Crown Princess Mathilde & Prince Philippe Of Belgium Expecting Their Fourth Child

Belgium Royals

Belgium Royals

Crown Princess Mathilde of Belgium and her husband Prince Philippe are set to add to their family, after announcing they’re expecting their fourth child next spring. The happy news coincided with the second birthday celebrations for the couple’s youngest, Prince Emmanuel.

The new baby will also be a sibling for five-year-old Elisabeth and Gabriel, four. Known for being hands-on parents, the popular royals try to spend as much time as possible with their children.

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  1. belgo says

    oriana, yes, we could all have done with more sun in Belgium this summer! The clothes the kids are wearing add to the washed out look.

  2. Zbella says

    Bee – so they’re brother & sister? 🙂 Or he is Crown and she isn’t? I don’t understand such things, being American. Cute kids; congratulations.

  3. Bee says

    Philippe is the CROWN prince for he is the king`s son.
    I think that it`s wonderful to have many children. It`s my dream to have four children, too.

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