Halle Berry Opens Up About Her Baby Joy On Oprah

Halle Berry

Halle Berry, 41, definitely seemed overjoyed on Oprah yesterday…she was really cute!

Halle Berry says she was meant to be a mother, but revealed that becoming pregnant was harder than she had expected.

“I’m sort of superstitious, so I saved all of the negative pregnancy tests in a drawer,” Halle revealed on the Oprah Winfrey Show Tuesday, talking about her struggle to get pregnant. “Don’t ask! I don’t know why, but I did. … After about 35 tests, we finally got a positive test.”

Of the lengthy process, she says, “while I was trying to get pregnant, we tried really hard, so it was a lot of staying home and just doing what you do.”

And Halle believes that her boyfriend, Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, 31, will be a wonderful father.

“He’s always his authentic self, never worried about being judged,” she told Oprah. “To walk with that kind of confidence … and with integrity, I know he has ability to love me, love our children, and he will do that.”

When asked about the use of the word children, Halle says, “Well, there’s just one right now. But we’re hoping right after this one to do it again.”

And when it comes to finding out the gender of their baby, Halle and Gabriel don’t know yet. “We’re going to wait,” she says, “because we have a whole lifetime to know what it is.”

Halle once vowed to never marry again, and the twice-divorced Halle is sticking by her word. “What Gabriel and I have decided is we will just redefine marriage for ourselves. You know, that paper isn’t worth anything to me anymore,” she says. “I don’t want to do that again … I feel more married in a way than I ever have in two marriages before.”

For her, their commitment is the most important part of their relationship. “We view life the same way,” says Halle. “He really understands the spiritual connection is so much more important than the paper and the pomp and the circumstance and the ceremony. And that feels important to us.”

Halle explained that her latest movie role, as a mother in Things We Lost in the Fire, helped her prepare for motherhood.

“I think it validated that I was meant to be a mother, because every day I dealt with the character as a mother and thinking as a mother,” she says.

She adds: “I haven’t really played a mother, a loving, caring mother like this woman was. So it let me know that I must be a mother. It also reminded me that no matter what hardship we go through in life, we always will come out on the other side.”

I thought her rant on marriage being rather useless was kind of annoying, as just because she had bad experiences with marriage certainly doesn’t mean that it is worthless and just a bunch of “pomp and circumstance.”

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  1. Analise says

    What got into you today, Mia? I always agree with you 100% regarding the Turd Cruise “family”, but you are all over the place regarding Halle. Slow down so you are easier to read next time. Nothing personal, but you’re typing is really bad and hard to follow. I disagree with you about Halle, btw. She’s happy and wants to celebrate. It’s her pregnancy, she has that right. I also can’t imagine her going against doctor’s orders. If they say she can be out and about that is what matters. High risk doesn’t mean you live like a hermit for 9 months.

  2. Sweet says

    Don’t get all uptight Mia… And if you don’t want to engage in conversations with overbearing idiots, I suggest you don’t leave yourself alone. And I am overbearing but at least not totally opiniionated and uptight like yourself. And to bring family into shows how incredibly immature you must really be. This is a gossip column remember, or an opinion column and I just stated that I didn’t agree with your opinion.

  3. Zbella says

    Good luck to Halle. I am married and that works for me, but I respect her choice as well. Doesn’t bother me!

  4. essie says

    Halle’s marriage break up wasn’t exactly “private” since everybody and their mama knows what happen!!! And she didn’t exactly “crawl” anywhere. She went on Oprah and talked about it, just as she’s talking about how happy she is now. Nothing wrong with that, in my book.

    I’m happy for her and I hope everything works out, since this is, indeed a high risk pregnancy. She’s looking healthy and well at the momen and I hope it continues.

  5. Miapocca says


    (1) there is a reason why most women keep their pregnancy to themselve in teh first trimester

    (2) In Halles case her risk extends to the whole 9 months

    (3) she has been deliriously happy before some of her biggest falls so being a celebrity and in order to protect her own new foudn happines, I dare to suggest and (who cares) that she hide her shining coin under the cushings and peek at it every now and then to enjoy it.

    (4) when celebs do their rash and burn then they expect the media to leave them alon..in teh LA is doesnt work that way..you use the media they hop onto any sensational story and a bad story is always the most senstational

    (5) The more you hype your happiness the more delight they take in bringing you down..Halle knows this as does Oprah..how many times will you see Oprah even talking about Steadman..she is wise enough to keeps hers hidden but happy enough to prod those who give her the chance

    These are MY OPINIONS come up with yours and dont tag onto mine..I have no wish to engage in conversation with obverbearing bored idiots…

  6. Miapocca says

    oh MY MY MY..Who are you to say someone else’s opinion is misguided…try to respect the fact that its a site where people express opinion on stories given to them…

    I dont find your thoughts misguided and you can play word games all day, that I dont care to engage in, you need to back the ef ff up lady and woryr about your thoughts, whatever they may be….

    Its a gossip site, not a correct your grammer and spelling site…those are needed in the inner city school, maybe you can volunteer since you have such a need to correct other people..

    Another arsee comes to town with their overbearing controlling attitude, poor kids/husband/family members..ahhahahhaha..

  7. Susan says

    Halle may just be the most beautiful celebrity, in my humble opinion, and I’m so happy for her on her impending motherhood! She has long discussed her desire to have children and it’s finally happening for her!

    I’ve never been married and I haven’t completely decided how I feel about it. On the one hand, I really want the traditional husband, home and children. On the other hand, I’ve seen so many failed marriages around me that I wonder what the big fuss is about. Two people can be just as commited to one another without the license and the ceremony. Marriage isn’t what makes a couple or a family whole – it’s the love and effort of the people involved. I don’t think Halle is trying to force her opinion on the world, just simply stating her feelings on the matter. Good for her!

  8. Sweet says

    I believe I fell into the ” I can’t spell” gap. I believe misguided is the word. I might be wrong.

  9. Sweet says

    I didn’t say you weren’t thinking, I just nicely said that maybe your thoughts were miss guided. Thats all.

  10. N says

    Actually she was on the show to promote a movie also . She is in a movie with Benicio del Toro called things we lost in the fire.

  11. minkysmom says

    it’s none of your business if oprah wants to have halle on her show. when you get a show, then you can pick and choose who to have on it. you are not the brightest person. sorry. (you know who you are)

  12. Sweet says

    Miapocca….. Wow! What brilliant words from a brilliant mind. If you were pregnant wouldn’t you be excited and show people how happy you were? Your comment was not well thought of. She has the right to be excited about her baby and have privacy when she wants it. You get those luxuries, why can’t she?

  13. Miapocca says

    The problem with Halles is that when she is happy,. teh whole world ahs to know, she cant just stay at home and keep it to herself..frankly when the bad time roll then she expects to hide out and her privacy repescted…what a crock of s…t

    In anycase she has no movies out or nothing to promote so I will assume this is purely public personal publicity…when mr gabriel jumps ship she will crawling under her bed and asking for privacy…

    In any case she has a high risk pregnancy and it will serve her well to sit at home ans shut the heck up till she is safe and sound with a healthy baby in her arms,,.,

    I wish her luck , but lady needs to learn how to gloat over her personal happines sin PRIVATE….

  14. dori says

    she’s wonderful and I don’t blame her at all for not wanting to get married. She’s had a couple of bad experiences. Johnny Depp and his love are happy, Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn are happy Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins are happy. This is the new millenium and some people don’t feel the need to formalize their relationship with a marriage they are still committed to one another and they have wonderful long relationships good for herr you go Halle good luck with your pregnancy and I hope you have a wonderful healthy baby.

  15. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    “A lot of staying home and just doing what you do.” Haha…I know what that’s like.

  16. Kelsey says

    This is just a personal opinion, but I think she gave up on the institution of marriage too soon. I don’t know the details of the pain she went through in her previous marriages, but I don’t think she should have given up the dream of being happily married…afterall, there are a lot of women who have endured abusive relationships and failed marriages and yet today they have that special someone and still believe in a healthy marriage. Having said all of that, Halle does look beautiful!

  17. Lauren says

    Halle was and looked amazing. I agree with her views on marriage. Congratulations to her and Gabriel. 😉

  18. onatear says

    I am happy for her, but I think she’s confusing the wedding with marriage itself. Still, shes trying to be honest!!

  19. essie says

    Halle wasn’t “preaching” she was just responding to a question from Oprah. Her views on marriage sound okay to me!!

  20. yummy says

    I don’t think Halley was “preaching”. She was stating her viewpoint on life that she has learned through her own experiences. Which is what we all are doing and have every right to do.

  21. Christy says

    Remember when J Lo and Ben were interviewed by Diane Sawyer about 4 years ago and J Lo preached to us all about real love and what it is and that she follows her heart and it leads her there…thanks, meanwhile many of us had found love and found it to be satisfying sacrificial work at times. I don’t mind Hallie never getting married, good for her! But when these celebrities make dumb choices and then make what they think is a good one, they preach to us about their new reality as if we all should follow it. Meanwhile we are living OUR lives and doing just fine thank you much! Happy for her baby and man happinesss, but some of us have been doing pretty well too in our lives for many years, right ladies?

  22. yummy says

    Totally agree with everything she said about marriage. It’s just a legal agreement, nothing more. It has nothing to do with the love and dedication that two people share. If it did, than gay couples would be allowed to be married.
    But I wish Halley the best. She looks better than she has in years.

  23. Elsa says

    She looks great. Wish her well. But have THIS baby and worry about the others next! LOL One at a time….

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