Teri Polo Expecting Her Second Child

Teri Polo

Meet the Parents actress Teri Polo, 38, and her drummer boyfriend, Jamie Wollam, are expecting a child, according to her rep.

“I’m over the moon! It’s my favorite role, being a mom,” says Teri. “I know we’re expecting a girl and I’m very, very excited.”

Teri, best known for playing Ben Stiller’s fiancée in Parents and Meet the Fockers, is seven months pregnant.

This will be the first child for Teri, 38, and Jamie together. They also each have a son from previous marriages: Teri has Griffin, 5, and Jamie has Carter, 9.

This pregnancy has been “easier physically” than the last one, Teri tells People magazine. “I vowed from the start not to eat the first thing in sight so I’m a lot smaller than I was with the first pregnancy.”

Teri and Jamie met in 2004 on the set of a music video for his former band, Avion. She gave Jamie her phone number, he called her the same night – and they’ve been together since. They live together in LA with their childen and five dogs.

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