Donald Trump Jr., Vanessa & Daughter

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Jr. and wife Vanessa were snapped with their four-month-old daughter Kai in NYC.


  1. oriana says

    The baby is very cute! Love that head of hair too! She is pretty, plain looking but sweet. I think he is goofy looking! I am sure very intelligent, all Donald’s kids appear to be but I think he looks like a Sissy sometimes! Sorry!

  2. roman says

    i hate Donald Trump,but Donald Trump jr isn’t ugly,he looks cute and nice.his wife is cute too.

  3. amy says

    She is WAY out of his league, if he didn’t have daddy’s money. God, he is fugly! What the hell is that expression on his face?!

  4. sweetie says

    I don’t think his wife is that good looking. She is very plain.
    poor baby! I am surprise with all the money he has he didn’t marry a prety girl.

  5. Janessa says

    Thankfully for Jr’s sake he comes from money, otherwise how would a gomer like this land such a pretty wife? Poor guy looks just like his Dad. For his wife’s sake, hopefully he he doesn’t have his dad’s personality.

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