Britney Feeling Optimistic

Britney Spears

(The above is a promo photo taken by Ellen Von Unwerth for the VMAs)

Britney is “very optimistic” that she’ll get her sons back as she completes the judge’s checklist, the singer’s close friend Sam Lufti told People magazine.

Sam Lufti, whom Kevin Federline’s camp attempted to subpoena in the ongoing custody battle, reminded People magazine in an e-mail that Kevin getting custody is “temporary.”

“We … signed all the necessary documents that she needed to get done,” he said. Britney, he added, is “in a good mood, no problems, very optimistic.”

Monday a judge granted Kevin physical custody of Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, “until further order of the court.” Sam Lufti told People magazine that what led to the ruling was just a misunderstanding.

“Scheduling conflicts and errors in communication led her to believe that her deadline was later this week rather than Monday,” Sam Lufti said. “However, once we finally realized what was going on, we completed the list of tasks. …So everything’s looking good.”

At least one of the judge’s requirements, however, remains unfulfilled.

Britney, facing a misdemeanor charge of driving without a valid license, went to the DMV on Monday to get a California license to replace her Louisiana card, but DMV spokesperson Jan Mendoza says Britney hasn’t yet finished the application process.

“As of now, she’s not legally able to drive in California,” said Jan Mendoza.

“Britney Spears is still unlicensed,” Jan Mendoza adds. “She does have a pending application. She’s very close to getting a California license.”

Another hearing in the custody case is set for Wednesday.

I hope that Britney will just hire a driver! She should just quit driving….she can afford it!



  1. N says

    Oriana should get a life and stop trying to aquire BFF’S from the internet. Oriana is very hypocritical….she should just shut up at times.

  2. oriana says

    Brit should go to work for Taco Bell and get paid for all the advertising she is giving to them!

    Her sister is very smart mouth to be so young, and in front of cameras also, she acts as trashy as Britney does!

  3. Cathi says

    I like Kate, she is cool. Ryder’s long hair is just a rocker look. I like it. 100% better than Maddox’s stupid mohawk.

  4. Cathi says

    I am still realing with the shock that hard-partying KFed is the better parent. Those poor kids!

  5. leticia wong says

    I totally agree with Jennifer. Give Brittany a break. Being a mother isn’t easy at all. Brittany has it way worse because she has everyone on her. I’d freak out too, if i had someone spying on me 247. And She’s such a bad mom, cause she likes to go out once and a while, she’s young. And i’d drink too if i had a cheating husband like Kevin. Why dont they take the kids from both, because Kevin is always partying also. Not to mention he’s a gold digger! He only wants those boys for her money. Thats his jackpot. Besides there money from the divorce that will run out after all the partying. He sucks as a rapper that Brit tried to make him come up. All you people are criticizing makes me sick! If she srews up again then yes, she does deserve to get punished but i think shes gonna make it, and do right. Those babies u tell tell the love they have for there momma. SO BACK UP GIVE HER A BREAK!

  6. Martha says

    Carleigh, you’re everything you said we are. You’ve stooped to our level. Welcome O women on the high horse that is “better” than all of us!

  7. carleigh says

    Martha has proven my point…whats the matter Mats did I say something that resembled you in that remark???? Otherwise you would have scrolled past mine and not even bothered to comment….tsk tsk tsk….have you nothing better to do???

  8. oriana says

    I think Brit is getting worse as the days go by. She acts irrational to me, she doesn’t know what day it is? The paps are vultures, I can’t stand them, I wish they could be arrested for stalking!

  9. carleigh says

    Still sniping at each other I see?? Ladies…that’s why I come here read the articles would love to come back and blog in the threads, but no. I miss certain ones on here, they know who they are..lots are gone. To all the rest, have you nothing better to do than this??? Good lord!

  10. N says

    #37…. Im always going to respond when you call me out directly. I give my opinion on the subject at hand just like you do! If you dont like….so be it. Skip to the next post. It doesnt take a genius to figure that out! If you dont want a response…then you should already know what to do. If you dont let me know and I will help you out.

  11. N says

    ALso, #30… I feel it does matter what type of upbringing you have….. IN MY OPINION it plays a role in how you express your love.

  12. N says

    #30…. If you nitpick my comments then i will nitpick yours… THATS WHY!! I repeat what I say because you are not getting the point of my posts! SO if I say it again….maybe you will understand. Britney is Britney and Heidi is Heidi…. Just like when a woman has children…..none of the children are going to behave in the same manner…..because everyone has their own personality and thought process. IN MY OPINION it does not make sense to compare someone to another. THAT is my point.

  13. Denise says

    How do you spell “OVER”? She is sooooooooo that. Any credibility she had is out the window. Her fan base is dropping fast. And, I for one am glad to see that being a good mother to children is still high priority here in America. She’s definatly at the bottom of the l ist now. Stupid, stupid girl.

  14. oriana says

    DMITZ, Thanks for the link my Dear, very explanatory! I was wondering about the truth of this story.

    Mellynn, you are funny!!!!!!!!! I think Denise Richards is really grabbing at straws for every bit of publicity she can get! I do feel sorry her mom is seriously ill, but she let Richie get away and she blew it big time there, even with his addictions, he was a good catch for her.

    I think Brit is still on a downhill slump, not seeking any help as of yet. Sad indeed!

  15. Mellynn says

    Oh, oh—I just had a great idea!! Maybe Britney and Denise Richards could get their own reality show together! It’d be a hoot, y’all!!!

  16. carleigh says

    We have all seen this coming. I find it interesting that everyone seems to just know everything going on and everyone has opinion as to why this or why that has happened. Sometimes it is truly better to NOT understand or attempt to understand, leaving better off alone. This girl has been a trainwreck for a long, long time and nothing has changed, the only difference between her and everyone else that comes through a divorce with two babies and a ton of baggage is that she has her life played out in the media. It’s completely by her own choice and the things she herself does, she has the money and the means to the BEST Doctors, psychologists, managers and whatnot that money can buy…yet she feels she can “handle” her life on her own..theres a big difference between handling a situation and setting oneself up to crash and burn. Those babies are better off where they are and a judge has decided what is in their best interest. Isn’t that what everyone was concerned with..the kids?? Now whatever Britney does to herself from here on out is going to sadly determine what the outcome is going to be, but she has demonstrated from her antics in the past and present that she say ….GIMME MORE….a real glutton for punishment…very sad.

    Hi to all the ladies!!!

  17. anonymous says

    #29 why do you keep nitpicking everyone’s comments trying to justify what you post? It’s all the same what you are trying to get across. Just because we aren’t typing word for word what you are writing, you are saying the same thing. And it doesn’t matter what kind of upbringing you have…. love is love and Britney treats her kids like she is a 13 yr old babysitter of these children, not like she actually birthed them herself. It doesn’t take a Heidi Klum to pull that off genius.

  18. N says

    #26…..Excuse me….but what sentence in my posts said that these were an excuses for her poor mothering skills? Once again dont put words in my mouth! The only thing the post clearly states………. IS THAT EVERY SITUATION IS UNIQUE IN ITSELF….. How Heidi handles her 3 children back to back has nothing to do with Britney. They have different backgrounds and life experiences. They dont compare……. It is not apples to apples…..for one they dont come from they same “UPBRINGING”.

  19. kim--original kim says

    Hey, everybody remember that SHE pursued KFed… she proposed to him–twice! He turned her down the first time…but she got what she wanted…and then once she got the family she said she needed so badly, she then didn’t want it anymore…

  20. e says

    I’m actually just amazed that she turned over her kids TWO DAYS EARLY to Kevin. If a woman wanted to fight for her children, would she not attempt to have every moment she could with them? The girl’s a drug addict that should not be taking care of her children until she can take care of herself.

  21. anonymous says

    #25, it’s apples to apples. Britney didn’t “accidentally” get pregnant twice. She wanted to be a mother. Just because Britney picked the wrong partner in life is no excuse for her bad mothering.

  22. N says

    Heidi has a loving and devoted husband that supports her. Heidi is also way more mature and older than Britney. Its fruitless to compare people to each other because they are not the same and have not endured the same life experiences. Addiction is a disease…..belittling the person, being negative, and “TOUGH LOVE” does not always work. The 2 “P”‘s always does wonders…….

  23. DMITZ says

    Hello Oriana,
    She was granted supervised visits every other day but the temporary custody wasn’t lifted as she had hoped for. They go back to court later this month. Spears will probably have stayed in line w/her parenting coach, and her random testing that she has to go thru.

    Hope your day is going well. 🙂

  24. oriana says

    I heard on TV she doesn’t even have any visitation rights as of now. Surely that can’t be true?

  25. Delilah says

    heidi klum have 3 kids back to back and she looks way better than britney spears,britney put herself in this situation she took kevin away from shar what make her think that he wont cheat on her resse witherspoon halle barry kate hudson are all divorced do you see them going around mopping no they happy as can be all she could blame is herself for losing coustody of sean and jayden and jenny of course no one is going down your thorat about how you trrate your kids because you are not in the limelight like britney spears she is just plain stupid

  26. Mellynn says

    She wants those kids back SOOOOOOO bad that she didn’t even bother to attend the hearing today.

    Whatever. She’s over. Good riddance.

  27. Lauren says

    It’s sad that it has resorted to her losing custody. Those boys need both their parents in their lives. I hope Britney stops goofing off and starts getting her act together.

  28. oriana says

    Well it hurts me to agree with “N” but I do!

    Have to say, she is one beautiful girl and has really been blessed!

  29. 2teens3beans says

    #3 HaHa I thought the same thing too first time I looked at that photo.
    #4 Kimmy, yes looks like she has been photoshopped to the max

  30. dori says

    maybe she needs to hit rock bottom to wake up and realize changes have to be made. My concern is how great of a father is Kevin? He parties too!!

  31. Elsa says

    Funny, the Britney deffenders say people don’t KNOW what Britney is doing right or wrong, but THEY sure KNOW what KF is doing wrong…interesting.

    Truth be told she is a DRUG ADDICT and mess. A COURT OF LAW decided this, not K-Fed. And interesting that Brit’s MOTHER is stating that K-Fed should have custody of the children until Brit is better. Wake up and smell the java.

  32. N says

    I dont know many women that have 2 kids back to back, get divorced from a using and cheating husband after giving birth and feel just peachy afterwards. THAT IS JUST ME! I have yet to meet one…. I think the things she has been through in the past two years has affected her more than her face shows. She doesn’t have to go around boohooing with mascara running down her face to prove she is hurting inside. I hope she can get her business together so she can get custody back. I think she truly loves them she’s just not that bright.

  33. Sandra says

    DMITZ..Sure she would have something in common with all of those; however they didn’t all marry a crazy idiotic husband like Britney did. Sure it was her choice, but looks can be deceiving and way different when you actually marry the person.

  34. DMITZ says

    Jenny, what about Reese W, Julia Roberts, Courteney Cox, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Garner, Gwyneth Paltrow?? They all have the same in common except Britney is younger than most of the ones I listed…

    She is the one that said she wanted to be a young mother. So I have no sympathy for her, only her innocent children.

  35. nicola says

    How many times was she warned she’d lose her boys if she carried on with her wild ways?
    I’ve no sympathy for her, she only thinks of herself. The only ones I feel sorry for are the kids

  36. Jenny says

    Come on people. Many of us know that being a parent is not easy these days. Add on the pressure that Brittney has to deal with & see how you would react. If everyone would just let the poor girl be a mom & stop focusing on all the things that she does wrong she wouldn’t be in this situation. Everytime I do something stupid I don’t have people jumping down my throat telling me they are going to take my kids. Many of you have driven with out a drivers license. Actually, she does have a drivers license, but it was from Louisana. I just don’t understand why everyone thrives on trying to make her fail. Give her a break. Take Care Brittney & I hope for the best for you & your boys. God knows they need to be with there mom instead of there nasty father. He can be a father, but he will never be a DAD!!!!!

  37. barb says

    She’s going to have to explain a lot more than the driver’s license thing when she sees the judge. It sounds like the real issue for him is the fact that he ordered both Britney AND Kevin not to consume any drugs or alcohol in the 24 hours preceding their custody of the kids, and Britney was caught on film drinking in a club less than 20 hours before she picked her kids up from Kevin. That doesn’t sit well with most judges in custody situations. They are looking for penitance, for proof that the parent will do anything it takes to get their child back. Britney’s “I’m above the law” attitude will not get her kids back with her. The girl needs help, and Kevin may not be a fabulous dad, who knows, but he certainly appears to be the better option in this case.

  38. denise says

    Miscommunication about something as important as this – please.

    Any good mother would make sure they complied w/ the court when it could cost them there childern.

  39. Pika says

    This promo photo is so bizarre. It makes her look like she’s
    peeing. I know this is off topic, but it just makes me shake my head every time I see it!

  40. DMITZ says

    Well better late than never. I hope she sticks w/her orders so she can get it together for her boys.

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