Angelina Jolie & Shiloh At FAO Schwarz

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie was snapped with 16-month-old Shiloh on Friday at New York’s FAO Schwarz. Shiloh is so adorable!



  1. Kelly says

    I don’t think Brad’s family likes Angelina and for that reason and the fact that Angelina is such a distant emotionally disconnected person means they do not enjoy their son’s fruits with aq woman their consider the source of his fall and a fall it is as his movies have never done this bad and every one is just waiting for his fall and his macho image is in free fall as every one sees him as pussywhipped. No mother like seeing a pussywhipped son.

  2. oriana says

    So cute Nicki!!!! I know Brad’s mom just melts inside when she sees pictures like this! Very sweet!

  3. oriana says

    Lola, do you think this site is the ONLY one that has shown pictures of them? Even as far back as India she was dressing Zahara in black a lot, and in New Orleans also, she does dress them in neutral color, grays, white and beige now more and more. I would just love to see Shiloh one time in a nice bright color but I don’t think it will happen.

    I do think Brad considers all of them his kids, even though Shiloh is the only one with his DNA, it doesn’t matter, out of the four kids, and even if they adopt four more, Zahara will be #One with him.

  4. Nicki says

    170. gina –ALL of thier children are thier own. What a dumb thing to say. Adopted or not THEY are all thier children. They love them all.

    I think all thier children are beautiful, ALL 4 OF THEM!!!!
    Doesn’t matter how any of thier children came to them, they are thiers and loved. All 4 of the kids are loved, happy and healthy. Best wishes to the Jolie-Pitts.

  5. gina says

    Brad and Angelina have a beautiful baby, but it seems as though you see more of the others and not their own especially Zahara who Angelina is usually holding mmmm thats a little weird to me.

  6. gina says

    Angelina and Brad have a beautiful baby together, but i dont understand why Angelina hardly ever has the child in her arms like the other ones who are always with her, especially Zahara!.

  7. Lola says

    Starting from this pic and going backwards and I didn’t find Zee or Shilho in a black shirt. Actually I was suprised to see that these kids actually rewear their clothes and that their clothes look like average kids clothing.

    Shopping at FAO – Shiloh in floral dress

    BP talks about family bed – Zee in white tank w/jeans & Shiloh in white

    AJ takes kids to park – Zee in pink top w/pants

    AJ with kids eating ice cream in Venice – Zee in turquise top

    BP ready for 5th child – Shiloh in white

    AJ with Shiloh at zoo – Shiloh in white ruffled top with green pants or gray pants

    BP with Zee in NY – Zee in light top or sweater with off white pants

    AJ with Zee toy shopping in Chicago – Zee in turquoise dress

    No black t-shirts.

  8. oriana says

    Yes, she was good in that movie too. I only saw bits and parts but seemed good to me. I love Denzel also.

  9. dori says

    she also did a movie with Denzel Washington Bone Collector I think she pretty good in that one too. There was an intensity in her back then I just don’t see anymore.

  10. oriana says

    Lola, you know what I meant. I don’t believe for a minute that every little girl you see and one that goes to your school all wear jeans and black shirts!

  11. oriana says

    I agree with you Deeds, and I don’t see Beowulf being a serious film for her but will prob make more money like Tomb Raider did, the younger group will go for those kind of movies. It didn’t make sense to me when I read she only makes “serious films” now, she doesn’t need the money true enough but she isn’t just making films with a message either.

  12. oriana says

    I agree with you Deeds, and I don’t see Beowulf being a serious film for her but will prob make more money like Tomb Raider did, the younger group will go for those kind of movies. It didn’t make sense to me when I read she only makes “serious films” now, she doesn’t need the money true enough but she isn’t just making films with a message either.

    Lola, you know what I meant. Zahara from the back, if someone didn’t know, she would look like a boy 99% of the time! I have only seen her in 3 dresses her whole life. I don’t believe for a minute every little girl you saw had on blue jeans and a black shirt.

    Dori, I did enjoy her in Beyond Borders and I read once where she said a lot of herself was in Girl Interup, so she was prob playing herself true to form!

  13. dori says

    I’m looking forward to Beowolf It looks interesting I think AJ is a kind of cartoon person in the movie Don’t know if thats Oscar material The last time I saw really do some serious acting and be really good at it was Girl Interrupted. She’s very beautiful but not really a great actress anymore she lost her edgyness . When she was a bit nutty she was a great actress.

  14. Deeds says

    I would be stunned if AJ was up for a oscar in Beowulf. It would have to be a pretty bad year film wise. I still can’t get over the fact that Brad was in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It seemed like a long step down from his other films.

  15. Genevieve says

    I really like Shiloh. She’s too cute!!!!
    I love the fact that she’s holding her doll. Too cute.

  16. Lola says

    When I dropped off my daughter at school today she was in jeans and a t-shirt. Almost everygirl there was dressed the same. I don’t call that dressing like a boy. Just dressing like average kids today. Shiloh and Zee just seem to be wearing what most kids wear. Although I bet their clothes don’t come from Target and Penney’s.

  17. Romy says

    Now they are trying their hardest to make Shiloh smile, bring her to the toy store every child paradise and still Shiloh smile like a child that has down syndrome. So they do not know, what has been written about her, Right. Brad and skank are so fake.

  18. Momgelina the serial adopter says

    There is no downfall . AMH bomb, AOJJ even when it will be in much more theater at the end of the month, will bomb.They can thank their fans at JJ , insulting J A 24 hours a day. Because a lot of people see her as a victim twice. I used to bea fan but not anymore, they pimp those children too much.

  19. oriana says

    Lola, have you never wondered why she dresses Zahara like a boy most of the time, even Shiloh too?

  20. dori says

    zbella shut up you don’t know what you’re talking about I never criticized her as a mother Inever criticized half the crap you mentioned READ BEFORE YOU SPEAK

  21. Lola says

    I don’t think Brangelina has had a downfall. If they never work again they will always be rich. The children they adopt will never do without. Donations over a certain amount are usually released by the organiation not the donors. Remember Wikipedia’s statements about undisclosed recipients of donations.

    And I would rather eat food provided by someone shallow (and I don’t call these people shallow) that starve under the good intentions of the poor. Whatever the reasons for their donations only good comes from it. And maybe if the other rich and famous know about their donations maybe they will step up to the plate also.

  22. A and B says

    I always thought Bangelina’s downfall is their own doing. Selling pics, calling the media everytime they donate is not good and people are really fed up with them. Ang lee’s movie is out in one theater and generate more money than AOJJ. It says a lot.

  23. Lola says

    #150 And don’t forget, she takes them to public places but she shouldn’t have them out in public . And where are the kids, they should go places. Too much publicity when she takes her kids to school but don’t let a nanny take them to school. She lets her kids travel too much or is it why don’t they take the kids when they travel. Their clothes aren’t bright enough – bland enough – dressy enough – plain enough. They smile too much or they don’t smile enough (After all shouldn’t these kids always be performing for the public). Some people are just determined to adjust the circumstances to allow hatred.

  24. Candy Candy says

    Gracias Angie por sacar a tu bebe del “CLOSET”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CLOSET, CLOSET, CLOSET CLOSET, CLOSET, CLOSET, CLOSET,CLOSET, CLOSET, CLOSET, CLOSET Y CLOSET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  25. Zbella says

    Angelina can’t win with dori and some others. She doesn’t donate enough, she donates too much (and people know about it), she adopts too many children, she doesn’t adopt needy enough children, she holds her daughter, she doesn’t hold her daughter, she puts her kids in bland hand-me-downs, she spends too much money on a bag… Blah, blah, blah.

  26. oriana says

    To all Brad fans, yes, the movie is long but good, look at Russell Crowe, an Oscar winner, and his movie 3:10 to Yuma is a flop, so basically I think it is the story line, the acting ability of the actor as well as the length of the film. I think Rusell is a big pain in the ass but he is an outstanding actor, so you just never know sometimes.

    I still to this day liked Babel more than Syriana and George won the Oscar! Yes, I do love my George too!

    I have heard that Angie is going for serious roles now (as well as Brad) and that may be true, but I don’t see Beowulf as an inspiring Oscar winning film! AMH has not done well, that is true, here or overseas, but she could still very well be nomiated for her performance in it, I saw both films and liked both films very much. And cried at the ending of both films also.

  27. oriana says

    Nicki, very, very cute picture of Shiloh! The innocence happiness of a child! Can’t be faked and it is a sweet picture.

  28. oriana says

    Deeds, the movie was a good made film. Brad has aged to me but he can still carry off a role of a man in his 30’s no problem. I did like this film, of course he was not as handsome as he was in Meet Joe Black, one of my favorite films of his, but he played the role very well.

    Nicki, it was long but interesting to me, even though knowing the ending, all of the characters were played very well. I think you will enjoy it, I myself like Westerns and Tombstone was long but loved that movie!

    I liked AMH and I will buy it when it comes out, if for no other reason to show support for the film and for Daniel Pearl’s family. I think Angie did a very good job, can’t really think of any actress that could have done better either. You lucky Thing You, to have a good husband like that! Will say a prayer tonight for speedy recovery of your doggie!!!!!!!!

    Lola, I am trying really hard to imagine Jessica and Brit donate lots of money to worthy causes but somehow I am having a hard time buying it! They may do so but it is kind of disbelieving to me. Maybe because she is such a mess and I think her people would shout it to the moon and I KNOW Joe Simpson would! He reminds me of a snake oil salesman at an old carnival!

  29. Granny says

    Sorry. Most of my donations are because I want something or someone I believe in to get my money. I pay enough taxes and don’t want to pay any more of them than necessary. A tax deduction is an okay thing when doing something good.

  30. dori says

    i am not surprised. Angelina hasn’t shown any acting ability since she got her oscar . Just a pretty face.
    The movie could have been great had someone else had the leading role.

  31. Lola says

    Dori I get your point. Shakira just doanted 40 million to south America but she does not act like Mother Tereza from the lists, it looks like Jessica Simpson and Britney donate more than Brangelina, I know Britney is wealthier than Brangelina but still she does not go on and on about it like Brad and Angelina. They move with those kids for attention and if you don’t see it, then you believe in the tooth fairy. I don’t for one moment believe that Angelina is a good person, she is doing all this for her selfish reasons. Yes she has helped those kids and I can give her that even if she is damaging them forever but touting them like prizes. What happened to moving to England for privacy after adopting Maddox? Suddenly with four kids she no longe needs that privacy.

  32. Lola says

    By the way, A mighty heart is still flopping internationally it has only made $4,433,347 in three weeks whcih is worse than its performance in the US. I wonder what the aplogists will say this time!

  33. dori says

    all I’m saying is that they are not unique in their generosity. Most of hollywood makes generous contributions to charitble organizations but it’s not publicized as it is with these two.
    Yes there are young hollywood types that do nothing but spend spend spend but the over 30 group are very generous and anonymous donors as well. They are looking for acknowledgement for their generosity they just do it.

  34. Nicki says

    oriana~Thanks again for asking about him. He is doing great!
    Wow lots of typos in my #128 post.

    I’m glad you saw the movie-AOJJ- and liked it. Was it interesting enough for the 3 hours? Most of the reviews are favorable, but others complain about the length of the movie. I don’t know when I will get to see it but I want to see it. I finally got to see A Mighty Heart. It was here, locally, about 4 weeks ago. It was a Critics choice showing. It played 3 times in 2 days. It was very good, glad I got to see it. My hubby was the only guy among 30 women watching it. He thought it was good too.
    I kept telling him how lucky I was that my guy would take me to see this movie when 30 other women didn’t have as great a guy as me! He loved that.:lol:

  35. Nicki says

    133. dori -You are mistaken in that Brad and Angie announce thier donations. It is the recipients of those, all those, donations that make the announcements. The recipients are very grateful for the donation. In turn hoping others will follow in Brad and Angies generousity. Only when asked directly is when they say anything about any donation, mostly just to confirm or to say why they donated to that particular organization.

  36. Deeds says

    I agree Oriana Brad does do well in the early western mode. Was he able to play a young man in his 30’s? He has been looking a little rough these days. Maybe due to lack of sleep.

  37. dori says

    also i…ncase you don’t understand, when you earn 20 million per movie what do you imagine the income tax is?
    So if you donate money it is a tax write off. Thats why most people in hollywood donate large sums of money. If they don’t .. they pay it to Uncle Sam. So why not give the money where you want it to go…. rather than into the governments pocket. Get it???? What bugs me is that they actually publicly advertise their donations while the rest of hollywood doesNOT.

  38. dori says

    And for your information MOST of the people in Hollywood donate money but they do it annymously not in the public because they aren’t media whores like Brad and Angelina. So before you all jump all over me GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT

  39. dori says

    I have an opinion if you don’t like it I’m sorry. We didn’t all come from the same cookie cutter. Just because I don’t agree with what you feel isn’t a reason to call me names GROW UP

  40. Granny says

    Sorry people> I repeated myself because I thought my first hadn’t gone through. Apparently I was just under scrutiny.

  41. oriana says

    Ladies, let’s just all be thankful tonight our children, grandchildren, and pets, are safe and healthy. Too many decent people on here to be bickering, and I know I have led the pack. I just see Britney and get heartsick.

    I see Angelina as a good person who has found her calling in life, I have qualms about her but in all she has set an example by donating 1/3 of her income to needy people and causes, it is to be commended. I think if she is generous enough to do that, let her do whatever she wants with the other 2/3 she has earned. I would!

    dori, I did read that the designer of Zahara’s bag made it specially for her as a gift, I can see that happening, and now all the Hollywood mom’s want one for their daughters! That is how it goes, sad to say.

    NO, I’m not going over to the other side Nicki, Ha! But I do have to give praise where praise is due, and with them it has been more of a helping hand to a lot of people and that should be commended all the way!

    I have worried about Nicki’s dog, and I am sincere about that, I know she loves him and is doing the best to cope and take care, but he was seriously ill so sorry if that offends anyone with my rambling about it.

    Goodnight to you ladiieeeees!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Nicki says

    114. dori-dropped, OK.

    orisns~~sorry for all this crap.
    I can;ta
    believe something that was said on another thread was brought to a newer thread.
    I hope all is well with you . my “boy” is doing well, thanks.

  43. spectator says


    122. dori | October 3rd, 2007 at 8:55 pm

    How is it you know her personal financial information? Are you their accountant? Yes.. my math was incorrect and no they did not donate every cent of it they donated 20% from what I read. 80% was kept .I was appalled and I DO remember that !

    You are not only mean, but also a very STUPID person.

    Then, you are their accountant?

    not only you can’t do simple math , you can’t think logically at all as well

    Totally mean and stupid, don’t you feel shame at all?

  44. spectator says

    112. dori | October 3rd, 2007 at 8:56 am

    It’s not a matter of right or wrong it’s my opinion and it’s not the same as yours.

    my opinion? Dori is a total b i t c h…….A very mean spirited person.

  45. ann Tx says

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt care about poor people. They donate money and visit them. Most movie stars just spend money recklessly to buy expensive things, even airplanes. Tom Cruise spent so much money for a wedding – what for? Just to show off? They just want to entertain celebrities, not help people. We should admire Angelina and Brad Pitt. Tom Cruise have 11 airplanes, and I wish he can do the same as her.

  46. ann Tx says

    #121 Traveller I agree with what you say – only one person in Hollywood, Angelina Jolie, gives one-third of all her movie proceeds. She is very young and kind, and no one does this. We all should admire her – for me, she is a role model. We should see what she does in the world instead of criticize her. I just wish there would be more movie stars do what she does

  47. dori says

    yes and did you see the designer handbag mini worth 1700.00 she bought for zahara? There were pics of it all over the internet Yeah big savers they rented the entire 18th floor of the peninsula hotel when they were in Chicago. Boy are they savers or what???

  48. dori says

    How is it you know her personal financial information? Are you their accountant? Yes.. my math was incorrect and no they did not donate every cent of it they donated 20% from what I read. 80% was kept .I was appalled and I DO remember that !

  49. traveller says


    First of all, get your facts straight. Brad and Angelina got 4 million for the first pics of Shiloh and they donated every last cent of it. Second, learn to add and subtract. 1,000,000 – 20,000 does not equal 80,000. It equals 980,000. And third, AJ herself has said that she donates a third of her income, saves a third of her income (as taught to do by her parents) and lives off the other third of her income. I think this is a great way to manage money. It’s good to see some financial savvy from a movie star. Most of them just blow their money on dozens of useless cars and other crap.

  50. oriana says

    LOVED BRAD’s FILM, LOOOOOOVED IT! Deeds, Casey Affleck should get recognition from the film, Brad did a fantastic job, but to me, Casey pulled it off, and it shocked me for I really didn’t think he had it in him. I know Ben must be proud! Brad is really good in these roles, and he is a good character actor for Western films, like him in this era!

    dori, I know you don’t do personal and I won’t but I am sorry to hear about your Cat, I have three and I have a soft spot for Cats in particular. I was and am concerned about Nicki’s dog and it isn’t anything to joke about with a sick or hurt animal.

  51. dori says

    #109 again I don’t like this family they are media whores and keep much more money than they give. They made a million on Shiloh pics and donated 20,000 thats 80,000 profit. So you have your opinion and I have mine.

  52. dori says

    My cat is dying do I come in here and discuss it? Don’t get personal .
    But in the future I will scroll past your personal crap even if it does not belong in here.

  53. dori says

    It’s not a matter of right or wrong it’s my opinion and it’s not the same as yours.
    I could say your wrong but thats not the point here We each have an opinion and we state it. If mine isn’t the same as your it doesn’t mean I’m WRONG AND YOU’RE RIGHT

  54. ann Tx says

    #97 Dori you are wrong, Angelina and Brad’s family are generous in helping needy and poor children, their generosity in this respect serve good examples for Hollywood stairs, they are too good to be true, they are best parents in the world.

  55. Nicki says

    106. dori -I didn’t blow anything out of propotion. People have been voicing here and there about personal conversations. My answer is just scroll pate it. There are many names I scroll past. It’s not hard. Sorry if I misunderstood.

    103. dori – Sorry if I didn’t understand your humor, my mistake.

    But I don’t think I was totally wrong after this post……….
    105. dori
    so now who’s the b*tch you or your dog?

    By the way my dog, as if you care, is a male, so he couldn’t be half the b!tch you are.

  56. dori says

    Orianan I do know you have been here a while now and you do have friends here and thats good but when you guys get into these conversations in here it’s boring for those of us who are not involved. We shouldn’t have to scroll past your stuff we should be conversing about the celebs Thats all I was saying Nicki chose to blow it out of proportion and start up with me that was her mistake.

  57. dori says

    you guys you really misquoted me I said it’s odd I didn’t say it irritated me. reread my post if you don’t believe me. Why would you say I have no self control? What the heck does that have to do with my opinion. ?
    Nosy?? Are you on drugs or something? This is a blog we read the comments…. I am the one asking you to get your personal crap out of here and you call me nosy.LOL LOL LOL Boy are you mixed up or what?

  58. dori says

    Nicki I was joking around it’s you who is misunderstanding me. didn’t you see thw LOl after my statement. Don’t take it so seriously.

  59. oriana says

    I do see more expressions on Shiloh’s face lately, and she still looks just like Jon Voight to me, and nothing wrong with that, he is a handsome man and was gorgeous in his younger days!

    dori, I am pleased to say I have several pals on here, DMITZ , , Deed, Sandra, Tia and Xena whom I adore the same as Nicki, I like Jenna very much, what is wrong with saying Hello to them sometimes and inquiring about something particular? I can see where it would irritate you if we had full on conversations every single day but we don’t. Nicki’s dog could have died, I have read much worse from people that don’t even make sense, just slurs and put downs.

    Everyone knows I am not waving the banners for Angie, but even I don’t think this family will split up. I think they are in it for the long haul and do seem quite happy to me.

    I would love to Shiloh dressed in more brighter colors instead of the bland ones, and I think Angie dresses both the girls pretty much like little boys, but the clothes are expensive and the kids are healthy and happy, which is what is important.

    I do think dori is just stating her opinions and she is not being an Ass like “N” has been most of the time.

  60. Nicki says

    96. dori – Either you have no self control or are completely way to nosy.
    I clearly wrote a warning and stated it was off topic.

    You can’t stand my posts, so why bother even reading any of them. Just scroll past them, as I said before it isn’t rocket science-I think even you can scroll past.
    oriana~my dog is doing wonderfully and thank-youi for asking.
    I would love to tell you all about his surgery, recovery and how well he is doing (yes just to piss ole dori), but I must go for now. Thanks for asking.

  61. dori says

    and this family irks me I can’t wait for the big breakup it’s soon you wait and see this couple is doomed and I for one will celebrate their breakup!!

  62. dori says

    if i am reading the posts it’s because they are out here for EVERYONE to read it’s not like i opened your personal email. please, Don’t try to put me on the defensive i didn’t do anything wrong.
    This is a babyblog not a place to exchange personal issues between 2 people. It’s kind of odd actually.
    I can understand your making friends and thats the point and it’s a good thing but typing in your doctor appointments and doggie care issues is a bit out of place in here… isn’t it?
    Can’t you just exchange personal email addresses to communicate your personal messages? LOL

  63. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Maybe if everyone would stop swearing then the webmistress wouldn’t have to moderate so many comments.

  64. Daze says

    She has Angie’s lips, but that gaze is all Brad Pitt!! I love how she looks so much like her Dad. I hope they have more biological children. Suri is gorgeous as well. So is Dannilyn Burkhead, a beautiful little girl.

  65. Jodie says

    my god that child is so plain and slow looking.

    She really needs to try and keep her mouth closed…..

  66. Analise says


    21. Jenna M. (UK) | September 19th, 2007 at 2:06 pm

    Sorry webmistress, but I agree with Mellynn, this is very irresponsible jounalism. And I too would rather have a child with an ear infection or whatever else the side effects than a dead child. Just ask Punkinbits above me, a prime example of why the consequences of not vaccinating your kids are far more serious than the consequences of vaccinating your kids.

    I mean seriously, so your son MAY have got an ear infection from this vaccine (unlikely if you got it too), so what? Ear infections go away. Death, unfortunately, does not.

    I am looking forward to Analise’s post on this thread actually, she will no doubt very eloquently come on here and state her case by screaming “enabler” at everyone and then stalking them for the rest of time… He he.

  67. Gina says

    Brangelina aplogists out in full force!!!! Shiloh is growing on me but she seems so inert and were she an ordinary baby, I doubt whether she would draw any attention. I too think Brad and Angelina are pimping there kids, if they wanted they would buy some privacy, like someone said, we did not see Suri for six months at the height of the Tomkat frenzy, so I guess any one could be private if they wanted to. Oversell no?

  68. Fly On The Wall says

    #57 Mary

    Get your stories straight, why don’t you, before you come on here making a fool of yourself.

    Brad’s movie is in limited release slated for nationwide distribution on October 26. To date it is doing well in limited release and has gotten very favorable reviews.

    AMH is just being released overseas, where the buzz is much more positive than it was in the states. It’s opened in Europe this month and will be released in Asia and South America between now and January.

    Saint John’s has just issued a statement denying any rumors that they are dropping Angelina from their advertisements. They’d be crazy if they did. Since she started appearing in their ads, their label went from near bankruptcy to over $400 million in the black. St. Johns was practically dead and she brought it back to life.

    It’s a fair bet that “everyone you know” who is “tired” of this family consists of bitter, spiteful, lonely Team Aniston people such as yourself, who hang onto every word printed by “Life & Style” as if it was Holy Writ. It’s been almost three years since Brad dumped Jen. Get over it.

  69. oriana says

    I would love to see more pictures of Shiloh walking. I wish Brad would take her to an open area like the Park he took Zahara too, those were very cute pictures! I thought about you Nicki when I saw them! Did you see the video? It was a fun one, Zahara was laughing and running, and she seems quite fond of the bodyguards also, and playful with them. I don’t think she has a hip problem at all. Goodnight All!

    Where is Sandra and Deeds at today?

  70. ann Tx says

    @74 these picture about Shiloh not Suri, absolutely Shiloh is gorgeous and a beautifu baby, she is angel, I love this family , their are too good to be true.

  71. Lacy says

    i don’t think anyone could possibly pick just one baby out of all the babies in the world to be the most beautiful. to every mother, her child is the most beautiful and thats what matters.

  72. Nicki says

    65. DMITZ ~ Your welcome. She does look adorable, and looks like she is actually laughing.

    I agree about scrolling past any post. You can see the persons name before you have to read it.
    Have some control and scroll past, my, or oriana’s or anyone elses you don’t want to read. It is a public forum and you can choose to read what you want. It is not mandatory to read any post. So stop reading the ones you don’t like. It isn’t rocket science. Just scroll past a name you don’t like.

    Shiloh is adorable.

  73. JPTX says

    I hope Shiloh and other children in Angelina and Brad’s family all turn out to be good kids, good citizens……
    Best wishes to them. Angelina and Brad are generous in
    helping needy and poor children. At least, their generosity
    in this respect serve good examples for other Hollywood

  74. Mommy 2 a Mixed Boy says

    WOW Shiloh is a Brad look a like! With Angelina’s lips! But her whole face is Brad’s! lol…thats cute!

  75. jasmim says

    shiloh is a normal baby, blond, blue eyes, nothing special… most beautiful baby in the world why?? how many babies exists in the world with blond hair and blue eyes? she only has pretty lips… she is beauty and cute, but not is a most beautiful baby in the world….!

  76. oriana says

    Hi DMITZ, I like Suri better too but I do think Shiloh is very cute, her hair is getting longer and I see more expressions now than before. I do think she looks like a little boy and if Angie would dress her like a little girl she would look so sweet!

    Got to run, going to take some clients to Great America, an amusement park, don’t want to go but hubby doesn’t want to go by himself! Sorry, everyone, please scroll over!!!!!!

  77. DMITZ says

    Nicki, thank you for the pic… adorable. She looks so cute in there.

    All, if you don’t like it, scroll past it. There are no rules and regulations on babyrazzi except have respect for others so your comments aren’t removed or moderated. Just like when you don’t like someone’s opinion, scroll past it.

    Otherwise, you sound like a miserable, bitter, person.

    Back to the post,…
    This family is sort of growing on me. I still like Suri better though 🙂

  78. Blair says

    To those who say shiloh has no expression on her face and that she never smiles…..Look at the second photo in the just jared series…She’s SMILING!!! And hopefully this will satisfy everyone who freaked out last time Angie took just zahara on a toy shopping trip.

  79. winnie says

    It seems as though people are just jealous when they say she has a “Duh” look on her face. As for whose more attractive Suri or Shiloh? They both are exceptional babies in their own ways. Now that Shiloh is being given more individual attention, she is starting to bloom, not just physically but mentally as well, she has expressions on her face when she is photographed now. Some of you may not see that, but I do. Beauty is not just about physical appearance, but how happy and joyful one is.

    BTW: I do NOT think she looks like a boy, She is not retarded or “slow”, and she is very pretty.

  80. Cutie says

    She’s just a baby. Beautiful? Uhmmm …
    The most beautiful baby in the world? That’s too much …
    Sorry fans ..

    And I do hate her mommy. So fake … 😀

  81. Lesley says

    Shiloh looks like a very cute, very sweet little girl. And she looks so much like her dad! I don’t think Brad and Angelina are trying to get media attention, I think it’s more that the media won’t leave them or their kids alone.

  82. KiKI says

    Poor Shiloh, stck with a very stupid father and a conniving mean and selfish mother. And the genes – big lips on a boyish face- is not what I can call flattering, sorry

  83. Lizzy says

    I can’t stand this family. They are just media hos who think they should be in every tabloid. They are pretenders who like to use their kids ti show off.

  84. Mary says

    Any one think these two over pimp their kids? Brad’s movie got a limited release but it is enough to show that it is doing badly. Angelina’s Mighty heart down right flopped and her St John’s campaign is doing badly there is serious talk of dropping her. The Lara croft vidoe game has so far lost about 70 million dollars, -thats right, seventy million and this is mainly because of Angelina’s image as Lara.

    I wonder why these two can’t get that the more people see them, the more people get itred of them. Their advisors must think that because Suri boosted Tom Cruise’s image, Shiloh and the other kids will do the same for Jolie and Pitt. Though no one wants to attack anyone doing good even though you believe they are just manipulating the press, oversell has never endeared any one to the public. They may applaud you when you are elaving a store but if they are not seeing your movies, you are going to be broke pretty soon.

    Advice: Try a lower profile and see how you fare. Evey one si tired of this family ,at least I have not met a person who likes them in the recent past.

  85. daisy says

    Whoever said Shiloh makes you happy, I agree, she does. She is a little burst of sunshine when you see her. Just something special about her even when she does have that duh look on her face. She looks sweet and pretty and precious. Really a pretty, pretty little girl. I wish so much we could see one BIG toothy smile on that little face.

  86. oriana says

    Deeds, I am going to see Jesse tomorrow, and I have heard it is long but excellent! You girls have a good evening!!! Wyatt Earp was long too but I loved it, and I think Tombstone was great, it was one movie I actually requested that year for a Christmas present!

  87. oriana says

    Well Good Evening to you too Husker, I don’t want you to feel left out!!!!!!

    dori, Goofball! Oh well, you may not be to far off base when it comes to me! Ha! I will try to tone it down for you.

    DMITZ, soccer practice will keep you hopping my Dear! Have fun!

  88. Deeds says

    One more thing, did anyone see Brads new movie? I thought it might have run to long so I did some homework and there are many multiple award winning films that ran over 3 hours long. Titanic is one and everyone knew how it ended! Hi Oriana.

  89. sexiigirl says

    Shiloh is a very adorable looking little toddler. She is a beautiful combination of both mom and dad. My props go out to them.

    For those who didn’t know it, this is not about Suri. Who really cares. Give her comments on her parents page.

  90. 2teens3beans says

    #25 chica – small eyes???? You must have NO eyes!
    This baby has big beautiful blue eyes.
    Shiloh looks so sweet enjoying her special one-on-one time with mama.

  91. Husker says

    I so agree with Dori. If you want to exchange personal posts get her email address. This is supposed to be used to comment on the pictures. I get tired of reading “Good Morning Oriana” and “Hi Nicki”. Please share your personal life in another matter. Most of us don’t care.

    Now down to business…..Shiloh is beautiful!!

  92. Gaby Louyse says

    I love her…

    How cute she is each day…

    Oh, dear God!!!

    I hope all jolie´s kids to be really happy…

    Better yet…
    All the babies in the world…


    I mean…
    They deserve…

  93. Nicki says

    37. dori ~ You could just scroll past anyones name you don’t want to read. Maybe we are “GOOFBALLS” but if your reading the posts–What does that make you for reading them?
    OK so that post might have been a highjacker of names, I was responding to the specific post, #37.
    Again dori, your welcome for the additional pics.

  94. dori says

    Hello…. how have you been??? I’m fine THANKS….just wanted to drop in to say STOP EMAILING IN HERE YOU GOOFBALLS

  95. ajjdjdjd says

    Al fin la sacaste del closet Angie!!! candy candy indigena bruta esa expression para los maricones idiotaaaaaaaaaaa

  96. Mybabysredhot says

    Everybody speaks about how she’s going to be a ‘stunner’
    when she grows up. I’m just glad that that is a lonnnngg way away. Babys are just too adorable. This one especially.

  97. DMITZ says

    Oriana!!! Hello, welcome back!! How have you been? I’ve been keeping busy with my son starting school and soccer this year.

  98. dori says

    Oriana I do like your posts but theses personal email type postings are a bore If you want to converse with an nindividual why don’t you girls exchange email addresses? We shouldn’t have to read your personla life story in here.

  99. dori says

    those were great pics Nicki thanks
    shiloh is very cute and I see a lot of Brad in her face. Her lips may be the only feature she has of Angie.
    Very sweet little girl Go to Nicki’s link and check out the pics. They’re really cute.

  100. ann says

    She is one of the most pretty babies in the world, she is very special little girl , she look just like Brad and Angelina lips, she is my favorite babies just look her picture, she can make people very happy. I hope Angelina and Brad make more babies. They are very special always help people they are too goog be trust people.

  101. cyberkitten37 says

    man look at those eyes! definately her daddy’s eyes! Beautiful little girl! She’ll be a knock-out later on 🙂

  102. Nicki says

    oriana~yes that is a cute pic. My fav’s are # 16 and # 19.

    Thanks for asking about my dog, again. I wrote a reply to you on the Maddox school thread. (it is # 44).

    I love Marshalls-none here but I always shopped there in Mass and So. CA. Now I miss it, but have found other stores, we do have one about an hour and a half away, but opposite dirrection I have to go for my visits with “my boy”.
    Take care and happy shopping!!

  103. oriana says

    #17, Nicki, this is my favorite, very cute, she still looks like a little boy to me but she is definately a cutie pie, I can see more and more expressions on her face also. Hope your doggie is having a good day today! Fixing to go to Marshalls, I love that store! I have found some of the nicest things there, got some of my Spode Christmas China from there about ten years ago, 25% off!!!!

  104. chica says

    I’m sorry but this little girl is not that cute … small eyes , big lips , no expression on her face

  105. me says


  106. Lauren says

    Shiloh is adorable! It’s nice to see Angelina with Shiloh. She’s always photographed with her 3 older kids. Shiloh is a mini-Brad! 😉

  107. mayra sanchez says

    la bebe es adorable,y por fin no salen esos comentarios de que la bebe tiene problemas.

    es una bebe hermoooooooooooooooooooosiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiima

  108. GW says

    Shiloh does not have a DUH look on her face! Thats so mean to say about a baby. She looks innocent and her lips are just fuller than most babies! She’s too cute! I admire how Brad and Angelina take one-on-one time with each of their children to make them each feel special. If I had four kids I probably would feel so busy with that many kids and figure doing just all family activities as a group is good enough. I’m from a family with many kids and I wish my parents did the same.

  109. oriana says

    In this set of pictures I see expressions on her face. She is cute as can be, in some ways she reminds me of Bluebell who is also adorable. There are many pretty celeb babies, I still think she looks just like Jon Voight!

    Good morning Nicki, Sandra and Deeds!!! Where is DMITZ?

  110. kimmy says

    She is one of the most gorgeous babies in the world. Suri is cute with her little personality and face, but I don’t consider her gorgeous or beautiful like Shiloh.

  111. Cutie pie says

    Shiloh is out and still has this DUH look on her face. The first time i see without her siblings around. She looks pretty but not spectacular, i do not jump on bandwagon ,i take a look for my myself.

  112. **S says

    Everyone is going to think their daughter is prettier. It’s natural and expected. My boys are the best boys in the world. I’m their mom though, so I’m suposed to feel that. way. Other than that, Shiloh is an adorable little girl. Still think little miss Suri has it all over her.

  113. Al says

    shiloh is a cutie. to me she looks a lot like brad, but she also has angelina’s beautiful full lips.
    it was amazing how many posters had their granny panties in a knot because they hadn’t seen a picture of shiloh in a couple of weeks. the where’s ‘shiloh’ mass hysteria that was taking over this blog was scary obsessive. i found it amusing to a degree, but after awhile it was nothing short of disturbing.
    so anyway there you have it people, photographic proof that shiloh is alive and well and that she too gets special one on one time with mommy. ofcourse this won’t be enough for the obsessed ones and they will find something to nit-pick and bitch about.

  114. annie says

    Shiloh is an angel – her face is so soft and so pretty – she can make people very happy – I wish we could see her picture more often – she is gorgeous!

  115. ann.w says

    Shiloh is most beautiful girl in the world. every time I see her picture , I feel very happy , she is an angel

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