1. Granny says

    The nice thing about being pregnant or older like me. You can dress anyway that’s confortable and get away with it. It’s great!!!

  2. Charlotte says

    I apologize for my explosion. I was simply annoyed by the fact that people think she is thick enough to smoke while pregnant, and all the criticism on her dress style.

  3. Jenna M. (UK) says

    At least I know that “know it all” is spelt “know it all” and not “no it all” Analise. Its good to know you haven’t given up your silly little vendetta against me yet honey!

  4. Diana says

    Helena has had her own ‘style’ as long as I can remember. I’ve been a fan since her days in the Merchant Ivory films (Room w/ a View). Never one to focus too much on her looks. Good for her! On the other hand I do hope that she’s not smoking. Yeah, it’s pretty bad in Europe, esp. the futher south you go (cough, cough….)

  5. Analise says

    It’s a childish fight because bigmouth no it all Jenna is involved. She comes here with her holier than thou attitude. She’s sick of this site, but will keep posting.

    And I agree that Helena always looks like a bag lady. She’s quite pretty but dresses horribly.

  6. mayuko says

    she shows that we can’t really handle a tons of $,which is double-edged. probablly she try not to be controled by $.

  7. Cathi says

    Helena…those boots are not a funky fashion statement, they are just plain ugly and look hideous with that outfit.

  8. WTF? says

    I’m sorry but how did this go from Helena Bonham Carter to Europeans vs Americans? Really girls take this elementary schoolyard fight elsewhere. Anyhoo, I’m happy for Helena and I hope all goes well for her. I’m not too crazy about this outfit she’s wearing but she’s a very beautiful and talented woman.

  9. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Zbella – actually in the UK it is illegal to smoke in any public place (bar prisons) in the entire country. So if you’re talking more brains, I guess you should have checked that fact out before writing about ONE city.

    I’ve also been told by an American friend that there isn’t nearly as much fuss in the US for smoking while pregnant as there is here.

    Anyway, I don’t think that is a packet of Malbrorough’s in her hand, I’ve never seen her smoking before.

  10. oriana says

    Zbella, a friend of mine went to Paris last year, every where she went they were smoking, even the sales people while ringing up at the cash register, cigs dangling out of their mouths, in elevators, restaurants, everywhere, also with their dogs too, right there. She stopped in London, and it was the same way, everyone practically was smoking.

  11. Zbella says

    That’s funny – don’t Europeans smoke more than Americans anyway? I live in Denver where it’s not allowed in restaurants or even bars!!! So I guess we just have WAY more brains than those of you across the pond.

  12. oriana says

    Charlotte, Kate Moss is English too isn’t she? Brains not necessairly have anything to do with what Country a person is from. Sorry!

  13. Charlotte says

    I love her. I think she dresses like an individual. I appreciate the fact that she doesn’t care what people think. Obviously, you lot have never seen her at an event. She happens to look stunning at them. (,%20Helena)

    And, I don’t think she’s smoking. I don’t even think she smokes, period. Even if she did, she wouldn’t while she was pregnant. She’s English, darlings. It’s called brains.

  14. fee says

    Who cares what she looks like? She is an EXCELLENT actress. She was awesome as Bellatrix Lestrange and I cannot wait to see her in Sweeney Todd with Johnny Depp.

  15. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Why on earth is my comment awaiting moderation? Oh that’s right, I criticised the webmistress the other day. I guess thats the state of free speech today folks.

  16. oriana says

    Jenna, when the baby comes I am sure it will be beautiful and we will make nice comments about it, she is a pretty girl and an excellent actress, but you have to see where we are coming from, she looks sloppy and like a Hobo!

  17. Mellynn says

    She is starting to take on babydaddy Tim Burton’s cartoonish characteristics. She’s her very own Corpse Bride!!!!

    Their first kid together is really cute, though. And she isn’t ugly…just not dressed to her potential.

    But hey, pregnant me isn’t much to look at either, lol….

  18. Olive says

    I’m not a fan of her fashion statement there but she sure is beautiful. I hope her son or daughter gets her good looks!

    I bet she is pretty uncomfortable. No wonder she looks cross!

  19. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I’m getting so sick of this site, 99% of the people on here are shallow, pathetic excuses for human beings who sit on here talking abut which baby is the ugliest and what people look like. Anybody with a life or some decent morals would know that looks and clothes are not what matters in life.

    Who cares if a baby isn’t what you consider gorgeous or the mother isn’t a size zero stick insect wearing the latest catwalk trends? These are PEOPLE we are talking about. Just get a grip is all I’m saying, and a life!

  20. Karina the Great says


  21. Kat says

    Whoa, is there only one other decent person on here who doesn’t judge people by the way they dress??
    I like the way she looks and she is a really nice person.

  22. Zbella says

    Sorry, she does not look good. I loved her in Wings of a Dove but she looks so cross and her hair is gross.

  23. Cassie says

    whoa whoa whoa, folks, is that a pack of Marlboros shes holding? smokin while pregnant?! oh dear..

  24. pegah says

    #5 I agree with you,so funny to mention that:)
    by the way we have the same name,are you
    Persian or what?:)

  25. Just me says

    What is funny about Lauren’s (# 3) comments is that Helena probably spent more on those designer “rags” than I did on half my entire wardrobe!

  26. Lilly says

    She looks like crap!!!!!Come on and clean up a little!!!
    Not sure what kind of rodent might be living in that hair!

  27. Lauren says

    #1, I agree with you. I never really got why these people who have tons of $ always dress like they don’t have any. It confuses me.

  28. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Your comment made me laugh Sharrie, are you so shallow and pathetic that nothing apart from appearances matter?

    Helena looks great (as always). I love her style as its very individual and she doesn’t try to follow the latest trends. She just wears what she feels like, which shows she has a brain of her own and doesn’t need to follow glossy mags and for fashion advice.

  29. Sharrie says

    No matter where this woman goes, to the market or the red carpet, she always looks a mess. She needs someone to show her how to dress, and obviously a mirror.

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