Reese Witherspoon Looking Sophisticated & Chic

Reese Witherspoon

Reese was snapped leaving AOC restaurant in LA on September 27th looking very chic!


  1. Aishwarya Rai says

    she’s not very pretty she had a simple and classic beauty…i like the way she carry herself and the way she dress

  2. Andrea says

    She seems to wear black an awful lot lately. I don’t believe I’ve seen her any other color in a very very long time.

  3. Denise says

    Probably because Reese wears other colors besides black all the time. Like another celebrity only wears black or white. If she wore red or blue the sky would fall!!

  4. dori says

    black on black on black on black whats so chic about that? Theres no style involved here. It’s layers of black clothing! Put a t with color under all that please….

  5. barb says

    I’m really not surprised, just really pleased to see that she’s about to tip the valet $20. Despite their generous salaries, a lot of celebs are awful (or all too often, not-at-all) tippers. Kudos, Reese!

  6. Nicki says

    She is a good actress and very pretty.
    It just seems strange how one actress can wear this color combination-all black- and get called nasty, vile names for the same combination, and Reece is shining, stunning and so put together.

    She is an actress I watch at the theater because her acting is good. I think she is pretty, cute and seems to be a great Mom. Her children are adorable, I enjoy seeing pics of them as they grow. She does look great, even if she is in all black. (Some will say that was snarky of me, maybe it was, but I like Reece and just used this as an example)

  7. GW says

    Reese is definitely a classy woman. I love to borrow wardrobe ideas from her. She’s such a great example of how simple, clean, lines can looks so great and put together. I hope her and Jake are actually dating!!

  8. Blair says

    Wow, she looks great! I’d be thrilled to look that great after two kids! But it’s not even her physical beauty, but her sense of style, as well…so chic and put together! Love the whole outfit, especially those jeans and peep toe heels!

  9. Lauren says

    Reese looks gorgeous. She’s petite but she uses it to her advantage. She looks simple yet elegant. 😉

  10. megs says

    She doesn’t look “too” much of anything, she does have that natural ability to carry off whatever look she is wearing because she seems to be so comfy in her own skin. I think that is such a cool character trait in women.

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