Anthony Kiedis & Girlfriend Welcome A Son

Anthony Kiedis

Anthony Kiedis (of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) has become a father for the first time. The rocker’s model girlfriend, Heather Christie, 22, gave birth to a baby boy in the early hours of Tuesday at the Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Anthony, 44, and Christie have have named their son Everly B. according to Anthony’s father.



  1. fila says

    congratulations anthony!your son is so cute and I am sure that he will be the best when he gets older just like you all these the way everly b is a great name!kiss from serbia for all RHCP fans!

  2. Dana says

    You’re son is really cute and the name is great.
    I’m sure that he will be as handsome as you are when he gets older 🙂

  3. Analise says

    I’ve been waiting for this announcement. I am very happy for him. RHCP are one of the best bands ever.

  4. AKNikaFan says

    Hello everybody. I was thinking and they had the baby in Beverly Hills. So if you take the B off of Beverly then put it behind the word you get Everly B. Get it. haha. That may be one possibility to why they named him Everly B

  5. Just me says

    Everly Brothers … that makes sense. I thought maybe one of their mothers or sisters was named Beverly and they changed the letters around for that 🙂

  6. JJ says

    She is not at all what I expected
    Anthony to be interested in – I’m pleasantly surprised. Being a musician I thought Anthony would be interested in trashy buxom blonde groupies…but she looks so normal like the girl next door….I like her already!

  7. Lisa says

    D’Anna , could this be the D’Anna i know lmao
    im gonna ask you tomorrow.


  8. D'Anna says

    8. When Anthony Kiedis was with Heidi Klum he wanted kids and she did not, and now she has had three and he is just now on his first. It’s happened quite a bit in Hollywood….

  9. Um... says

    D’Anna what you just said made absolutely no sense…

    What do those people have to do with this couple?

  10. D'Anna says

    Wait, wasn’t that like one of those Stamos-Romijn stories where he wanted kids and she (Heidi Klum) didn’t? Didn’t I also hear this about Agassi and Shields? One person doesn’t want kids the other one does….

    Anyway, congradulations. 🙂

  11. Congratulations says

    22 and 44 and nobody scream. But for Katie 28 and Tom 45 it is not normal. We are living in a strange world.

  12. megs says

    Everly B., how original! I love how all the celebs come up with these “different” names! That is my dentist’s last name! How funny because I have to make an appt and seeing the article here reminded me to call this morning!
    Warm congrats to them and the rest of the RHCP family! I was never a fan myself but know lots of people who were back in the day!

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