Thalía & Tommy Mottola Welcome A Daughter


Thalía has welcomed her first child with her music executive husband Tommy Mottola, reports.

Sabrina Sakaë (which translates into “Princess Prosperity”) was born Sunday morning in New York and weighed 8 lbs. 4 oz.

“Mother, father and baby Sabrina are all healthy and very happy and will be residing at their ranch in Colorado,” the singer’s rep said in a statement.

When the Mexico City-born singer’s pregnancy was announced in June, a posting on her Web site read: “Her pregnancy is going well and she is healthy, very happy and full of energy, as usual.”

Asked for Tommy’s opinion about expanding the family, Thalía, 35, said that her husband, 58, has wanted to have kids together for years.

“If it had been up to Tommy, I would have had children from the first day we married. I would already have three or four,” she said.

Thalía herself sees more kids in her future. She told People magazine recently, “I see a big family in the picture. ”

Thalía is planning to write a book “on how to look gorgeous and phenomenal and incredible during your pregnancy,” she told People magazine. It will be the second book for the singer, who also wrote Belleza: Lessons in Lipgloss and Happiness.




  1. Laura Msoqueda says

    It’s beutiful to be a mother and a wife. Your career has been good and I have followed it since I was six years old. I admired you and wish you the best. Thalia I hope you are truely happy with your husband and now with your new joy in life. You are truely a beutiful human and you will continue to grow as a woman and mother. There’s so many things I wish I could write to you, but I know you do not have the time to even read this emails. If there is a chance my number is 559-875-9425. My dream is to one day meet you. I live in Sanger CA, 2786 gloira Avenue Sanger Ca 93657. I hope you be the best of the best mother and wife.

  2. dori says

    How to look gorgeous when your pregnant?? Marry a wealthy man and have all the money you wish to get all the care you need. How lame is that for a book?

  3. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    ^^^JJ..tmi. Felicitaciones Thalia! Que Dios bendiga su maternidad. Un nacimiento de una hija es alucinante.

  4. JJ says

    I can’t fathom the thought of her having innercourse (deliberate mispelling) with a bafoon like Tommy. He is disgusting and from what I’ve heard – not a very nice man.
    Having s-e-x with him would be like doing it with Sasquatch…yeeech!!!

  5. Zbella says

    I love your música, Thalía, but please, you’re going to write a book telling us “how to look gorgeous and phenomenal and incredible during pregnancy”? Don’t think I’ll be reading it, thanks.

    Congrats on baby Sabrina.

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