Gwen Stefani & Kingston

Gwen Stefani

A stunning Gwen Stefani, 37, was snapped leaveing Claridges hotel in London on Sunday with Kingston, 16 months. The combination of her bright red lips and her red tartan trench coat really is quite amazing!

Gwen recently shared about touring with Kingston: “Kingston is walking now and he never sleeps. And if he doesn’t sleep. I don’t sleep. Last night it was insane. By this morning I thought I was going to die of tiredness. It’s hard to get the balance right. The touring life is hard enough. To do it with a baby can be almost impossible.”

“But motherhood isn’t quite what I thought it was going to be. I thought it would change me as a person, but I still feel like my old self. I haven’t changed. I still talk the same. I still act the same. Creatively, I feel exactly the same.”

“The only difference is that life is now much better. I now have a mind-blowing little guy who is the reward for a lot of hard work. After having Kingston I feel complete.”

Gwen seems to always look amazing and perfectly polished…even with no sleep! How is that possible!?



  1. gweny says

    Being Gwen’s number one fan, with all the picture i’ve seen, this is one of my favorites, her hair looks so awesome, i can do that to my hair, and the red lips are so her, i love it on her. she is a pretty brunitte, but its her hair color, smashing red lips and wackey clothes that get her the attention. Kingston is the cutest baby out there. he has great clothes, hair, he will be a magnet to girls when he is older!

  2. doubtit says

    God, she’s looking OLD. The overbleached hair, the red lips are getting tired and old. It may be her “trademark” look, but it doesn’t look good anymore.

  3. Analise says

    Late comment, but I love Gwen. The whole family. She is a beauty with and without the makeup! How could Kingston not be cute?? His parents are gorgeous.

  4. Georgia says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GWEN!!!! Kingston looks just like Gwen. Ive seen pics of her at his age and they look identical!

  5. Kamineko says

    Wow, she surely looks happy and healthy. What a cute mom and baby! I agree about the makeup,it is a bit overdone. She is a beautiful woman,and a different, more understated, approach to the hair and makeup would be refreshing. I still like her and Gavin and baby Kingston. I do wish she would change her current music style tho, I like it so much better when she was in No Doubt.

  6. Amber says

    Gwen does her own makeup for sure, I don’t know about nannies and other people she may have to help her out. I have seen many documentaries as I am huge ND and Gwen fan. However, you always see Gwen with Kingston even out on tour, not like a lot of other celeb moms.

    As for her red lips and hair, that’s her trademark style. She has said she loved the chola look growing up back in the day in Orange County.

  7. C says

    Snoopy I agree about the hair.

    In her ‘I know we’re cool’ video she looked gorgeous as a brunette.

  8. snoopy says

    Qwen would be so much prettier if she would tone down the bright red lipstick and platnium hair color. It is all to fake. She is pretty with out all that.

  9. Jade says

    Cute baby. Does anyone else think Gwen is starting to look like Joan Crawford in Mommy Dearest?

  10. oriana says

    Gwen is gorgeous and a knockout figure! Her son is a clone of Gavin, looks just like him!!!! I like the Burberry shirt he had on in another picture too. So cute! Nice family!

  11. Carys says

    I agree with Lara, #2. With so many helping people always around we would look that fabulous, too 😉

  12. Lara says

    I’ll tell you how it’s possible that “Gwen seems to always look amazing and perfectly polished…even with no sleep” — she’s NO DOUBT got a hairstylist, make-up artist, personal chef, Nanny and housekeeper all at her 24/7 disposal!!! I bet I’d look fabulous too if I had round-the-clock assistance and a personal stylist to make sure not a hair was out of place and my makeup was perfect before I left the house!

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