Britney Spears To Lose Custody Of Her Sons

Britney Spears

Britney must hand over custody of her sons to Kevin Federline this week “until further notice of the court,” a judge ruled Monday after a closed-door hearing.

L.A. Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon gave no reasons in his written decision, issued after lawyers met with him in a private session requested by Kevin’s lawyer. The ruling says that Kevin gets custody starting Wednesday.

But the ruling came after the filing of misdemeanor charges against Britney – hit-and-run and driving without a valid California license – and claims by her ex-bodyguard that she used drugs and is a danger to her children, Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1.

Scott Gordon also previously found that Britney is a “habitual, frequent and continuous” user of alcohol and controlled substances, and ordered her to submit to random twice-weekly testing.

The singer, who has 50-50 custody with Kevin, was seen around town with her children over the weekend, and on Sunday they had an early dinner at Taverna Tony in Malibu.

“She seemed fine,” the restaurant’s owner, Tony Koursaris, says. “She was very comfortable having dinner here with her boys. … The kids had a good time. Then we had to fight the paparazzi, of course.”

OMG! I can’t believe that it has come to this. It is so sad. 🙁



  1. Chely says

    She’s very crazy. I m’ sorry for yours kids but they mothers’ are sick. The babies need too much atention and she are not prepare for the character mother’s.

  2. kelly says

    britney is a wack, , this was along time coming. she think’s she can live above the law. yeah she may have money, big f—ing deal. she caused all of this. that pic of sean holding jayden’s hand really touched alot of people’s heart’s. ask your self this, would you want her as a parent??? or better yet, would you let her watch your child?? did not think so. she think’s she can do whatever, because of her status. i commend the judge, he was not fooling around. she was mad that she could not get her way and run the show, she is an idiot and a few other thing’s but, i don’t want young people to read that trash.and parent’s i know you will do the right thing and tell your daughter’s she is a bad mom how can she be a good role model. think about this, men, drug’s, leaving her kid’s home alone and the house keeper found them, what if they left and the babysitter never came, there bad teeth, i saw them up close, i would be so embarressed she was crazy asking a dentist to whiten baby teeth, dah, feed them nutricist food. and they are so fat, mainly jayden. all the fast food at carl’s,mcdonald’s. hopefully and i am sure kevin will take them to the dentist,and feed them better food. or they will have weight,poor self esteem,and denture’s. i never trusted kevin, but, he is doing a wonderful parent. i applaud him. he does spend time with his first 2 kid’s, just ask shar, she even accept’s the boy’s. few of you said he never paid attention to his 2 older children, you were wrong. get on shar’s web site. he screwed her over cheating with brit, but, shar is his heart. an they have been working on being parent’s and living close or moving in together. you alright in my book. brit is so screwed. she is a skank. she got shot down a alot of peg’s. kev’s lawyer and the judge slammed her big time. alli moved out chris angel moved on. and her manager, who is left.??? she is crazy. even justin dispisses her.

  3. tinkabell0895 says


  4. Ellen says

    Hope it will teach Britney a better lesson by giving up her boys to their dad that is the best. She should not go to the parties tooooo much. Cut down her sexual behaviors…..

  5. nicola says

    How many times was she warned to change her ways before she loses the kids?? Loads.
    Not suprisin she’s lost them. I’ve no sympathy. She was warned, but took no notice. She only thinks of herself. The only 2 people in this I feel sorry for, are her kids

  6. C says


    I don’t believe that he will be making guest appearances forever. I have no idea what his future career goals are but I am sure that he knows that he will have to find steady work. Heck I wouldn’t put it past him to write a book about his life with Britt.

    I don’t believe for a second that those children know that their father cheated on Shar. I am sure that they will know about it when they get older but right now…no.

    Yes I do know that kids often feel guilt when a parent leaves but Kevin is still there for his kids.

    I don’t want you to get the impression that I like the man because I can’t stand him but IMO he has shown that he is a capable parent.


    I can barely understand what you typed but I will do my best to respond.

    Yes I do call those a guest appearances. Do you know the meaning of a guest appearance?

    I am not intentionally sticking up for him. I am just stating the facts which happen to be in his favor. Yes the man is a bad boyfriend (and maybe husband) but he has not proven to be a bad father.

    It doesn’t matter if his cd flopped. When you get signed you get money before your album even comes out.

  7. letibe says

    I agree w/ IMO. She needs to want to help herself first.
    It’s easy to blame others. I had an alocholic brother and no one in my family was able to get to him. He has 4 kids and then one day he stop. No reason, and no ones asked. Til this day he has been sober 🙂 and it’s been 3 years.

  8. IMO says

    Miapocca #50, obviously you’ve never dealt with anyone on drugs or alochol. If the person doesn’t want to be helped there is NOTHING a mother or father or ANYONE can do. THAT person has to be willing to help themselves. Plain truth and plain fact!! Nuff said!!!

  9. IMO says

    Yea, Britney finally got what she wanted. Someone to take those kids off her hands. Someone to tell her No you can’t have them anymore. She’s planned this from the start. Now just sit back and watch her. What a mother!!!!!!

  10. Denise says

    Britney did this to herself. I don’t feel sorry for her. She was warned over and over again. I think she didn’t really want the boys to start with. If she did she would have tried really hard to straighten herself out. Of course it’s hard to get off drugs or whatever she was on but it’s not hard to stay home and do them. She didn’t have to go parading around the world showing everyone what an irresponsible mother she was. It’s really hard for a mother to loose custody of her children to the father. She has to be proven unfit and looks like someone proved that. This actually might make her happy. Now she can go do whatever she was doing in the first place without the guilt or worry of having to take care of the kids. The girl is so over it isn’t funny anymore. A shame too. Although I never thought she could sing, someone out there did and she made a name for herself. Well, now she’s got another name. Too bad. I think she’s getting just what she wanted. Someone finally took the bull by the horns and made the decision for her. Now she can go on and do her own thing.

  11. peige says

    I’m not shocked at all that it has come to this, we have all seen the warning signs. Britney is clearly on the path of self distruction and urgently needs help.

    What I do think is that who would have ever thought this would happen all those years ago when britney first came onto the scene. i really do believe she has a good heart and that unfortunately (unlike the other child stars from her mickey mouse days) she just wasnt able to handle the fame, attention and money and made a lot of foolish and unwise choices in her life.

    In my opinion taking the kids off Britney will probably go one of a two ways-

    1) Either she will completely self destruct, hit rock bottom and as upsetting and horrible as it is, end up as another Elvis, Marilyn, Anna Nicole.
    2) She will completely self destruct, hit rock bottom and finally see she needs urgent help to rebuild her life. Rebuild her life and go on to greater things.

    Lets just all hope and pray its the second one.

    I have said many times before that what britney needs is to
    – Get away from LA and the temptations and party lifestyle.
    -Move back to her family in kentwood who i have no doubt love her and have her best interests at heart
    – Have her children cared for by another family member whether that person be Lynn Spears or Kevin while she straightens herself out.
    – Step out of the limelight for now and put her album and career on hold until she is well again.
    – Get proffesional help for her depression, drugs and alcohol addictions and any other issues she may have.

    Only then will she have the chance to recover and get herself sorted out and her life back on track.

  12. peige says

    I truely believe that britneys problems began when she split with justin i dont think she ever got over the heartbreak and if it is true that she cheated on him then i think that her behaviour was a way of punishing and harming herself for what she had done. When justin wouldnt forgive her she just slowly went off the rails and hooked up with bad boys (complete opposites of justin) such as colin farrel, kevin etc.

    I think she wanted the fairytale love story and convinced herself that kevin would be the one. I think by going for an ordinary man instead of someone famous was her way of trying to gain some normality back into her life something which since becoming famous was a distant memory.

    Also it was a rebellion against her family and managers, advisors etc who had told her how to act, what to wear, what to be like etc. She had always been managed from a young age and she wanted to rebel and make her own choices and this included marrying a man she new no one would approve of.

    The fact that kevin would have been in owe of her (being the superstar she is) and having him wrapped around her little finger would have also made him very appealing.

    Also the fact that her new man was also into drugs and partying wasnt the best move because it just enabled britney to become even more messed up in the party lifestyle.

  13. Elsa says

    You can’t beleive it’s come to this? Really? I mean, you’ve seen NO warning signs? Give me a break. Brit is a train wreck and her kids are better off in safer hands. Hopefully, for everyones sake, she’ll get the help she needs and be able to be a mother to them in the future. But babies are not accessories or props and Britney is in no condition to be a mother.

  14. Sarah says

    I don’t feel sorry for Britney at all. She could have had it all – just like other posters have said but she completely went off of the deep end. I never thought I would be happy for her children to end up with K-Fed, but I am thrilled for them. Now they can see Britney’s parents – who obviously love them dearly – as much as they want. Britney pushed everyone out of her life that was trying so desperately to help her. K-Fed may not be “Father of the Year” to many people, but you don’t see him pimping his children out in front of the cameras like Britney does. I feel so bad for those kids….I pray Britney enters an intensive rehab program and turns her life around..

  15. peige says

    I really dont think lynn spears is a bad mother I think she made a mistake letting her daughter get into show business at such a young age and she probably regrets that deeply now.

    But I think she truely loves britney and this whole mess is probably breaking her heart. I wouldnt call her a pushy stage mum i really think britney had a natural urge to perform at a young age and lynn thought she was doing the best thing by her daughter by helping her persue her dream.

    After all not all child stars turn out with issues and problems. Look at Justin, Christina, Jessica (all the child stars of britneys era) They all seem to have stable lifes and have grown into adulthood without the issues britney has. So how was lynn to know britney would go down this road.

  16. Nicki says

    I feel sorry for her boys who do need a mother. I hope she gets her act together for thier sake.
    Seems like she couldn’t get rid of them fast enough. The judge gave her until Wednesday at noon with her boys. She dropped them off at thier fathers on Moday afternoon. You would think a loving mom would want every minute with them. But not Britney. I hope she gets the help she needs.

  17. lostfan says

    very very sad, but i think she is seriously depressed and in a all time low, she really needs some proffessional help and support, she’s had 2 babies with hardly a break between them, and trust me just having a baby brings on depression that only if youv had it, would you know, but on top, to have the children taken away is not helping her, and in fact no one is, quite sad that everybody is jumping on the hate britney bandwagon. if my life was in the public eye constantly i probably would have been portrayed as a bad mother too and had kids taken away, but i sorted my self out and sometimes we need a little help on the way….Give her a real break and no child should ever be taken from its mother. kfed is just money hungry and talentless idiot who just fathers babies and thinks that makes him a father.

  18. Miapocca says

    kfed and his lawyer claims that britney makes 700k plus month and kfed makes 0 dollars per month, so the next step is suing britney for kfeds fees and his living expenses as well as child support. His alimony ends Nov 14th abouts and he is desperate

    Britney has issues, she nbeeds help..I don think why he rmother thinks siding with kfed to take her kids away will make it any better…if anyone of those people have any love for britney at all, they will refrain from making this a public spectacle…she is spiralling down fast and goign to clubs right after her kids are taken away simply means she is looking to numb the pain with more substances..according to the bodyguard who came forward..he served her alcohol SOMETIMES and he never saw her with drugs or controlled substance, but has seen her behave wierd….so unless the jusdge had some eveidence of actual drug tests or his decision is simply based on finding britney guilty because she disobeyed his orders for classes, tests., etc then I dont see why he would hand the kids over to to KFED so Britneys parents can raise them…why not just pass kfed over and give the kids to her parents…Lynn Spears will cry on her death bed over the mistake she is makign today…never quite met a any foolish mother liek her and this is why Britney learned her mothering skils…is it any wonder…Disgusting mother , that lynn spears…why cant she help her child..seem sshe is happy enough to tkae the money but ducks quickly when toruble arrises…waht an arse of a mother

  19. 2teens3beans says

    #46, labor pain has nothing to do with how much you love your child. People who adopt or have c-sections have just as strong emotions toward their children.

  20. Kamineko says

    I agree with 3 Teens (#35) she does need a psych eval pronto! I’m stunned that the judge didn’t court order her to have one yesterday! I’m looking at her behavior and my humble lay opinion is that she possibly is bipolar.If not that, she probably has borderline personality disorder.
    Mental illness is an awful thing to deal with, and very hard on the loved ones of the one with the mental illness, especially little kids.They are too small to realize what Mom has done wrong, but one day they will know, and it will be very hard on her, and on them. She is most likely self medicating with drugs and alcohol which will only make the condition much worse.
    I’m not a fan of her music, but God help her, she is really in a low spot, and I only pray she doesn’t try to harm herself, or those sweet little boys! No human being deserves to die an early death. Truly a sad, sad situation.

  21. Brookelyn23 says

    oooh my heart is sore. I cant imagine losing my son to anyone. But Brit of it is thick headed. Guess its because she never went through the pains of labour. she should have straightened here ways long back but she decided otherwise. I was in labour for 3hrs with my son and the pain is enough to make me love him to bits.

    I pray that one day she will come back to her senses and get her boys back. There is nothing like a mothers love.

  22. Sandra says


    I have had some comments in the past that were awaiting moderation, kind of weird I tell ya!

    I wish I could go Christmas shopping! I am thinking about what to get everyone. This will be my first year since moving away from Minnesota that I will have my family here at Christmas time, so I am incredibly excited! The last time they have seen my 6 yr old son at Christmas was when he was 2!!! At least now is the perfect age to watch him with Santa Claus! I just got home went on a late night grocery run. I like shopping in the evening, fewer crowds to deal with! Well I better go to bed the morning comes way too early. Then it starts all over again get up early, get son ready for school and then go exercise. See you later have a WONDERFUL day tomorrow!!

  23. momof2 says

    My heart breaks for Brit and her boys. I think it’s so sad it’s come to this. I know that the boys will be taken care of better by K-fed even if his intentions are to only show her up but children do need their mother. I would die if anyone took my babies away from me. I hope Brit gets some serious help!

  24. Analise says

    How long before the suicide watch? It’s about damn time the kids were taken from her. Now toss her ass into rehab.

  25. oriana says

    Sandra, I tried to say Hello to you and the girls on the other site and got awaiting moderation! I didn’t say anything negative about anyone!

    So will try again, went Christmas shopping, wished you a good day along with Deeds and Tia, and I wondered about Nicki’s doggie!

    I feel sad this has happened to Brit but she needs a strong wake up call and she has to get her life back on track! I think she definately has a serious alcohol and drug problem and I think something drastic could happen to her! You have a good evening!

    This will prob piss some people off but I can’t stand Shar Jackson either! She would take him back in a heartbeat if he wanted her again!

  26. sarah says

    ok c he made several guest appearances on different shows umm let me see csi and wwf on csi he was just an extra who got punch and on wwf he got choke you called that guest appearances and you know better that he only got with britney for her fame and MONEY without her he will still be a backoff dancer why in the world would you stick up for him both of the parent souldnt have coustody of those boys like many other poster have wrote how come he didnt fight for kori and kaleb if he really care for his children and didnt he had a prenub (whatever that thing you called when you married that personand get divorce) and his cd please what he only came out with one song amd also we never heard if his cd went platumn

  27. Amber says

    I can’t believe Shar Jackson has two other kids. I read on Wikipedia she had her first in 1991, Jesus, she is my age (30). So she had the kid like at 14 and another by 18. That’s crazy.

  28. Sandra says

    Oriana THANK YOU! How are you doing today hun??

    C –

    For lack of anyone better to give the children too, I believe the judge had no other option.

    And for him making decent money to support his children by making appearances will hardly put the food on the table for the next 18 years for all of his children. You have to remember his now ex-wife had to buy her own wedding ring, how sad is that.

    I don’t know if you have ever dealt with divorce and children being involved. But when father’s (generally) leave the family abruptly and cheat on their girlfriends/wives children tend to “feel” that their father has “left” them, especially in the manner he did. Children don’t understand that daddy left their momma so he can make top dollar from the next richest celeb down the line, they tend to think that daddy left me or I did something wrong. Father’s that leave so abruptly and in the manner he did really do hurt and especially for girls. I only know this because I had a best friend whose dad left her mom the same way.

  29. oriana says

    Sandra is absolutely RIGHT!!!! Kevin may be on TV shows and giving interviews, he wouldn’t be doing any of it if not married to Britney! Who and what was he? And when he dumped the girlfriend, took off with Brit on her tour, he wasn’t working was he? Where was his time spent with his kids then, how was he supporting them then? He is a piece of crap but she is a mental case! She brought this whole thing on herself and she needs to go back to Rehab and this time be serious about it!

    And he wouldn’t be giving his first kids anything and especially paying for them an expensive private school if not for Britney’s money!

  30. Chain Saw says

    I don’t think K-Fed is any better choice. The grandparents should really be involved somehow. K-Fed’s a total loser.

  31. 2teens3beans says

    Ok, this is my take on it… Britney is what you call a “child star” starting out as a Mouseketeer. She had an aggressive “stage mother” raising her. Historically, child stars do not fare very well as adults. Look at Michael Jackson, the Olsen twins, Macauley Culkin, Gary Coleman… they all have issues and can be considered eccentric to say the least. At worst they are narcissistic and not living in reality. That is problem number 1.
    Problem 2 I think has alot to do with undiagnosed post partum depression, as PIKA mentioned in post #7. Britney probably needs some therapy, meds, and a babysitter (for herself) until she can get it together for her boys.

  32. C says


    He has made several guest appearances on different shows and I am sure that he is getting paid for interviews. It may not be much (in Hollywood’s standards) but I bet it is more then most people make in a month. To my knowledge you get money for getting signed (even if your record flops), so maybe he has $ from that as well. I have no doubt that some of Britt’s $ is helping to support those kids and like I said before, I do think that he was with her for the $.

    Since when did leaving your child’s mother mean that you left your child?

    At this time I do think that he is the right (not perfect) man to take care of these kids. If he wasn’t would the judge have awarded him full custody?

  33. Patti says

    I think Britney better get her head out of her ass and start being a mom to those kids. K-Fed is not the best role model for those kids and they need their MOM

  34. Miapocca says

    Deadbeat dad adn you will see FERDERSNAKE next to the picture

    How else can you describe someone who wlaks out pon a pregnant girlfriend, does not pay chidl support, depends on his wife fo revery cent instead of making his own money

    DISGUSTING…I say..I will take BRITNEY anytime over that piece of shit…

    I feel bad fo rBritney, I think she has some psychological problems that she is not seekign help for and her parents siding with ferdersnake probablky played a role in her losing custody..I hope she can take this as a lesson and bounce back..that child need to be watched before she harms herslef and I hope her mother will start actin glike A MOTHER..and not osmeone angry because her money was cut off..

    This is sickeneing to read..Ferderline better never step into texas,m because I you knwo how they settle stuff in texas..what an erse..I really dont se why britney has to pay child support especailly isnce ferdersnake wants them so BAD..he can prove it by working and taking care of his kid like a responsible parent…not a gold digging snake

  35. Sandra says

    “A deadbeat dad is someone who does not provide for their children financially and who is not “there” for them. ”

    Yup and exactly how do you think he is providing for those children? I don’t think his flopped album made much money. You bet he is “financially” taking care of his offsprings by the mighty dollar of the druggy pop princess. And being “there” for them means leaving them to cheat on their mother. Makes complete sense, I am glad I met the man I am married too if you think this is the perfect man to take care of children.

  36. christine says

    kevin is not a deadbeat dad. just because he left shar does not mean he doesn’t take care of his kids with her. anyways, britney deserved this. she is so careless.

  37. Tia :) says

    I do feel really bad for this poor girl, but I agree with DMITZ, she brought it upon herself….i really feel sorry for those poor babies who have been passed around.

    I really do think K-Fed NEEDED to take away these babies! These are his babies! We wants to protect them, i really dont think its about the money. His other two children have a good life with his first wife, he has no need to fight for them. When it comes to Brit, he had to take action!

  38. C says

    A deadbeat dad is someone who does not provide for their children financially and who is not “there” for them. Yes he left Shar but being there for his children is the most important thing. He was definitely wrong and I do think that he was and still is chasing after the $ but at the same time I think that he loves all of his kids.

    K had no reason to file for full custody of his children with Shar. We (or maybe it is only me) have no idea what their custody agreement is and how often he gets to see those kids. From what we can assume Shar is a “fit”mom and the children in her custody are safe and not in any harm like Britts kids.

    All parties involved are in my prayers, especially those two little sweet babies.

  39. Carran says

    Kevin doesn’t have to fight for his children with Shar because she is sane and not flaunting her children all over town.

    I do feel bad for Brit, and this could be the thing that causes her complete collapse but she did bring it upon herself. I just hope she gets the help she needs.

  40. GW says

    A few months ago I would have felt sympathy for her, but after all of her little stints I just don’t feel like she’s taking full responsibility for her actions. She knows that she’s in the public eye, so why would someone as rich as her get caught driving without a valid license?!?! She’s just asking for it. Maybe K-Fed isn’t an angel either, but at least he’s mostly keeping his bad actions under control. Maybe loosing custody will ZAP her back to reality and she will finally do something to change her behaviour. Then maybe she can have a chance to really fight back. I really hope Jamie Lynn doesn’t end up like Britney.

  41. Sassy says

    I think for K-Fed it’s a money issue when it comes to Britney’s children, he fights to have Sean and Jayden, but you never heard of him fighting for Shar’s children…I do agree Britney needs help, her family need to do some serious intervention with her…Wake up Britney for your Son’s sake…

  42. Sandra says

    C…Did he or did he not leave his so called family while his girlfriend was pregnant for another woman. To me that is a deadbeat dad period! And No Britney isn’t any better for taking his Player butt in. A man trying to get with you, while he is in a relationship and that relationship has children (one of which isn’t even born) she should have went running and screaming. I don’t know him or Shar or Britney just like you don’t. For any man to leave a woman while pregnant in my eyes is a deadbeat. I would say he would continue to hop along to the next to re-spawn, but he is in a good place with the amount of $$ he is bringing in off those boys. But thank goodness those boys have someone that love them and are only looking out for their well being. (Sarcastic)

  43. C says

    How is he a deadbeat dad? Shar says that he does take care of them and is a great dad. Just because you don’t see pictures of them together doesn’t mean that he isn’t with them. How can you say that K treats them like mistakes? Do you know them personally?

  44. Sandra says

    C..I would say they are mistakes if the deadbeat dad leaves his child and girlfriend, whom was pregnant, for another woman to make babies with and secure his financial future with spousal and child support. They may not be mistakes to Shar, but their daddy sure knows how to treat them like ones.

    I agree with wanting to give those boys a huge hug. It is so sad to see their sweet innocent faces, makes my “mommy heart” just ache.

  45. Mellynn says

    I am glad that the courts finally came to the rescue of these children. A year ago, I never would have thought Kevin Federline was the more responsible parent. This girl needs some serious help.

  46. sharrie says

    I know she is a train wreck, but as a mother, I feel bad for her that it has come to this. I hope she recognizes it for a wake up call and gets the help she needs. Those precious little boys need her…..This is a sad victory for K-fed…..

  47. adri says

    I look at pictures of her two boys and just want to give them a big hug. The children are always the innocent ones caught in the middle. I hope now that those poor children will be left alone and get to live a more normal childhood, even if it means being away from their crazy mother. Britney definitely needs help. Psychiatric help!! She is definitely not stable, and should not be around her children until she is stable. She needs to stop trying to be in the spotlight and straighten herself out, if not for herself, then at least for her sons.

  48. C says

    Sandra who said that his first two were “mistakes?” Also, we have no idea how much time he spends with Kori and or Kaleb. The media could care less about those two so if and or when he is with them is not generally public.

    I am not a Brittney fan but I do hope that she gets herself together. Maybe this will be the wakeup call that she needs.

    I am not a Kevein fan either but right now I do think that the boys need him. I just hope that he really does have their best interest in mind.

  49. essie says

    According to Shar, Kevin does spend time with her two children PLUS the two other children she has. In fact, all four of Shar’s kids were at the birthday party for SPF and JJ last month. So, maybe he is a good father, just not a good man when it comes to the women in his life.

    Anyway, I’m hoping this will make Brit wake up and change her ways. I heard a rumor that her new album is very good and the label expects it to sell well. Maybe she’ll get help and get out of this depression she’s in.

  50. Sandra says

    Oh and if KFed is such a good dad as Shar says, then why doesn’t he seem to be spending much time with his first 2 mistakes?

  51. Sandra says

    Wow this is so sad. I could see it coming. Hopefully this will impact her in a huge way. Hopefully she will get past the drugs, alcohol and partying. It is very sad that the person who will be taking care of these children was the person that most likely introduced her into the drug and alcohol life.

    What is even sadder is there are millions of children in homes and far worse situations all across the world that are not getting attention like this or help!!

    Those poor boys….

  52. jezzlan says

    All I Have to say is I Hope All shes Done was worth it because Any Good Mom would have layed low & not dated or do anything that would have jeoperdized her custody of her children. She brought this on herself sadly & now she might really get out of control since giving physical custody to kevin she might not care anymore for the kids sake i hope thats not the case shes still their mother & needs to act like one & straighten her life up for them & herself.

  53. Anonymous says

    Know what I think? She may not care. She may have tried keeping them to avoid paying child support to Kevin. For those mothers on here, it’s hard to imagine but I’ll tell you something…

    I’m a regular poster on her (under a different user name); however I choose not to disclose this info under my name.

    I’m going through a custody battle with my husband’s ex over his 5 year old son and his mother just does NOT care about him. She abadoned him when he was 6 months old, went off and had 2 more children w/another man, then recently abandoned them for a new guy. Needless to say, my stepson is left on the backburner. She gets standard visitation, but she cancels most of the time.

    My point is Britney may not even feel the pain. Only time will tell. I’m by no means surprised that women can act so careless about losing their children. Not to stereotype, but it’s more common in men than women (statistically), but from experience, she may just not care. How extremely sad for these boys… I hope Kevin is a good father. Shar says he is…

  54. pika says

    I think that she’s suffered from post-partum depression and without treatment, it’s just snowballed. (Not that it’s an excuse…). Secretly, I think she wants to have those kids taken care of by someone else for awhile. She’s in WAY over her head and should have stopped to think before she had “kids as accessories”. The only way she’ll know how much she messed up with those boys is to miss them…..poor little guys.

  55. Georgia says

    i agree with #4 and she will be so heartbroken but she had so many chances to clean up. its in the kids best interests to be in a stable environment

  56. Lauren says

    It’s about time. It’s sad that it has resorted to this but her erratic behavior is detrimental to her kids. Hopefully, she’ll realize how important this is and straighten up.

  57. DMITZ says

    That is sad. But she brought it upon herself. There was a time when she could have prevented it. She was warned time after time. She kicked all the people out of her life that tried to help her. When she left Federline, she could have had it all – a great comeback, dignity, her boys, and more. Instead she went the opposite direction.

    I do hope she gets herself together somewhere in the near future so that she can get split custody w/Kevin.

  58. starstruk says

    IT’S ABOUT FREAKIN TIME!!!!! She is a danger to herself, others and especiall those poor kids!!!!!

  59. N says

    This may be the straw that broke the camels back…. I wouldn’t be surprised if she lost it completely now.

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