1. Dana says

    At three years old he should be walking the majority of the time. I have never seen him walking on his own. They still put him in a stroller for crying out loud!

  2. Wolfgang says

    An absolutely adorable little boy. And please, Kate, don’t cut Ryder’s hair again. Long hair is so cute for children!

  3. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I agree with Michelle. Why logical reason is there to say Ryder must have short hair because he has a penis? Its ridiculous if you stop to think about it sensibly. But then, some of the people on here are far too shallow to see a thing like that.

  4. Michelle says

    Lord all this continual haranguing about long-haired boys is so tired, I’m about to stop reading the comments. (“Good riddence, ye long-hair-defendering freakazoid, ye”!). In fact, here’s my final posit: what physiological reason demands that boys have short hair, and girls have long hair? (To be bright-eyed about it, these haters also say that the British are driving on the “wrong” side of the road, too). And I also still don’t understand why I never see anyone beating up on Suri’s “boy” haircut; she looks more “boyish” than Ryder looks “girlish”.

  5. Susan says

    okay, good, b/c for a minute there i thought i was the only who thought his hair was way too long and that he looks like a girl. I just can’t get on board with the long hair on boys!

    And I totally agree with many of you… why is that kid always on her hip? I see that with so many celebrities and I cannot understand it. Do you think it has something to do with keeping them away from the paps?

  6. Elsa says

    Dori – I so agree. She was all over w/ her son and Owen, then her son and Dax. At 3 he IS old enough to know who Mommy is, who Daddy is and he does not need to be exposed to every single man she is boinking. I also think she should take some time to find herself and not be so dependent on men. And if she can’t kick that habbit, then keep your son away from the men until you know the relationship will last more than a nanosecond.

  7. Lola says

    He’s not too old to carry. I carried my 3 yr old son today. I wanted to get to through the parking lot and into the garage in a reasonable time frame. My boy just doesn’t walk fast enough sometimes so I pick him up. Carrying a 3 year old is not a big bad deal.

  8. JJ says

    #8 – he has legs and he should use them…it just looks totally stupid if you ask me, that she is carrying him…I think Kate treats him like a baby…he does not look like a 3 year old he looks like a 6 year old…the stringy “shaggy” hair must go!!!

  9. dori says

    well i know Goldie Hawn is jewish but I don’t know what religeon they follow . Ryder has cute features delicate looking but the hair ughhh. I think Kate should stop all the men comming and going in and out of Ryders life Just rest a while she’s bouncing from man to man kind of disappointing She is a beautiful young lady and if she could gather her own life together the right man will come into her life.

  10. Lexi says

    I head it was something to do with them being JEWS etc – she really needs to cut his hair I agree- and let him walk – she babies him toooo much – he never smiles, never.

  11. Elsa says

    Do you think Kate follows a religion? Not to comon on Hollywood….unless we’re talking Scientology or Kabala….

  12. Jessie says

    Ok people, for one the hair thing might be their religion. A lot of religions support long hair. You know, his dad has long hair, too. Also, Kate is probably carrying him to keep him safe from the paps!

  13. amy says

    So how come Kate always has such a healthy glow, while her son is sooo pale? He looks creepy. Are we sure he wasn’t switched at birth? How could someone who looks like her have a poor lost looking little boy/troll like him? Ok, maybe troll is going too far, but you know what I mean.

  14. megs says

    I love how casual and cute Kate looks, she really looks a lot like her mum these days! Adorable photos of Kate and Ryder. He looks so much like his parents! I also love Kate’s sense of self – she seems so relaxed and calm about life & style. She is definitely one of my favourite younger celebs.

  15. BWA says

    he is sweet, but NOT an attractive child. The long hair does not help. It is unfortunate that he looks like his dad rather than his mom…but hey, hopefully his looks will change as he gets older.

  16. Elsa says

    I think a hair cut is in order, but hey, at least he’s not being subjected to Britney Mommy treatment…haircut is really his parents call.

    Did you hear Kate dumped Dax via a friend…she seems to be a little TOO man dependent…I hope she takes some time to be without one… it may do her good.

  17. yummy says

    He’s definitely getting cuter as he gets older. I hate ever thinking that these little babies/kids are ugly, but Ryder just had that look about him. (I’m so bad). But he looks very cute in these pics. Hopefully he’ll develop more of his mother’s looks.

  18. 2teens3beans says

    #6 Well, he’s only 3 for cripes sake… if my 3 year old wanted to be carried I’d carry him. Not to mention aggressive paps.
    I like Ryder, he has an “old soul” look to him.

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