Rod Stewart's Baby Wish Valentine's Card For His Wife

Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart, 62, and wife Penny Lancaster are trying for another baby! Rod, who already has a 22-month-old son, Alastair, with Penny, 36, revealed his desire to expand their family in a romantic Valentine’s Day card. (OMG…that’s so sweet!)

Penny, who wed Rod in June, told First magazine: “Rod wrote in my Valentine’s card this year, ‘Let’s make baby number two.’ “And now it’s definitely the right time.”

Penny, who recently revealed she would like Alastair to have a baby sister, said: “We will be trying for another as soon as we can fit it in – we are ready now! We’d both love one in another year. A little girl would be wonderful as it would be a little playmate for Alastair. We’ll be happy to stop at that.”

Rod has five other children from three previous relationships.

Best Wishes!


  1. sagestar says

    By the way this will be his 8th child he fathered one at age 18 with Susannah Boffey and then the rest are always in the news. Your son Sean needs help he parties and drinks and all they do is live off of your money, is that really what you want. Remember your mum got tough with you and burned your clothes when you were a young rocker!

  2. sagestar says

    HI I have followed Rod Stewart for years being near his age and have gone to concerts but I think it is appalling that he does not own up to being a father when he was 18. Is he afraid it will hurt his image? This girl Sarah deserves all the rights and privileges that his other children receive. It has been too long for him to ignore her and it frequently comes up on the net anyway so go with it let her be a part of the family she never had. As for any more children well you have the money and your wife is younger than your oldest daughter but do you really need any more children.

  3. seasea says

    Hey Rod, your daughter Sarah Thubron Streeter (born when you were a teen and given up because you used her mum for over a year) should be treated with the up most respect as you have given her a life time of NOTHING! No love, nothing. Look at dear Sean and how he is so loved. Why do you keep bringing kids into the world to LEAVE them? Love ONE and LOVE THEM ALL! I has always loved you as a performer and after what I have read about your first born (Sarah Thubron Streeter) listened and watch dear sweet Sean (love him) and Kimberly is just another story without to do — saw in concert with you but hey I think you should make good with you first child born. YES ROD —- YOU OWE IT to her. Look what you have fone to YOUR KIDS. GOD BLESS PENNY AND THE KIDS YOU WILL HAVE WITH HER. Ugh! Rod Rod Rod — P.S. Sean is hotter than you ever were — it’s because he is real and tells it how he sees it. Have you helped him either? Shame on you.

  4. frank johnson says

    This is f’in gross. All this guy does is f*ck, i wonder what his older children think of this behaviour.

  5. SQUEEKY SUE says

    Web mistress, Rodders has 6 other children not 5.
    Sarah Thubron Streeter born 1964, adopted out, he is an awful father to sarah, and although their has been a positive blood test proving he is her father he does not acknowledge her, and she works in her local Supermarket.
    and of course.
    Kimberly born 1979 to Alana
    Sean born 1980 to Alana
    Ruby born 1987 to Kelly Emberg
    Renee born 1992 to Rachel
    Liam born 1994 to Rachel

  6. dori says

    I love rod but he keeps marrying 25 year olds and having babies. He’s over 60 and it’s like a joke already. I do love him though and his music. But as a husband I would have too many kids with this man. He has a reputation of moving on and getting another young blonde to knock up.

  7. Just me says

    I think she’s bending over, that’s why she looks kinda saggy. Usually, she’s head and shoulders above Rod.

  8. Cherise says

    2teens3beans- Provide for them financially yes, but money isnt everything, I would prefer to have my father around in body then just have his money.

    Kimmy- Yes you dimwit I know young men die too, but Rod is more likely to die before his son

  9. kim--original kim says

    Wow, I had to look twice—she really looks like Rachel Hunter there…and Rod looks young, too. Weird…but good for them.

  10. 2teens3beans says

    Why should his age matter? Rod is more than able to provide for all of his children should depart from this earth. He and his wife want more kids, more power to them.

  11. Lauren says

    Who cares?! At least. he’s there for his kids and not some dead-beat dad. Best wishes to Rod and Penny!

  12. Cherise says

    How selfish is Rod? He probably wont be around to see his youngest kids get married, fair enough for Penny tho

  13. m&m says

    WoW Rod at 62 more kids?! That’s good for Penny at 36, I guess…She’ll still be around to be a grandmother in 30 years or so. If Rod makes it he’ll be 92 years old.

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