Woman Gives Birth To Her Own Grandchildren!

Woman Gives Birth To Her Own Grandchildren!

Wow! I thought this was pretty amazing!

In the above pic Claudia Michelle (on left) is shown looking at her twins Victor Gabriel and Antonio Bento as her mother Rosinete Palmeira Serrao rests in a bed at the Santa Joana hospital in Recife, Brazil, Thursday on September 27th.

A 51-year-old surrogate mother for her daughter has given birth to her own twin grandchildren in northeastern Brazil, the delivery hospital said.

Rosinete Palmeira Serrao, a government health worker, gave birth to twin boys by Caesarean section on Thursday at the Santa Joana Hospital in the city of Recife, the hospital said in a statement on its Web site.

Hospital officials were not available for comment on Sunday, but press reports said the grandmother and twins were discharged on Saturday in excellent health. The Caesarean section was performed about two weeks ahead of time because Rosinete Palmeira Serrao was having trouble sleeping, the statement said.

Rosinete Palmeira Serrao decided to serve as a surrogate mother after four years of failed attempts at pregnancy by her 27-year-old daughter, Claudia Michelle de Brito.

Brazilian law stipulates that only close relatives can serve as surrogate mothers. Claudia Michelle de Brito is an only child and none of her cousins volunteered, so Rosinete Palmeira Serrao agreed to receive four embryos from her daughter.




  1. The Voice of Reason ;) says

    oh boy. reading all of these posts and arguments about whether it was right or wrong or what makes me LAUGH!!

    Honestly, how could a mother doing such a selfless thing for her daughter, to bring a beautiful little baby to life, be BAD!?!!

    It may not have been what i would have chosen to do if i were in that situation, but i cannot say that for certain because i (and probably most other people posting here) am NOT in that situation.

    The only thing that we have the right to do regarding this family is to pray for the health of the baby and lend our congratulations.

    … And for all those people who are saying that they are against this because its not what “God” wanted… who do you think gave this family the emotional (and physical!) strength to do what they did!?!

  2. Lana says

    just so u all know, that girl who wrote in portuguese was saying that the babies were born in her state and she felt very honored to have them and they were very lucky!
    I think its stupid to talk about something that u dont know and cant understand the situacion because u dont live where she lives, after all the mom of the babies suffered in treatments to get pregnant and in 4 years didnt have any success…
    In Brazil is very hard to adopt a child, the process takes to long and its really stressfull, and its even harder to adopt babies…
    Its wonderful to have a mom like that, that loves her doughter so much to do something like that for her!

  3. Ivette AKA Flaca says

    I think that what her grandmother did was wonderful. I know that if I had a daughter and she couldn’t have any kids I jnow that I would have done the same thing. It is so incredible how many few people we have in this world that are willing to go through such thing to help a family member. I hive her my props. Her daughter should be happy to have a mother like her. I know I would.

  4. Zbella says

    Debra – beautiful. #39 – who gives a hoot what kids at school will think? They probably won’t even know. Why would they?

  5. says

    Some of you just do not get it! The goal is to have a child however it comes. I’m a 51 year old adopted myself, mom of a 30, 24, and 9 year old. In between the 24 and 9 year old my 1st husband died. Than I fell in love again with a man that didn’t have kids but wanted “1” . We had a stillborn and a 20 week miscarrige. At 42 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl that is a joy. My 30 year old daughter has never been interested in children of her own but if she was and couldn’t I would do it for her in a heartbeat! Unless you have been there you will never understand what they are going through! They have a miricle story to tell the boys! CONGRATS TO ALL AND GOD BLESS !!!!

  6. JJ says

    #37 – You shouldn’t undermine your compatriots as there are plenty of wonderfully sarcastic comedians in the U.S. getting paid a handsome salary for being sarcastically amusing about your current political leader and other not so favourable celebrities!

  7. Lauren- the voice of reason says

    I think everyone here is being immature.

    Come on guys, seriously… does it really matter whether it was “natural” or not, or whether it was “God’s will” ?!?! It was HER will to have her own (biological) children, and her MOTHER’s will to help her!

    No one was hurt, and two beautiful babies were given the gift of life. Even if it is unconventional (and maybe a little strange) there is nothing wrong with it.

    Everyone here who is arguing about whether this was “right” or not… grow up.

    Congratulations to the new mother and grandmother, I am happy for you all.

  8. Melissa R says

    Well, there I go assuming…. I hope that in your country you have the same rights and freedoms as we do, because being the outspoken gal that you are….it would be a shame to silence such a worthy opponent! Your “baby toes” ranting should have clued me in….because most Americans don’t have that kind of sarcasm!!

  9. Melissa R says


    You have some valid points.That is the beauty of this country that we can express our thoughts freely without consequence. Let’s just agree that we disagree on this subject!

  10. JJ says

    #31…If I was 51 years old and my daughter couldn’t have children of her own…I would tell her to adopt. I would not put my body through all that stress with hormone fluctuations and excessive weight gain and leaky breasts. Call me what you will. I stand firm on my opinion.
    As for Oprah, she never indicates her approval or disapproval on live television. So even if she did have this mother ‘n daughter combo on her show, she wouldn’t show her true feelings. A good television host that interviews guests never discusses her personal views – but rather puts forth both the positive and negative sides to the issue. I hardly think that Oprah would say this 51 year old giving birth to her daughter’s children is a “wonderful” thing. That’s just you talking.
    Most humans prefer to procreate so that their genes and blood line continues – they want a part of them to live on. Meanwhile there are oodles of orphanages around the world bursting at the seams with orphans. Little children that will never know what it is like to have a mom or a dad or be part of a family. Everybody has the option of adopting but most don’t. Why? Choosing to adopt is a selfless, honourable and respectable thing to do. And that is what I intend to tell my infertile daughter…

  11. sr says

    I know someone who cannot have kids- has had abortion after abortion. If you ignorant people knew what that was like you would probably consider anything. Myself being the mother of a beautiful little girl whom I cannot picture my life without- would definitly do this for her in the years to come if she ever encountered a problem. There would be no questions in my mind. Some people need to grow up and mature a little. LIFE is the most wonderful thing women bring to this world, it’s the greatest gift we have. I feel very blessed having a child. Congrats to the mom and the daughter, I think it’s wonderful!

  12. Melissa R says

    #28 and #30, Right on!!!!

    JJ, People who don’t have children are wonderful people!! It is their choice not to have them. Yes! Oprah has done some wonderful things!! and no, she isn’t vile. It was her choice not to have kids. But I bet SHE wouldn’t be bashing the grandmother for having kids for the daughter. In fact, you watch…she just may have them on her talkshow saying how wonderful and giving the grandmother was for doing that!! I am saying that PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN DON’T COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND WHAT IT IS LIKE TO WANT TO DO FOR THEIR CHILDREN. For example: my mom is married to a guy that never had kids. He is always telling me what I should and shouldn’t do with my kids. Where is his experience??? Where is his knowledge coming from?? It is just an opinion. Like you, it is just an opinion…and me as well. If you had children…and I know it is none of my business..I just asked you…and your daughter couldn’t have a child..and you could…you MIGHT want to give that to her because you would see her heart breaking…and hear her crying…and being HER mom, you MIGHT want to help her in every way possible!!!!! That is all that I am saying.

  13. dori says

    what an extremely generous mom. I think it’s great. Now her daghter has the children she was longing for. Until you come face to face with infertility can you understand how much this meant to the daughter. Her mother did a wonderful thing.

  14. D'Anna says

    12. A friend of mine got 4 embryos through IVF and two of them just didn’t make it. She didn’t do selective reduction or anything like that…it just happens.

  15. Mommy 2 a Mixed Boy says

    Ohh please!!!! Whoever thinks that it’s wrong or unnatural does not know what they are saying. Yeah yeah everyone is entitled to their own opinion….but really now! Why would the daughter HAVE to adopt????? Who’s to say maybe she wouldn’t mind adopting and having some biological children of her own as well. I myself would love to adopt, but I am also blessed to have a biological child as well. It’s every woman’s dream to have their own children, why is that wrong?? Also, if my mother would carry my child(ren) because I couldn’t I would be so grateful and would hate for anyone to look down on me for it. People need to seriously get out of the little box they live in and stop being so ridiculous and critical over things like this. A life is a blessing…take it as it is! Now go ahead and bash me if you like….but this is my 2 cents! It is what it is, deal with it!!

  16. JJ says

    #23 —I’m being judgmental??? you…are doing exactly that…being judgmental of me because I don’t follow your belief system…people who live in glass houses should not throw stones…got it!! And it’s none of your business whether i have children or not…that is completely irrelevant…are you suggesting that people who don’t have their own kids – are vile human beings that are selfish and cruel??? what about people that adopt? are they selfish and cruel too? how about Oprah Winfrey – she doesn’t have kids but she cares a heck of a lot about the world around her…is she cruel and selfish because she chose not to have children…YOU my dear are ignorant!!!

  17. Tia :) says

    Why is it so un-natural? I think it’s beautiful. I know where you are going with this, and let me tell you, god created the scientists and doctors who made this happen. What is so wrong with having two healthy, beautiful babies? Maybe she didnt want to adopt? To each his own!!

  18. Melissa R says


    No, I meant “you suck” like “you are cruel and ignorant” You are rambling like an idiot!! You never said if you have children of your own. My guess is no. Until you have them you shouldn’t be so judgmental of others!!

  19. JJ says

    …you forgot to say “big toes”…as in “you suck big toes”…I know you do suck big toes…but how about the baby toes?? do you suck them too??

    You’ll probably respond by saying “not a chance”…as in “not a chance do I suck baby toes…only big toes”…

  20. Sassy says

    Congratulations, it’s a shame her cousins were not willing to help her, it’s the most beauiftul experience to have a child. I am glad Grandma and the Grandson are doing well, Stephanie, unnatural…please…give me a break.

  21. minnnie says

    14- Are you for real?? the other two embryo’s didnt TAKE. When they insert the egg into the donors body, it is already fertilized…therefore, it is in embryo.

  22. Stephanie says

    if i couldnt have children…for any medical reason, then it was meant to be…IVF and surrogate mothers (all this non-natural things) are not for me.

  23. seastar64 says

    Ok seriously, “Kamineko,” you are crazy! All it said was that 4 were put in, not that they only kept two of the 4. Do you not know anything about how the process works?? They can put in as many as they want! Only the viable ones are going to take!!! I don’t think you know what you are talking about. I think that it is beautiful and amazing! Talk about mom of the year!!!

  24. Kamineko says

    Well, The key word here is embryos. That means babies. No matter why they are not alive matters not, dead is dead. God have mercy on the innocents.

  25. 2teens3beans says

    ^^^ where does it state that the other two embryo’s were discarded? It, doesn’t. You are assuming. Often times embryos are implanted but do not take…. it’s very common to implant 4 and have only one or two viable at the first ultrasound.
    Also, it’s a personal choice on whether someone wants to adopt or have their own… doesn’t make them “insane or evil.”

  26. Kamineko says

    Ok, She received FOUR embryos- where are the other two? I cannot congratulate anyone who discards (read: KILLS) 2 innocent babies just to deliver two other “wanted” babies! Plenty of beautiful orphaned babies in the world this lady could have adopted!This world has gone completely insane with evil. I’m totally horrifed.

  27. Melissa R says


    How do you know what you will do in 20 years??? You don’t. Do you have kids??? Because by the way you type, you are SELFISH. A “selfless” woman would feel the need to give her children their heart’s desire. It’s funny that you say…”not a chance..” because that woman’s daughter didn’t even have that. You suck!!

  28. JJ says

    Can you say…loco???
    Actually, it’s great that the daughter had the option of using her mother as a surrogate. NOT!!!
    No…seriously, I’m totally amazed at the mother’s selflessness to bear her daughter’s children. Would I do it? Not a chance 😀
    To each their own.

  29. kimmy says

    #7- don’t get all bent out of shape or anything, but why do you leave comments that more than 75% of this blog can’t understand?

  30. says

    olá galerinha…é incrivél pois esses babys aí são de onde eu moro…ehhhhh!!!!!

    muito honrrada de eles ter nasçido aqui…em meu estado.

    dois pernambucanos de SORTE!!!


  31. Lauren says

    Wow, that’s amazing! She’ll have a story to tell her grandson’s when they get older. Congratulations!

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