, and raise their (VERY cute) daughter accordingly.

  5. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Rev. John Crestwell, uh yes we’ve thought about that, if you actually bothered to read the posts you’d see that that is what a lot of us said.

  6. says

    Have any of you thought about the fact that Mr. Woods is NOT a Christian and did not want his child “baptized”. Tiger is eclectic spiritually. He had an Agnostic dad and his mom is probably Buddhist. Why would he want his child to be Christianized in the most Euro-centric way possible–IN SWEDEN?

    THAT’S WHY HE DIDN’T GO. The religion thing will be an ongoing issue for him I’M SURE OF IT!

  7. Elaine says

    I did wonder if there was a baptism at all – it apparently took place in a gym? It sounds a bit odd to me, if they felt a church was too open to the public and the papperazzis they could have had it done privately at a relatives home, or found a private chapel to use for the event. If it was Sam’s baptism, even if Tiger couldn’t/wouldn’t attend I think some of his relatives would have and they are not mentioned.

  8. emma says

    We do not really know there was a baptism, we saw a few pictures and the press speculated this.

    The press also said a family member arrived with a gown for Sam, well the gown was for a young girl, not a baby.

    Maybe it was an event for another family member or just a simple naming ceremony.

    We don’t know anything for sure.

  9. Diana says

    My two cents…Tiger should have been there. I’m sure that this was not a last minute event…unless Elin is baptising the baby without his consent??? Regardless of personal beliefs one should keep an open mind about other peoples rituals. Hope that this does not undermind their marriage.

  10. sara says

    I’m Swedish like Elin….she is most likely Lutheran, in which case a Baptism is extremely important in the life of a child and those who love her. I’m sure Tiger has his own reasons for not being there….

  11. oriana says

    Mia, Tiger wasn’t born yesterday. He knows what a baptism is and I am sure his wife expressed to him how important an occasion it is to her and her family. He should have been there to be supportive to her if nothing else.

  12. Miapocca says

    so waht if Tiger is doing what..if he is nto christian chances are he doesn teven understand teh big deal surrounding a baptism…birth is important..the otehr crap is all societal norms made by sects in society..if you believe in something good for you..if you dont great..you make the beleiver wanna pray harder to save your soul…see..alls well that ends well..good luck to Tiger and little Tigress

  13. oriana says

    I do think a baptism is a big deal, I am not Catholic but I respect their beliefs. He should have been there to be supportive to his wife, he didn’t have to sell out to attend!

    Xena is Wiccan and I have read up on it more because of her, and I enjoy what I have learned, I just hope there aren’t any problems with them, I like this family and want them to be happy! I like Tiger and wish him well too.

  14. C says

    I’d rather him stick to his own beliefs then conform to his spouse like Katie Holmes (if what I’ve heard about her converting is true).

    Maybe they will raise Sam on both of their beliefs and she will decide which religion she wants to have when she is old enough to actually understand it.

  15. Zbella says

    A baptism is a big deal. To me, it’s second after the birth. I hope they are still together and he will be involved in his daughter’s life. Perhaps the couple agreed upon this long ago.

  16. Tiffany says

    I dont think it is a big deal that he was not there. IMO a baptism is supposed to happen when a child/grown up can fully understand the meaning behind the baptism. To each their own and I certainly dont want this to turn into a religion debate as nothing ever good comes from those type of debates but I just dont think it matters if he is there or not. The baby wont remember and I can honestly say there are more important things for him to be around for in her life that will mean alot more to her than him being there for her baptism.

  17. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I’m wiccan, but I still attend the christenings and baptisms of relatives. However, if it was *my* child being baptised (which it wouldn’t be because I would absolutely put my foot down about that lol), I wouldn’t go either if I disagreed with it.

    I applaud Tiger for standing up for his own beliefs and not being hypocritical by going to an event designed to initiate his daughter into an organisation she’s too young to understand or agree too, and that he doesn’t agree to!

    Of course, we don’t actually know why he didn’t attend (or even for sure if) but thats my take on it.

  18. yummy says

    Tiger is a Buddhist. He was in Anaheim at a charity event over the weekend that the baptism took place. Draw your own conclusions, but I don’t think anything bad of it.

  19. rene says

    Are you sure Tiger is an atheist? If that’s true then I applaud his efforts to not be a hypocrite.

  20. Elsa says

    Sorry – but if you have a baby – and she’s being baptized, you should be there. That’s messed up.

  21. Miapocca says

    Tiger Woods already made a statement by his absesnce,,,he doesnt beleive in Swedish Baptisms..ahhahahhaha

    Oh the baby looks like Tiger’s mother…Her eyes are more asiatic than Tigers…


  22. Sassy says

    It’s a very important day in our Religion, Maybe Tiger does belong to another religion….

    I am just glad the Baby is Bapitized, that’s all that matters.

  23. rradiogirl says

    Tiger Woods is an atheist.
    Atheists don’t “believe in” baptism.
    Draw your own conclusions.

  24. JJ says

    who cares?!
    The baby is too young to remember anyway who was at her Baptism! If he had attended the Baptism it would be to save face with the relatives and friends. And seeing that he did not attend – I’m sure that there was a logical reason for it. And if not – it’s between him and his wife not the external clan.

  25. Anzhelika says

    Cmon people …big deal ..he missed her baptism…he probably was busy..it is not the end of the world..there are more important things…

  26. Lauren says

    Sam is a cutie. I’m sure Tiger had a good reason for missing his daughter’s baptism. 😛

  27. oriana says

    The baby looks just like him! It is a shame he missed this important occasion. She is beautiful, and I am sure she is a very “worthwhile” person too!

  28. Kelsey says

    Wow, Elin and her sister look so much alike…I know they are twins, but I’m still amazed at the resemblance!

  29. Mellynn says

    Very interesting. I’ll bet he makes a statement by the end of the week…this won’t go by unnoticed, and he’ll have to cough up something so he doesn’t look like a jerk. Of course, my dh missed my son’s football game to golf in a tournament on Saturday, lol…..

  30. Jessie says

    Wow. Well I don’t think he would have done that on purpose, so I’m wondering what happened.

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