Britney Is Being Victimized By Kevin's Lawyers

Britney Spears

(In the above pic Britney was snapped with her boys leaving Taverna Tonys in Malibu on September 30th) 

Britney temporarily lost custody because she was accused of not taking a random drug and alcohol test and she couldn’t provide a California driver’s license, her lawyer told People magazine.

After a closed-door hearing Monday, a judge ordered that, from Wednesday, Kevin Federline gets physical custody of Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, “until further order of the court.”

L.A. Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon didn’t outline his reasons in the written ruling, but Britney’s attorney, Sorrell Trope, says, “We weren’t able to prove compliance with what the judge ordered.”

“Specifically,” Sorrell Trope says, “the judge ordered that by 10 a.m. Monday morning, both parties show valid California driving licenses. I’ve been unable to produce evidence of that.”

Later Monday, after handing over her sons to a bodyguard of Kevin’s, Britney applied for a California driver’s license in Van Nuys.

Britney, 25, has been charged with misdemeanor driving without a valid license and hit-and-run following a fender-bender in a store parking lot on August 6th.

Sorrell Trope says another reason behind the judge’s temporary custody ruling “was a claim by Mr. Federline’s attorney that she had not complied with a previous order the court had made – before I came on board as lawyer – about having a random drug and alcohol test.”

Sorell Trope adds: “There’s no evidence that she actually failed a test.”

However, the courts see the failure to take a test as the same thing as not passing the test.

Another hearing is set for Wednesday.

Kevin’s attorney declined to comment in detail on the court proceeding. But a source close to Kevin says he was “thrilled” after receiving news of the temporary custody change.

Wow…this is just plain awful! So, she didn’t actually fail any drug/alcohol tests…she just didn’t take them. I don’t understand how a court can possibly see that as being exactly the same as failing a test. What about “innocent until proven guilty!?” Also, no one should have physical custody of their children taken away from them just because they don’t have a valid driver’s license! And the “hit-and-run” fender-bender was probably just Britney trying to escape the paparazzi that chase her CONSTANTLY! It sounds like Kevin is being a real jerk…and probably using money he stole from Britney to pay for some sleazy and aggressive lawyers!

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  1. Tia :) says

    Look who’s talking N…you’re on here just as much

    And i have real friends, a husband, a daughter and a life…cant say that much for you …how old are you…15?

    and its UNIVERSITY GRAD…

    thanks 🙂

    ps. Fighting and ARGUING as you put it, can be the same thing. Grow up already, you have to be the most immature person on here.

  2. N says

    Well shes taken 3 and all of them have been Negative…So much to say about a “HABITUAL” drug user. Also….. DMITZ, TIA, and O….you guys need to get a life and some real friends that aren’t on the net. If you direct a comment at me Im going to reply. Thats not hard to understand and TIA its not fighting. Its called DEBATING or maybe even ARGUING!
    College GRAD!! : )

    Also, DMITZ you are a ditz….although I wasn’t actually calling you one at first. O…. you can just eat $h**.

  3. Analise says

    Well I think it’s a safe bet that the WM has never taken any law courses…

    If you don’t take a test in school you FAIL. If you don’t take a drug test you FAIL.

  4. thismagicmoment says

    Look, people you have got to understand that the court’s practice of regarding a person who fails to take a drug test for any reason as having come up dirty on that drug test makes perfect sense! They have this policy for a reason. Imagine thousands of defendants involved in court proceedings just failing to show up for their drug tests. “I’m sorry your honor I was stuck in traffic, your honor I didn’t realize I was supposed to take one, there was a miscommunication, it’s my lawyer’s fault, blah blah blah.” OF COURSE the judge can’t just shrug his shoulders and give them the benefit of the doubt for christ’s sakes. That’s just silly. Innoncent until proven guilty is still more than in place in our system. When you are ordered to take a drug test you have the option of coming up clean. That is your opportunity to be innocent of taking drugs. If you ordered to take a drug test, you can’t simply not take it and expect things to go on in your favor. How many drug addicts out there would take advantage of that if it were the case. It just cannot be allowed… I mean really think about it. The fact that she failed to take the test must be treated as failing the test. You do not mess with the judge’s orders. You do not say Oh your honor look i just forgot or it was a misunderstanding or any number of lame excuses. What kind of self-respecting judge would then be lenient. That is just NOT how it works. So quit feeling sorry for her and implying that it’s not fair she is generally regarded as being on drugs. The courts (and the public) have every reason to think so at this stage in the game. Otherwise, Britney, it should be the easiest thing in the world to pee in a cup and prove us all wrong.

  5. oriana says

    I think the next few days and weeks will define exactly how bad she really is in need of help.

  6. Valerie says

    I feel sorry for Britney, but she made her bed. I was one of her defenders in the beginning, but now, what can you really say? Why didn’t she just do what the judge ordered her to do? If a judge told me to shovel manure for hours on end to keep my kids, I’d do it. Yet she couldn’t be bothered to take a drug test and get a damned driver’s license. It’s really sad.

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  8. oriana says

    Yes Indeedy DMITZ, Good for you!!!!!!!!

    Tia, 6 pies! Yummy! My hubby loves the Bakalava, I don’t really like it that much but love all the other Greek food, especially the dessert that looks like small little cakes, with nuts, honey and it was very moist, don’t remember the name at the Greek Festival, they weren’t real expensive, small but very rich and tastey! Loved them!

  9. Tia :) says

    N- Everything is CRYSTAL CLEAR…although not to you apparently…dumb O and Ditz are not name calling? Give it a rest and get lost already.

    Again, thanks for being concerned about being able to read….my “so called university” degree still tells me i can read! Im not saying everyone has to agree with what I say…i think you love starting fights…so im pretty much going to ignore you. Grow up. I said i wasnt here to start fights, but you just kept going. Loser.

    haha DMITZ! good for you!

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  11. N says

    Sorry O….But you ladies do care about my crap. None of my posts before You started talking to me was directed at any of you. i gave my opinion of Britney. You ladies didnt agree. Also, What names did i call you girls Tia? DMITZ…. I typed Ditz……one letter missing….. COULD that have been a typo maybe……. How about you ask me if I was calling you a ditz before you assume? Also, Tia you obviously cant read….. If you dont understand my point. YOU ARE YOU …..How you handle a situation does not mean the rest of the world is following your lead. Everyone tackles their obstacles in their “OWN” way! SO….your tirade about what you or any other mother would have done is useless to me! CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THAT, With your so-called college degree?

  12. Tia :) says

    Oriana- I saved all my big cooking for today! I have about 6 pies to make, and some Bakalava. We’re having everyone over for thanksgiving this year! SO i assume Suday will be a very busy day for me.

    Have a Good Day today!!

  13. oriana says

    Hi Tia, just clicked on, did you do any cooking today! Ha!

    Take Care, have to run.

    You have a good evening!

  14. oriana says

    #98, DMITZ, gave me my laugh for the day! Funny!!!!!!

    Sandra, keep on being You, I love it!!!!! Oh I hate Hail, it is worse than snow and it seems to be getting larger pieces each year! Be careful and check your car for dents, ins will cover it!

    N, You are NOTHING to me but a NUISANCE so I won’t waste any time addressing you or your comments in the future. Blast me all you want too, but please keep your mouth off of DMITZ and Tia, they are a lot nicer than me, and yes, more intelligent too! None of us care about you or your crap! Your opinions are one thing, your smartass digs are something else, so please, shut your piehole!!!!

  15. Tia :) says

    N- I dont really see the point in calling DMITZ and Oriana names…we’re all adults here. Also, i really dont know how i got through 4 years of University and 1 year of Grad school not knowing how to read….damn.

    Im just saying, from a mothers point of view, i would do anything in my power to keep my daughter out of harms way. Im not here to attack anyone, i was just wondering what worse behavior looks like, because to me, this is pretty bad. She obviously had to do something else other than driving without a drivers license to have her children taken away from her…like not doing the court ordered tests and classes?!?

  16. Umm..ok! says

    Um are you not calling the kettle black by making a complaint about N trying to judge people’s characters when you are doing the same? You come on here commenting not just about Britney but about others and when you are commenting you are judging them. You don’t really know them, so therefore you are judging them. Seeing them through the media is not knowing them, about them or their situation. So why are you so argumentative about others comments when they are putting judgments on people when you are doing the same??

    And no I am not for personal attacks, but I have seen you do them in the past so what goes around comes around.

  17. Nosoupforyou says

    1. Mia, I don’t remove children from their homes and put them anywhere. I don’t work for CPS. You need to broaden your world a little bit and understand there are other jobs for social workers despite Child Protective Services.

    2. There is an issue with drug/alcohol use with Britney Spears.

    Judges don’t randomly order drug and alcohol testing for people going through a divorce or custody issues. There has to be some type of evidence or foundation for the judge to do that.

    3. Mature people comply with court orders and obey the law.

  18. DMITZ says

    N, it sounds like you’re here to fight with everyone. I challenged your posts, not you as a person. You are making personal attacks on Oriana, Tia, and myself.

    I didn’t call you any names and you want to call me Ditz? Claaaaaaaaaasy.

    Child, I don’t have time for you. Yeah, so I enjoy a little Britney controversy, so what? I may have comments for some people’s comments, but I’m not sinking as low as you by name calling and TRYING to judge people’s character. You know nothing about me or my life, so if you want to post (AND LIKE I SAID BEFORE) stick to the subject at hand.

  19. reality check says

    Ummm, webmistress? Have you completley lost your grip on reality? Those babies would probably be safer with rabid dogs than with her. She has done alot of stupid things in the past year I cant believe that she is just now losing custody. I can not believe you actually called her a victim, it is a sad time for this country when a mother can flash her hoo ha all over the place, attack the press, shave her head, act completley insane, not even bother to strap her kids into the car the right way(twice that we know of) and take drugs…and she is called the victim….uuummmm yeah not so much your sympathy would be better directed towards those poor kids.

  20. N says

    #65 Tia that is you…. i know plenty. Driving without a license is not a sin. If you get caught…you pay a ticket. Just like speeding.

    I never said she was right, I never said she didnt have mental issues….. IF you ladies can read I said she seems uneducated or dumb to me. All I said was i think taking her sons was drastic…cant she have a court appointed follower like Charlie Sheen.
    You ladies are the ones that need to take a step back and learn how to read. i have seen worse behavior from mothers…. THAT IS ME! It has nothing to do with any of you on here. If this is the worst you have seen then a lot of you are in for a rude awakening. OPEN YOUR EYES…there are worse monsters in this world that are doing far more wrong to their children than Britney. THAT is what im saying.

  21. N says

    Dumb O why would you try to befriend me when I have already told you what I think about you personally…. I dont want to be your friend. Cant you understand that? As long as you have crap to say to me Im going to give it right back to you. You give your opinions but you have a problem with me giving mine….I think that is crazy!…. which one of my posts above was directed towards you before you called me a nuissance…none! I think you have an obsession with me! Like i told you before and now Im telling you again…..Dont say $hit to me I wont say $hit to you. Its not that hard to understand….but You are old and senile so that might be your excuse.

  22. N says

    I dont remember her walking down a street…I remember her being at the beach. And if thats what “she” wants to do …more power to her. Who am I to judge.

    Also…Ditz….How am I putting a personal attack on you….None of my posts were directed to you or your posts until you said something to me. I think it may be the other way around…..You just dont like people challenging you. Sorry you dont know everything….that is not my fault.
    If i have an obsession with her what is it that you have then. Everytime there is a Britney posts your name is all over it too!….. How about you STFU….you contradict yourself all the time. We dont have the same opinion towards her…get over it. Your the one trying to battle my opinions. REREAD THE POSTS!

  23. Sandra says


    I can’t help but see the good in people or I like to think that there is good in people!! Especially those I don’t know! Like I see the good in you who knows you could be the next serial killer in a hot pink bra and thong!! LOL How are you doing today? Thanks for asking about snow! It hailed so much around 5am today and it actually stayed on the ground and looked like snow!!! I walked outside and said Ohh No not yet! It will be so cold for Halloween if this is just the beginning of October! Well I better run, I am babysitting today and she finally figured out how to use her legs when crawling!!! I tell ya my house isn’t that baby proofed, LOL!! Have a good day ;o)

  24. DMITZ says

    Jenny, non of us sperminated her or witnessed her give birth, but we know she’s Sean and Jayden’s mother.

    Facts are facts and if you’ve never known someone with a substance abuse issue, then I’m sure you wouldn’t know the signs. Substances run their lives, and they begin to lose control slowly until they sprial into a hole and it’s up to them to pick themselves up. They have to want to do it themselves.

    No court is going to issue those rules they put on her for no reason. That would disparage her character.

  25. Jenny says

    I just have 1 question. Has anyone ever sold, given or actually seen Brittney taking drugs??? Even if you sold or give her the drugs, did you physically seen her take them? GIVE IT UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Meagan's Mom says

    Shiz…really that is the most foul word in the English Language. This site is mostly made up of women…WHY would you ever use that word it is disgusting and an insult to every mother, granny and women on this board.

  27. anonymous says

    I am going thru a custody dispute now and Britney reminds me so much of my stepson’s mother. Everyone told us to give her the benefit of the doubt, since she pretty much adandoned him when he was 6 months old to make a new life/family with someone else. She only came around occassionally and now that we’ve tried to make this legal, we’ve been battling it out for 2 years (since he was 3). She had the audacity to fight back. She has a legal aid lawyer and doesn’t realize all the costs and efforts we’ve all put and for what? She cancels her limited visitations all the time, and recently notified us that she’s moving “far away” and can only see him occassionally. There is a very close comparison that I see between Britney and my stepson’s mother, and both have proven time and time again that their children are not their 1st priority. She isn’t even taking care of her other children since she has left them for another man.

    Some people are like that. They just don’t understand what being a parent really is. I would be devastated if my children were taken from me. If someone gave me a warning that I could lose them, I would do whatever it takes to get it together. Britney needs her fun and attention even if it means hurting her custody chances. Face it, the beloved Britney we all adored years ago is not the same person. What people don’t always realize is that drug/alcohol behavior can do that to you. It makes you lose all people near and dear to you. Or she could be suffering from post partum. Either way, I believe if she gets help, there may be some hope in her future.

  28. Elsa says

    Britney showed how “distraught” she is over losing her children by giving them back to day 2 days before she had to; going tanning; eating at Nobu; smiling for the paparazzi – who she COURTS. Give me a break. This girl is heading to a very sad ending very quickly if she does not grow up and do the right thing. We’ll be seeing the headline that she’s dead, OD, suicide, whatever…has been already seems to fit. Terrible. And it does not HAVE to be this way…please. She was not the only child star in the world. Lets not forget Christina Aguillara and Justin Timberlake were in the same “Mickey Mouse Club” years ago. They are doing ok. Does the press follow them? Yes, but since they don’t COURT them and do everything in their power to give them MORE it’s not to the same level as Britney is. And if Britney wants to ruin her own life, fine, but don’t have two children to drag down with you….At least we can give the likes of Lindsay Lohan that. Sorry, I know personal responsibility, never mind responsibility for others, is not in vouge these days, but when you have a child, you have to do what is RIGHT and this woman continually chooses what is wrong.

    One other thing every seems to forget is she is ADDICTED to drugs right now…. come on… whose fault is that???? It really amazes me. Clearly it’s her ex-husbands attorneys….give me a big ol’ break.

  29. says

    I hope she loses her kids permanently, they would be much better off if she would just disappear, than have trashy train wreck stupid no common sense or decency Britney for a mom. She is harming them beyond repair. Sodas at their age in their bottles? Sugar will mess those kids up with chronic insomnia, poor health, depression, etc. And these pathetic media people and everyone else glorifying her with all of this press are more than pathetic! She can’t take care of herself, let alone 2 babies. She should have supervised visitation only, forever.

  30. Kamineko says

    I agree with Letibe (#6) I think Britney is bipolar. Bipolar people have very little inpulse control, erratic behavior, and believe that they afe not subject to the normal laws and rules of living.
    It is a tragic way to live, and very self destructive, not to mention very ahrd on children and loved ones. I know, I have had bipolar friends, and one of my close relatives is bipolar. Britney desperately needs an intervention, and NOW. Something is clearly out of whack in her mind. My heart goes out to those precious little ones.

  31. GB says

    #82 Mellynn, well said. I do feel sorry for her as I would for any immature person whose impulsive decisions lead them from one problem to another. She must, in her sober moments, look in the mirror and not like what she sees however, appears not to learn from her mistakes at all, just goes out and makes fresh ones and does not take advice from anyone, even people who love her. This woman should not have been allowed to have a baby , never mind two, while still so unformed in character and entirely immature. She needs to get professional help & grow up. She doesn’t look to me like she’s ‘hounded’ by the paparazzi, rather she appears to revel in the attention, now that she’s a has been, it lets her remember her past glory, even if in a watered down version. I saw the famous fender bender on the news, and while it wasn’t much of an impact, what she did when it happened nicely illustrated her character, or lack of. She seemed entirely preoccupied with the front end of her own vehicle when checking for damage and I didn’t really notice her sparing a glance for the car she ‘came to rest’ against. That shows a complete lack of concern for others and only concern with herself. A narcissist. If she wants to see how a young mother parents properly and also dresses in a tasteful and classy way she can choose from any number of ‘famous’ examples, if she’s above learning from ‘ordinary’ good mothers. There’s Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, Brooke Shields, etc. Take your pick of any normal ‘celeb’ mother. Plenty to pick from. Then learn. The children’s interest would probably be best served if they were given in adoption to a decent NORMAL couple and given a chance at a normal life.

  32. oriana says

    Sandra my Dear, I know you feel sympathy for her, you are a good mother, a Soccer Mom, with no agenda other than to take care of ;your son and family, I think she could easily crack up for real! It can go either way, she remain in denial, God knows she has the money to carry it off for a while longer, or hit rock bottom and seek help. I blame her people around her, and Kevin also to a certain degree, I don’t think she has been right since the divorce. The paps are vultures and there should be some new laws on the books about them.

    Goodnight Tia my Dear, I knew you were aware I was joking but there may be some on here that actually might believe my craziness! Ha! You are having a busy weekend! I wish I was there to enjoy your goodies!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Sandra says

    I guess it would be better to be tanning your depression away than to be doing drugs and alcohol. IMO

  34. Dana says

    I can’t believe anyone could defend her. She has been so defiant I’m surprised it took this long for her to loose her kids. As a mother I can’t imagine blatantly ignoring a court order the way she did-and she was out tanning that very afternoon?!

  35. Tia :) says

    Oriana- I knew you were just joking 😉 The weather here right now is acting a little strange actually. Usually around this time of year in Canada, we are all usually wearing sweaters or fall jackets, but this year is different. Our thanksgiving is this weekend, and for the first time in years it is going to be about 85 degrees! I honeslty cant remember it ever being this warm this time of year. I remember being a kid and going out for halloween and it was snowing!

    I am with you though…there will be TONS of cooking on my part this weekend!!

  36. Dustie says

    I don’t agree with the webmistress but lets be adults here. Calling names?!? How very childish!!

  37. Mellynn says

    That explains it all. She defiantly disobeyed a court order. And the paparazzi she so loves to pander to helped her lose custody. She’s a crack-whoring narcissistic has-been. Judging by her partying last night, she seems to be okay with the fact that she doesn’t have those kids. More time for nose candy and panty-losing.

    Hear that? It’s the sizzle of the dying embers of her manufactured career.


  38. Miapocca says

    Social worker who think they know so much yet stick nunmerous children in severla abusive families that a lot worse that the fmailies they claim they are protecting them from

  39. Nosoupforyou says

    You can’t be serious?

    This woman disregarded a direct order of the court when she did not follow through with a drug and alcohol test. In addition, she was driving without a license, with a child in the car, when she had an accident, however minor.

    P.S. I am a social worker.

  40. tabs says

    Britney has to only blame herself for this mess. She KNEW everything would be under scrutiny why didnt she do anything about it? OBVIOUSLY the only way to POSSIBLY get to her would be to take her babies away to SHOW her that she needs help, apparently she doesnt feel she needs any with the way shes acting.

  41. oriana says

    Christy, based on your experience and what you have observed, what is your opinion on what will happen next? What should she do immediately to turn this around as positive actions to the Judge? What do you think her visitation rights will be?

  42. Christy says

    Forgive any disagreement with the web hostess but as a former family law advocate, family court isn’t criminal court. The evidence collection standard is different. Innocent until proven guilty isn’t a part of it. Fit, unfit, trying, not trying is. If you don’t show for a hearing or a drug test it is deemed that you are not in control of your life, that you don’t see the severity and gravity of the situation. A judge doesn’t have the same statutes for family law as in let’s say a jury trial. I had many cases when men did not show or fathers failed dependency tests and they lost custody. Right or wrong, Britney was unprepared and thereby deemed unfit. What she said to the judge byt not taking tests that were mandatory is that the parameters set by the court were not meaningful enough to her to follow them. That will get you every time with a judge that thinks of kids first. The judge isn’t trying to “get” Britney, he/she is trying to help the kids. She appears to be a mess and the judge saw it.

  43. atl80 says

    First of all why does Jayden always look like he’s uphappy in every photo? Sean Preston looks fine but Jayden looks like he needs rescuing. Now to Britney loosing custody…Failure to submit to any of the terms of the custody agreement meant losing the kids. That included failure to take (AND pass) the drug test. It’s a two part step. While you don’t need to have a valid drivers license to have custody of your children you can’t drive around with them illegally and have pictures to proove it.

  44. oriana says

    I saw where she had the boys out for dinner, and I could hear one crying on the video, now with all the noise and stress, why would she put the top down on the car? That didn’t make sense to me!

  45. oriana says

    Tia, going to Fresno next week just for an overnighter, 2 1/2 hours drive from here, then I am done! Thank God! Holidays coming, cooking, tons of it, and already started on shopping! When will the snow hit up there?

    I imagine for Deeds and Sandra snow may be after Thanksgiving but not for you probably?

    Must confess, lied about the Pink thong! White cotton Jockeys with a White Sports Bra! Ha! No Victoria Secret here! Well, maybe the perfume!

  46. Tia :) says

    HAHAHA Oriana!! Im sure you we’re quite the sight! 😉 haha!

    How are you my dear? are you done traveling now?

  47. Genevieve says

    I feel so bad for Britney’s situation. Its been a rough year for her.

    But in the back of my mind its something that she deserved. You don’t go partying every night and expect to keep your children. Also driving drunk, and doing drugs is not idealistic for a parent. I’m shocked they didn’t take her kids away earlier. Because if a regular person were to drink and do drugs and has two small children child services would be up their ass (excuse the language). Celebrities get away with too much and its unfortunate.

    I also concur with the people that have said that she has problems, which I’m assuming she has. She needs all the help she can get. Hopefully she’ll learn a very valuable lesson, and get the help she needs.

  48. Lauren says

    She’s getting everything she deserves. She gave her kids to a bodyguard to drop off at Kevins, (she didn’t do it herself!) Right after that, she went to a tanning salon! It just shows she really doesn’t care!!

  49. Mellynn says

    She got everything she deserves. That headline on this topic is killer. If my ex was anything like Britney Spears, you bet your a$$ I’d have a lawyer on her like stink on poo. Her refusal to take the drug test, whether “intentional” or not, was noncompliance with a judge’s order, just like her not bothering to apply for a CA driver’s license until yesterday and not signing up for parenting classes.

    Plus, K-Fed doesn’t pimp those kids out for the paparazzi.

    Anyone who things Britney is a victim in all this is as delusional and unstable as she is.

  50. Susan says

    Barbarosa – of course I don’t know K-Fed personally, just like I don’t know Britney personally. I thought we were all just spouting our opinions here…

    I don’t know if K-Fed is a good father or not. From the way the media has portrayed him lately, he’s the dad of the year. But it’s easy to look that good when he’s being compared to woman who shaved her head, beat up a car with an umbrella, was forced into rehab just to come out and continute to party like a rockstar (minus the stellar influence of Paris and Lindsay ~ note the sarcasm)… Britney has shunned or been shunned by every good influence in her life and she refuses to follow rules. We all know her story and it goes on and on. My point is that just b/c Brit is doing so poorly does not mean that K-Fed is doing so well.

    But none of this matters, anyway, b/c I still feel that the judge made the right decision by giving those boys to Kevin until further notice. Okay, so maybe he’s raising them, maybe he leaves it all up to a nanny – who really knows for sure? The point is that those kids are still in better hands with him than they are with her.

    Britney has been given so many chances to get herself straight and she continues to make stupid decisions that my 9 year old step-daughter knows are wrong! Like I said before, I love her for the woman she once was and hopefully will be again. Yet all I can see right now is that she lost her boys even after she was told how to keep them. Now, I don’t have any biological children yet, but the love I feel for my step-daugthers is so great that I wouldn’t do anything to risk losing them. Why didn’t she feel that way about her boys?

  51. oriana says

    I really think we all agree that Brit has some problems. I personally think she created most of them for herself. More examples of celebs getting by with too much and too much excess. The very paps that are screaming her name for pictures, are the same ones selling pictures and laughing about her, which is pitiful to me.

    I think that most mothers would not be heading to a Tanning Parlor and out on the town if they lost custody of their children. I don’t see any actions by her that she is taking her problems seriously, other than finally applying for a valid license that was required long ago.

    I just hope the circus ends and she seeks much needed help that is long overdue.

  52. oriana says

    Tia my Dear, it is nice and sun shining today, I am fixing to go wheeling around the block in my Hot Pink Bra and thong, to match my Hot Pink hair since that is NORMAL and I have seen all my neighbors strolling around outside today in their underwear for all the world to see! I am sure if any police officers drive by they will just give me a nod and a wave!

  53. kylie says

    if you seen the viedo she was wearing clothes and strip down to her bra and underware and jump into the beach what sane would do that in front of hunder of camara in front of thire face and also she was holding sean and a cup of whine and she held on to the cup instead of sean who was about 5 months at the time look at angelina jolie holding pax and zahara at the same time honey and she never ever drop them most parents almost drop thire kids yes careless one i think cussing and yelling of front of her kids is out of control yea many celebrity attacks the paparzzi ALEASt they
    apoglize for it unlike britney did what girl would shave thire hair for no reason

  54. Tia :) says

    N-are you serious?? Worse behavior my ass! you talk as though her actions are nornal and ok! This girl needs help! I dont go out partying at all hours of the night! I dont drive around without a valid licence! Im sorry, SHE IS NOT NORMAL! The judge tells her she has to go through random drug tests and that neither she or Kevin can consume Alcohol 12 hours before getting their children in their custody and she goes out that very night and gets wasted?!? COME ON!

    Just because she doesn’t “feel” like she doesnt need the tests or the classes doesnt make it right! We all have to do things we dont like for christ sakes!

    Oriana, you crack me up!

  55. oriana says

    A JUDGE issued some Court orders for Britney. A court of Law, which applies to her like everyone else. I am not saying she is a bad person, I just think she has some mental problems and substance abuse problems, she needs help with, she is young, life can go on, but it could be much worse, how many young girls her age, where life hasn’t gone on? Maybe she will seek help, even if it is forced and her kids don’t need to be in jeopardy.

  56. oriana says

    N, if you want to talk about my age really showing, you need to talk to my Beautician! It is obvious I haven’t tried to befriend YOU on here! I am not whining about you, I am plaining stating what I feel, NUISANCE!!!!!!!!!

  57. says

    N, blah blah blah. Your obsession w/Britney is getting old. And it sounds like you are putting a personal attack on me from past posts. You love hearing yourself talk, don’t you? You mini novel above just proves my point more. Also, I have a minor in English, so I’m doing just fine, thanks for your concern. Stick to the subject at hand honey.

    Oh yes, since BRITNEY felt she didn’t need the class then by all means, she must be right!

    I think she is too inebriated to make that decision.

  58. oriana says

    Well I guess walking down the street in your bra and panties is normal, or better yet, Not wearing underwear, spreading your legs, climbing and crawling over seats with 100 cameras aimed at you, that is normal too!

  59. N says

    Thanks O….your age really shows….. how old are you again…..15. I am a nuissance because I have my own opinions….. How about you get a life and stop trying to befriend every person you meet on the net! You crack me up when people start to disrespect your old @ss then you want to talk about name calling and WHINE WHINE WHINE….. i have yet to call any of you children out of your names. Alot of you need to grow up and experience life and pull your head out of your @rses!

  60. oriana says

    I do blame the paps for her fender bender, but her attitude was she just laughed about it and kept walking, it wasn’t too funny to the other owner, you let my son hit a parked car and keep walking and see what happens, especially with it all on tape! It is just another example of her not taking things seriously, and she had warnings on top of warnings!

  61. N says

    Isnt a bikini only a bra and underwear? TO ME THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE. SO WHAT SHE SHAVED HER HEAD! She “ALMOST” dropped sean…this is nothing! Many parents “ALMOST” drop their kids! Yelling and cussing at the paparazzi in front of her kids, NOTHING! Having sean on her lap while driving, A BAD MISTAKE I HAVE YET TO SEE HER DUPLICATE. She attacks the paps with unbrella, LOTS OF CELEBS THAT ARE ALSO PARENTS HAVE ATTACKED PAPS….Jude law, Brad Garrett, I could go on. So what you have never seen those celebs out of control…… that means what? She is Britney not them. You guys remind me of high schoolers….. SORRY TO SAY!

  62. oriana says

    I think driving without a valid Ca. license had little impact on her losing her kids, it was her arrogant attitude, (hitting a parked car and laughing about it) is a good example, she did not follow the Judge’s orders, and there is no doubt she has alcohol and drug problems both.

    She does not deserve to not see her kids, she should have supervised visitation and I think she will.

    I also think that most mothers that lost their kids would be in shock and heartsick, and would show it by other than going shopping and out clubbing.

  63. IG says

    Are you serious? it’s not that she failed the test; it’s that she didn’t take them. If the courts ask for a test to clear any suspution of drug abuse you must comply. She failed to do that; not taking the test implies that she had something to hide or that she was not fit to take them as it would be worst to have on record that her test showed illigal substances. So not taking them is actually beneficiary for her; for future court claims. Those kids belong to their father. She is clearly unfit at this time.

  64. oriana says

    Anyone can see she has some emotional problems! This girl needs professional help. I hope the Judge enforces the drug testing and counseling, it has been too long in coming.

  65. kylie says

    ok n She is followed everyday by 15-30 Paps 24/7 from various agencies. Yet, we havenever seen her out of control
    let me see shaving her hair running dowm im the beach water with only her bra and her underware almost dropping sean and holding on to her cup of something yelling cussing at the paparazzi in front of her kids having sean on her lap while driving she attack the papazrii with unbrella going clubbing and there are many celbrity with children angelina jolie juliean morre travis braker adam sandler jenny garth never seen them out of control like britney

  66. Tia :) says

    im going to have to agree with Minnie and Granny. I really do think this girl needs help. Maybe if she was right in her mind, this whole custody battle wouldnt be happening. I wish there was someone out there who could grab a hold of her and make her realize that if she doesnt stop now, she is going to self distruct!

  67. N says

    Well Dmitz I never said you sounded ridiculous…those are your words. If you feel that way I wont disagree. I said get off of your high horse like you are better than anyone else and your not! Also, Im not defending her just not jumping to any conclusions UNLIKE YOU! I am looking at the facts! UNLIKE YOU
    I did say she was stupid didn’t I……. I dont have to be a close friend to EMPATHIZE (look it up) with her. So what she’s looks a hot mess! I might think you look a hot mess….and guess what….my opinion wouldnt matter because you are going to look how you want to. Everyone is not born with mothering skills. Certain people read books, some have experience from siblings, some learn from their own mother and others learn from experience. All have and will make mistakes. You need to look at yourself….. I could care less what the “average” posts says. Since I am not a follower UNLIKE YOU I have my own opinion on the matter. SORRY if it doesnt match yours. THATS CALLED LIFE! Maybe you should start to get used to it.

  68. minnnie says

    EXACTLY #37! But according to some people it could have been a “misscommunication” . Im sorry, but you would have had to think she would have been paying attention! These are her children. Nothing or no one would take away my daughter…i would do all it takes to make sure she is with me!

    As for Kevin never being pictured with the babies, it’s because he doest flaunt them around like she does! She’s a media whore! I must say, i know he hasnt been the best person, but anything is better than her at this point. I DO feel bad for her, but she needs help…she cannot properly care for these children right now!

  69. DMITZ says

    N, just like you are defending Britney as if you are a close, personal friend of hers and can feel what she is going thru, I am against her ways, her public displays of being a hot mess, and her lack of mothering skills.

    So before typing out a book about how ridiculous you think I sound, get over it and look at yourself.

    Let’s average the posts on her and what’s on the net and TV everyday. I need not justify my statements on Britney. It is what it is.

  70. barbarosa says

    hey Susan do you know K fed personally coz you seem to be making statements like you know him yes he did a stupid thing abandoning Shar for Brit but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad dad ..

  71. barbarosa says

    No offense but she did that to herself for God sakes she has no licence and drives around with her kids does drugs and parties HMMM I call that an unfit mother.. and you know what it’s pathetically sad coz in long run the kids ar epaying the price.. get your life straightened out brit before your kids loose out ..

  72. Susan says

    I have to admit I absolutely adore Britney Spears. I think I feel a connection to her b/c, if I were in her shoes, I’d probably have made many of the same stupid decisions she has. That being said, I have to disagree with your comment about her failure to follow court orders. Yes, in the U.S. you are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. But Britney had to have been fully aware of the consequences of not following the judge’s orders. She chose to disobey and now she has lost her children. If she is do deluded that she thought nothing would happen to her if she didn’t follow orders, then she is much worse off than I think she is and she still shouldn’t have custody of her kids. I love Britney and I truly hope she gets the help she needs and overcomes this depression in her life. But until she does, those kids deserve to be in the hands of a capable and caring person. I wouldn’t necessarily use those words to describe K-Fed… but sometimes you have accept the lesser of two evils.

  73. Granny says

    People may disagree with me, but if I was Britney this is what I would have been doing in the recent past to prevent this sort of thing from happening. Especially since everyone would know that the paps would be following and filming.

    First, I would always wear underpants, and my clothes would be long enough that I could get in and out of vehicles and so that people walking behind me wouldn’t be able to see or not see them. No that doesn’t mean to my ankles. I wore the miniskirts of the 60’s and 70’s so it can be done.

    Second, I would be at every appointment and test that a judge ordered me to. If you refuse a breathalyzer test you are automatically guilty. I would be at every appointment and test and passing them. I wouldn’t leave any question in that judges mind about my suitability.

    Third, I would keep my partying down to a minimum. That doesn’t mean becoming a hermit. Just a reasonable limit.

    Fourth, if I hit a car I would inform the owner and report it. I have hit a car before, and I did inform the owner and report it. It is the law. It isn’t snitching by the paps, it is the law.

    Fifth, confine my drinking to home or the inside of the club or party. Not carrying it outside with me. I wouldn’t want anyone to think that I drank so much that I was having to walk around with the stuff. And I do drink socially but responsibly.

    Since appearances can be deceiving, I would be making certain that I gave the best picture of myself as possible. Especially until the exhusband grew tired of fighting me. And I would be making the photographers and others work really hard to get me in a compromising picture.

    It might ber a dull existance compared to what some people want, but if I got to keep my kids then boredom would be okay.

  74. Sandra says

    You do know that Britney DOES have a valid driver’s license it is just NOT for the state of CA. So she has every legal right to drive, however upon residency in CA she was suppose to get her driver’s license within 10 days. (Such a HUGE crime to have your children taken away for).

    I don’t think she should have had her children taken completely away. She should have had supervised visits just like what Charlie Sheen had when he was accused of doing things sexually to his daughters, which IMO is far worse than driving without a valid CA license but holding one in another state. As far as the drinking and the drugs yeah she shouldn’t be anywhere near those kids impaired, but she definitely isn’t the first nor will she be the last irresponsible parent.

    I was also reading on x17 that the chase is already on following Kfed with the kids. I found it funny that he has lived in his house for how long and he just now put a fence up around his pool, total concern for the boys whew!

  75. N says

    Why dont you need to answer it? You know her and her problems personally right? Everything on the internet is not fact. Like I said…. What drug tests has she “TAKEN AND FAILED? Answer that then….. You cant!
    You are no better than her….. get off of your high horse!
    Once again….what exactly are her problems? It shouldn’t be that hard to answer since you are “ALL KNOWING” like GOD. Why would i want to go search the net when i can get all the info from you?

  76. N says

    Britney, drug addict?… doesn’t ring true. May have done some drugs, but addicted to hard
    stuff? She is followed everyday by 15-30 Paps 24/7 from various agencies. Yet, we have
    never seen her out of control. She is around police at random times due to the Paps and yet never been arrested. SO are you guys saying the police arent doing their jobs?
    Remember Courtney Love or Amy Winehouse?… now those woman was/are out of control
    Now that is a rock bottom drug addict. I see NO comparison between that and Britney. Amy is a meth head…..look at her teeth. We all know what Brits teeth look like since she cant keep her mouth closed and is always laughing or smiling at the cams.

    All I see is a lonely young woman who is tired emotionally and physically from having two children back to back and going through a bitter divorce and custody battle. She is also trying to get rid of the toxic people in her
    life that were controlling her completely. I see a woman trying to become her own person even if she is making mistakes.

    Kevin did not have a valid dl either thats why they both had until Mon 10am to comply…

    It is shocking to me that people believe everything they read. Watch the vidoes and pictures and IGNORE any comments. Read only the legal documents. That is pretty much the only truth… And consider that if it was totally “proven” that Britney had a problem with drugs the judge would have taken the kids away “immediately”. The judge did not completely believe “the heresay” so decided to make her get random testing.
    So far we have no proof.
    Kevin has alot of balls going after Britney there are pictures of him doing drugs. Also Shar admitted to Perez Hilton on camera that he uses… just not the really hardcore stuff. Why have no pictures of Britney been seen? I mean they would be worth a shitload of money. Ask FAT TONY there is a ton of dough to be made off of
    mere allegations. Imagine how much money you would get for pics of Brit doing drugs! Wev’e seen the pictures of Lindsay doing drugs……so….it cant be that hard to get them especially if she’s doing them in the clubs like Tony proclaims…..

  77. Crazy webmistress says

    Webmistress next you are going to say that Kevin ask her to go out whitout panties, shave her head, and attack paps. We know you love Brit, but stop insulting our intelligence. I would like to know you. You look crazy just like her.

  78. PRGuru says

    It’s such a shame, really. It’s my guess that Britney Spears still thinks her “celebrity” carries the weight it did when people actually watched her for her talents – only now they’re watching her drive her life and those of her children in to one giant ditch – and most of them are laughing or sneering. She clearly has little to no self respect left and requires the paps to validate her every time she steps outside. I just hope those around her who got a bump in their tax bracket as a result of the talent she did have takes notice. Alienating loved ones and giving things – in her case, her babies – up so easily without a fight could indicate she’s working on her next media blitz debut – Britney as a 25-year-old corpse. It’s time someone much bigger, much louder, and much stronger step up to the plate and wrangle Britney into a “Come to Jesus Meeting.” The problem is … everyone’s afraid of her. Each one of them has either written her off or is simply afraid that if they do intervene, their tax bracket will drop back down to pre-Britney levels. My prediction? She’ll be six feet under or penniless like Michael Jackson in two years.

  79. Jaiimel says

    Wow, and I thought I was the only one who disagrees with the webmistress…
    Having no valid drivers license is not a good thing. And yes maybe she was escaping from the paparazzi but what if it wasn’t Britney… Then nobody would approve it…

  80. DMITZ says

    N, I don’t think I need to answer that question. Just go to your browser, type “Britney Spears” and see what pulls up.

    There are so many celebs out there, so Britney is not being victimized. She did this to herself.

  81. N says

    And what is that Elsa….. What substance is she using?

    The victims are the kids and no one else!

  82. TD says

    I can’t believe there are still people defending her. BRITNEY is being VICTIMIZED?? You’ve got to be kidding me.

    Everything that has happened, she did to herself. The victims are those around her. Not her.

  83. Elsa says

    LMAO! OMG…if the webmistress is not Britney or her tagalong Ali…then OMG… you must be addicted to the same substance Britney is….

  84. N says

    Dmitz….. exactly what are her problems? Do any of us really know. What drug tests has she failed? I remember her taking a test for Promises that she passed. Most hardcore drugs stay in the system for a while…..If she is a habitual user shouldn’t they have found some type of drugs in her system? I agree that Brit is not smart since all she had to do was comply with the orders…. BUT I still feel that the kids should not have been taken from her until she has “TAKEN AND FAILED” a drug test. She was a dumb@$$ to think that she was above the law and didnt have to comply…. I think that she sees they aren’t going to cater to her “CELEBRITY STATUS” and will fall in line. She is out attempting to obtain her license now.

  85. Meagan's Mom says

    It is a sad state of affairs when Kevin Federline is the person that the children are placed with. He is no shining example of a good parent either. What about one of the grandparents taking custody till they both get their stuff together?
    It is sad how far Britney has fallen since marrying that man. At one time she was a savvy business woman, a great entertainer and an all around “good girl.” Now it seems like she has totally self destructed…and if KFed can damage someone that severely do any of you really believe the kids belong with him. He is just after the $$$’s. By the time time he is done he will probably have 10 kids by 5 different wealth women. Great way to make a living
    PS I agree Britney should take a drug test and get a license.

  86. DMITZ says

    N, Britney has been offered a lot of help and she refuses to acknowledge her problems. Really, I don’t see how many more chances she could get?

    WM, Britney is NOT the victim, her children are. And although K-Fed may not be daddy dearest, at least he has shown some real growth these past few months and has proven that he cares about being a father. Whether or not it is money related, it will all come out eventually. In the meantime, the kids should be w/their natural parent/grandparents. They shouldn’t suffer anymore than they already have with Britney’s actions.

  87. Denise says

    You are kidding me right? She is such a danger to her kids it’s not funny. Someone has to take better care of them even though they will still be in therapy for the rest of their lives.

  88. Kelkel says

    well, I have always been a Brit supporter, but in this case…its her fault this happened. She should have followed the judges orders meticulously. The drivers license thing…kinda stupid, but she has had plenty of time to get one. The hit and run was ridiculous. I saw the video. She knicked another car’s bumper in a parking lot, got out, checked for damage and didn’t see any. Any other person not followed by paparazzi would never have been charged because nobody would have ever seen it. The whole thing was stupid. The paparazzi were the ones who told the owner of the other car about it. Brit’s fame and being in the public eye constantly is what got her into that mess. I have done the same thing once in a parking lot. I have had it done to me right in front of me and the driver just said “sorry” and walked into the store. Luckily, no noticeable damage….just like in Brit’s case.

    So, Brit should have taken this all seriously…taken all the tests, gotten her license, and done her parenting classes. She would still have her kids if she had.

  89. Zbella says

    WM is way off mark here. Thankfully the court of law has more sense and is putting the children’s interests first.

  90. N says

    I also dont agree with them taking her kids….Get her the help she needs and let her still have a relationship with them. You would be a fool to believe that he is the one really “taking care” of the kids. HE HAS A FULL TIME NANNY! and the help of her parents!!…. Why cant they have a court appointed nanny travel with the kids from his house to her house…. and report any bad behavior to the judge.

  91. ^Petra says

    Britney is being victimized? How about those kids. They are the real victims, and mommy and daddy dearest created that situation.

  92. N says

    I have never seen him in any pictures with his children….i have seen his nanny, his bodyguard, Brits parents….all of them at Kevin’s house interacting with his kids. We have seen Britney interacting with the kids regardless if you think she should take her kids out at night or not we have seen her with them. These children are going to be stalked by the paps no matter what…. WAIT AND SEE….Kevin is about to bear all the paps craziness now that he has full custody. How else do you think the world will see how BRITNEY’S KIDS are progressing. The cameras will still be on them…they are her kids! NOW the camera will be on him all the time…..Lets see how he handles it!

  93. Debbie says

    Anyone who think she shoul still have custody of her kids is as insane as Britney. She hasn’t done one thing to show that she WANTS her kids. Any other mother who was given a list of steps to taken in order to keep their kids would have done them all in a heart beat. Not gone out clubbing and hauling your kids around in the middle of the night. Did you not see pictures of the kids in the back seat cyring while she grinned and giggled at the cameras. Get serious. The kids are in a much better place. Noone may have thought that much of Kevin and his intentions when they got together, but you have to admit he seems to be the more responsible parent. Have you ever seen him dragging the little boys around at all hours having them stormed by the cameras. NO you haven’t. Maybe you need to rething your position.

  94. marie says

    Okay, if Brit is fine, would you let her care for your kids? Of course not.
    ‘Frequent ,habitual and continous’ drug and alcohol use is just that.
    And hundreds of celebrity and high profile parents aren’t in the glare of paparazzi, because they don’t court it, pander to it or crave it.
    She is an addict exposing her children to risky and unnecessary exploitive situations. Their dad is right to be concerned.

  95. Cassius says

    WTF! Britney is calm because she knows this isnt the last time she will see her children. It is so funny how we call Kfed lazy. If we were talking about a women who was being a full time mother collecting child support we wouldnt think anything of it. Kevin couldnt start a career because he became Mr.Spears. I dont know how anyone thinks Brits actions are okay. I wouldnt leave my kids with her!

  96. Sandra says

    Who says she refused the drug test? What if it was a misscommunication? And it shows BIG on her part how she is taking losing custody of the boys. She dropped them off with the body guard 2 days early to get her driver’s license on the same day. I agree with the WM he is sleazy and is using every lame attempt to get more money.

  97. Tia :) says

    Ummm….ok there WM. She REFUSED to take the test, so that makes it all better? Are you serious?? If she wanted to keep these babies, she should have done whatever the courts told her to do. Im sorry, but wake up and smell the roses!!

  98. Twy says

    Any MOM who wanted to keep thier kids would DO ANYTHING to keep them, whether it meant taking a parenting class, getting tested for drugs- ANYTHING!!
    “innocent until proven guilty”? Give me a break, everyone BUT Britney knows she’s not innocent.
    Wake up.
    For once we need to be on the side of the children and take a stand for them. I don’t give two hoots WHO she is, she’s an abusive drug and alcohol user. PERIOD.

  99. cc says

    Are you kidding me?! She knew she had to take the drug test, get parenting counseling, etc. She didn’t do ANY OF IT. Losing her kids is ENTIRELY her fault. Don’t give me this crap that she is being victimized by Kevin’s lawyers. She did this to herself.

  100. letibe says

    I believe she is ill!
    She may have biopolar disorder. They way she acts in front of everyone. She has to be ill.

  101. yummy says

    Exactly. All she had to do was obey the law and submit to drug testing. Either a) she thinks she’s above the law/doesn’t respect the law, b)can’t pass the test, or c) doesn’t care. And she was warned well before this order that she needed a valid CA license, something she again ignored. Honestly, it seems that she was just begging for someone to take her kids away. Although I don’t think that they are better with Kfed. He’s probably just in it to get the child support check each month. But at least he has a brain and “appears” to be the better parent at this moment by staying out of the public eye.

  102. Julia says

    Ok first of all the Judge didn’t take her kids from her b/c of her driver’s license issue its b/c she drives w/o a license with her kids in the car as well as she is a habitual drug and alcohol abuser who refuses to comply with the Court’s Orders. She is an idiot who thinks she is above the law. Kevin is the only sane parent those kids have. Plus, when they are with Kevin, her parents are a big part of their lives. Please….all she had to do was comply with the Court’s Order and she would still have her children.

  103. njangel says

    Umm first of all, failure to take a test IS the same as failing a test. Apparently she had something to hide. If she didn’t then why not just take the test like the judge ordered? Who the heck is she to go against what the court says? And she is CONSTANTLY shown driving her children around and now it comes out that she doesn’t even have a valid drivers license. HELLO! Those children should 110% be taken away from her. If she cared so much about having them then she should have taken the test and should have been responsible enough to get a damn CA license. All she had to do was go to the DMV, take a written test, and that’s it. What’s the big deal? It took her freakin years to do it when everyone else who moves to cali only has 10 days. I’m sorry but she is clearly not responsible and should not be allowed to have custody at all. If I were in her position I would be doing everything possible to get my kids, but it doesn’t even seem like she gives a crap. Why should anyone feel sorry for her?

  104. yummy says

    Seriously, webmistress, you are the only person I know who can actually be on her side. Are you blind? She was actually HAPPY that they took her kids away. She surrendered them 2 days earlier then went out partying the SAME night. Would you do that if you just had your children taken away from you? This girl needs help, and if someone needs to take her children away from her to keep them safe for the time being and perhaps make her realize that she needs to get her life in order than that is the right thing to do!

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