1. Tiffany says

    I am sure he will grow in to his looks. Often times infants lack being “cute” due to the fact that they have not fully developed their personality. I bet as he gets older and he shows his personality more, he will be much much cuter.
    Children are the perfect example of the fact that beauty comes from within. Not all may be pretty on the outside but their innocence and loyalty that they hold within makes them absolutely gorgeous!! JMO

  2. Jodie says

    my babies are beautiful 14, not pale and bald!!

    Most of the kids on here are just not attractive.

  3. Granny says

    This is an infant in an infant sling. Mom will decide when he is too big, its not an age thing.

    Hmm. I had the same hairdo as River until I was a year old. Bald heads are cute.

  4. Lexi says

    He is not an attractive child – he looks really odd – his head looks like he spent too much time in the birth canal – JMO

  5. MN says

    Too old to be in a sling?? LOL. I sling-carry my almost 7 month old, 25 pound boy on my hip whenever I’m out. It’s a sling similar to that one but I wear him a different way. I can see how its not for everyone… but he’s NOT in any way too old to be in a sling. I can still wear my 2 year old in the sling (on my back or hip) if I wanted to.

  6. 2teens3beans says

    I think he looks very cute, this angle may not be the best… but I’ve seen some other pictures of him and he’s just precious.

  7. essie says

    He looks so sweet in that sling!! I think it’s wonderful to carry your babies rather than pushing them in a stroller and the baby can’t even see you. So nice to keep them close.

  8. megs says

    I remember when my son got to be about that old (4-5 months) and the sling started to kill me taking him about town…I had a big boy though.

    Anyone know where Keri’s glasses are from? I love that style on her face – I always loved Felicity when it was on TV!

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