Parents At Maddox's School Scolded By The Director Of Operations

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt 

In the above pic Brad and Angelina were snapped dropping Maddox off at school on September 19th. 

Us Magazine reports:

One would think that parents at Maddox Jolie-Pitt’s new school, Lycee Francais de New York, would be upset that his famous family is disrupting their schedules. But it turns out it’s the Jolie-Pitts who are being inconvenienced, by Lycee Francais parents who can’t help but ask Brangelina for autographs.

The New York Observer reports that the Lycee’s director of operations, Dan Cooke, had to ask parents to leave Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie alone. He wrote in a letter, “Regretfully, I have seen some parents taking pictures, asking for autographs, talking to the media and even shouting at Ms. Jolie and Mr. Pitt for recognition. Therefore, in the best interests of the school and safety of your child(ren) I must ask for everyone to please respect the family’s privacy and discontinue these practices.”

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have made concerted efforts to ensure that the choas that surrounds them is kept to a minimum when dropping son Maddox, 5, off for classes. Cooke explains in his letter:

“I’m sure you are aware the school has received much media attention recently during the arrival and dismissal times because of the presence of celebrities Ms. Angelina Jolie and/or Mr. Brad Pitt. I want to make you aware that before the first day of school I met with their security team to discuss the best manner in which for them to drop off and pick up their son. Our foremost goal was to cause the least amount of disruption to the school and to ensure the security of all of our students and families.”

A source tells the Observer that the constant attention of the paparazzi (and eager parents) has already had an effect on adopted son Maddox. The normally happy Mad got scared and started to cry when his kindergarten class was asked to bring in a picture of themselves.

Yikes…poor Maddox, but you really would think that other parents would show some restraint. That’s weird.

Maddox’s school serves quite the lunches…no tater tots! Today, the school menu at Maddox’s school is consomme with vegetables, roasted codfish w/tomatoes basil caulis, sauteed zucchini with roasted red peppers, oven crisp potatoes wedges and rice pudding or fruit. Yum!



  1. oriana says

    Sorry, the biggest majority of American children are overweight and eat junk food most of the time.

  2. lman says

    Essie : contrary to what you may think, all American children do not eat fast food, junk, fries and Mickie D’s. Neither are the majority of children obese. Just like the human interest in the sensational lives of the celebraties, there is sensationalism to show stories and pictures of obese Americans. Our child’s school does not serve any fried food and always serves fresh fruit, vegetables and salad bar along with a small serving of meat and dairy.

  3. sharrie says

    I know they are celebrities…but DAMN! They are not celebrities 24/7. I think they handle all this media attention very well, alot better than I would…to have those damned photogs in their faces ALL the time…I feel sorry for the kids. They do not know how famous their parents are and are going to think all this madness is the norm.

  4. oriana says

    Marshalls getting lots of Christmas decorations in Nicki, and everyone else that is interested in shopping there, picture frames very cheap and nice selection, I got a Down comforter. Marshalls gets merchandise from Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, and other high end stores that do clearance, love it!!!!! They have one in Nashville but not in Ky. Don’t know about Oregon but maybe? Great place to go Christmas shopping people!!!!

  5. Nicki says

    oriana~ the leaves are turning already, well dropping. No rain for months. It does get hot during midafternoon-early evening, but this morning it was in the low 40’s. It has been a mild summer this year-maybe hot hot maybe total 6 weeks out of the whole summer. Again I’ve only been here 2 yrs. but I was comfortable most of this summer season. Last year, and the year before was awful.

    Tomorrow we are bringing his pad and a towel that I made sure each of the other dogs layed on. I hope he will spend more time being relaxed. Thanks for asking.

    How was Marshalls? Did you find anything you wanted, or just looking? Thanks again for asking.

  6. oriana says

    OK Nicki, he has really been thru it!!!! I am pleased to hear the surgery was successful and he hope he isn’t too sore! Being home will help him and make him feel safe and happy in familiar surroundings. It just breaks my heart to hear of a poor animal suffering!

    Oh yes, a celebration is in order! Of course I have to get my Bananas Foster but will try something different this time around!

    I hope the weather isn’t too bad and uncomfortable for you there, it can be very muggy. The leaves will start turning before too long. Get some rest!!!!!!!!

  7. Nicki says

    37. oriana~~Meet you at Mimi’s here for a celebration after I pick up “my boy” on Monday. Better yet meet you Tuesday for a nice lunch.
    He is doing so much better. Hang on a sec.

    *******Warning to anyone not interested in the picture topic, this is completely off topic*********** If you aren’t intrested just scroll past PLEASE.. This was a warning about this post. Please DO NOT complain about it afterward. Thank-you!

    OK back to you oriana~Thanks again for asking. Yes he has been to 3 vets closer to home. He has been referred to NC State. (you can’t just walk in there-you have to have be referred to them). Supposedly they are one of the top veterinary schools in the country. (I guess we were lucky to leave the fog of Fresno when we did.)

    He has (hopefully I can say HAD soon) cancer in his mouth. It was his top jaw spreading towards his eye. After a month of tests, every test imaginable, he had his surgery Wednesday the 26th. They had to remove some of his jaw, 2 or 3 teeth, and his eye. He looks a bit different(still beautiful to me) because he is so furry like a Husky, and half his face is shaved and he has lots of stitches. And his eye is stitched closed. Once the stitches are out and his fur grows back, he won’t look much different, except his eye will be closed always.

    I’m just so happy he made it through the long surgery and is doing great now. Today we got to bring him outside, and he was running back and forth to me and hubby, then all he wanted to do was run to the back of the jeep:lol:. So we only spent about 45 minutes with him, he was stressing out about getting home. Me to getting him home. But looks like early Moday. I am happy!

    Yes I do follow many trucks, once they slow down, I do. But I will tell you yesterday I was stuck between 3 dump trucks, that was the worst. (Plus they were crazy colors-one was yellow, one purple and one a reddish pink. Maybe women owned the company:lol:I would think a mans company would have different colors:lol:.

    Nice of you to ask about him. I’m going to check out a bit might be back in a bit. Thanks!

  8. oriana says

    Sarah, I think the American schools serve more junk than anything, you are right!!!

    Deeds, your family is lucky to be in Thailand, I would love to go over there! How long will they be in that country? I bet it is hot over there!

  9. Sarah says

    I know people who go to the lycee francais, I should ask them if they’ve seen maddox, brad or angie! And I don’t blame the parents for taking pictures, considering the school is getting so much attention right now to have the kid of 2 well known celebs going there. And I’m not surprised the lycee francais serves good food since it is an expensive school… I went to a bilingual school for 9 years and the food they served there was pretty good compared to the crap they had in the caf at the american high school I graduated from.

  10. Sandra says

    Deed Yes I know where that is, actually my mom lived very close to Lake Oswego until she moved up here to be close to her grandson. Well it is great meeting another person on here that is local. I should get to bed, my son has a soccer game bright and early tomorrow morning, provided it doesn’t rain!

  11. Deeds says

    My sister lived in Lake Oswega, the she moved to Tualatin a couple of years ago. I visit her frequently. I love it there! I come from a large family, she is my favorite, I know that sounds childish. Did you see the race for the cure in Portland? My sis ran in my place for me. Next year we are going to try to do it together. I love to comment on AJs kids but I’m having fun talking to people that are practically in my backyard, The reason for the lake cabin is my twin nieces and my nephew were born in Saudi Arabi (their parents are Americans) so they come and stay with me during the summer. I try to show them the cultural between the here and where they live now. Which happens to be in Thailand. Brad is right kids say funniest things. We were swimming in Lake Cushman and the girls would say things like look at the dumb American to a girl swimming they didn’t even know. Then their mom would pipe in and say you are American and you aren’t to smart if you have to call people names. It’s all fun! I work with the public school system. I teach computer skills to the handicapped children.

  12. oriana says

    Nicki, Fresno is getting HUGE!!!!! Some nice homes down there too and reasonable. It gets too hot though, and now I have been reading about a lot of gang related crime going on too. I have friends down there and enjoy going down, but don’t like the Fog!!!!!! Where you are at is much better, prettier and people nicer, and we won’t even go into the food!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!

  13. oriana says

    Nicki my darling, we know where you live my Dear and we also know I wish I was down there! At MIMI’s!!!!!

    I am distressed about your doggie, I know he was at the Vet a while back also, is it for the same problem? I know he is soooo happy to see you when you go to visit, it will help his recovery to know and feel your love when you are there. The precious thing! I hope you can bring him home soon. Is there not a Vet hospital in your town that could take care of him? It is prob still hot as can be there too!

    You are prob following those big trucks, be careful my Dear!!!!!!!!

  14. Sandra says

    Oriana Yes we get some of the Grey’s actors up here filming. Sadly I usually don’t find out about it until later!! I have been to Reno and Tahoe both. I LOVED Tahoe! I could vacation there any day! I want to go back since I really haven’t been there since I was 19 and that was almost 9 years ago. I have also been to San Jose. I have a friend that lives there!

    I lived south of Portland in Tualatin. I miss OR! Actually that was my favorite place to live thus far. Except now my husband has a stable career and we have made friends up here, so it is starting to feel like “Minnesota home”. Deeds what do you do? Do you have children? I stay home with my son who just started kindergarten. I also babysit for my bestfriend, she has a cute little 6 month old girl that I get to love on and send her home at the end of the day!! LOL

  15. oriana says

    Top TV shows focused in Seattle, of course my fave Frazier, loved Niles and the Dad, but Grey’s Anatomy based on Seattle also!

  16. Deeds says

    Sandra I know where Maryville is. What part of Oregon did you live in? My mom lives in Oregon on the Columbia river.

  17. oriana says

    Sandra, I would love Oregon!!!! My Aunt lives in Medford and I went up, long drive, was wore out!!!!! I liked Ashland and it was nice and beautiful there. I hear the houses are getting higher now, she moved up ten years ago.

    I love Sacramento, it is nice and I love Old Town, it is hot up there in the summer. UC Davis is an excellent college up there too. Very nice, two hours drive from here, did you go to Reno or Lake Tahoe? Not far from there! I had rather be in Sacramento instead of San Jose, too exp here and I am sick of all the traffic!

    Deeds, good shopping I hear in Seattle!!!!!

  18. Nicki says

    No one asked but I live in North Carolina,lol. I have been to San Jose 6 or 7 times when I lived in Fresno area, just to the airport.

    oriana~thanks for any prayers for my “baby’. That was very sweet. He seems to be doing great and we should be able to take him home Monday morning. Even possibly Sunday, but we will know more tomorrow as they check his progress. Dr. will check him tomorrow am and decide. I have visited him each day and I only get at the most 30 minutes, but I happy I get to see him. The drive there is 1 hour and 20 minutes, and the same back. But I’ve cut off about 15 minutes, I just follow the people driving faster than me and keep up, lol.
    Thanks again for any and all prayers. The worst seems to be taken care of.
    Good to have you back!

  19. Sandra says

    Deeds I live North of Seattle in Marysville. We moved here in ’05 from Oregon. We moved to Oregon in ’02 from Minnesota. Now it seems we are settled in the rainy state. ;o)

    Oriana I lived in Sacramento for a year right after I graduated high school. Then I convinced my then fiance now husband to move back to Minnesota to get hitched!

  20. oriana says

    Deeds, I am originally from Ky, about 60 miles from Nashville, I have lived in San Jose, CA. since 1988. I am sure it gets very cold where you are at! WE get very little rain here and it has been cloudy and overcast, it gets a lot warmer down in L.A., I wish I was down there instead of the Bay area, more to do and fun places to go, I love San Diego also.

  21. Deeds says

    I live in the pacific northwest. Most people pronounce it Warsheton. I live in Issaquah in the winter and on Lake Cushman in the summer. Where are you from?

  22. Sandra says

    Well come on over here Oriana and you and I both can go stalk Mr Hotty!! He is one fabulous man to look at!! Have a great day!!! ;o)

  23. oriana says

    Well Sandra my Dear, I would prob be a stalker at that restaurant in hopes of seeing gorgeous Apollo! Ha!

    Minnesota, Lord, snow is right!!!!! I want to see Seattle, FRAZIER! Love that show!

    Goodnight Seattle!

    Talk to you tomorrow Sandra dear!

  24. Sandra says


    Seattle is very nice! There are tons of things to do! The only down fall is all the rain!!! I guess it is better than shoveling snow, as we moved here from Minnesota. Tonight it is cold and raining and I am not looking forward to winter starting up!

    Yes Apollo is from here, I believe his dad owns a restaurant somewhere in Seattle. Sadly I have never seen him. I wish, then again I would probably make a fool of myself by drooling all over him! LOL Have a good night!! ;o)

  25. oriana says

    I have to say “God Bless the USA”!!!! New Zealand a wonderful country, Hawaii is like another country too, but no place like home!!!!!!!

    I am going to see Jesse James this weekend, heard Brad did a wonderful job as did Casey Affleck, I think this will be a fab movie!

    Also, looks to me that Angie is putting back on a little weight, still too skinny but she is looking good.

  26. oriana says

    Tnank you Sandra, you are a very sweet young lady! My husband wants to go to Seattle, he has friends there he went to school with in Hawaii. Sometimes good prices on flights from San Jose to there, I heard it is very nice up there. Isn’t Apollo Ono from there? Have you ever seen him? I think he is so cute!

    Hi Deeds and NIcki, hope all is well! So sorry to hear about your doggie Nicki, I will pray for him. The poor thing!!!

    Deeds, you all would have loved the food over there, Taro, Kalua pig, shredded pork, Chicken lau lau, chicken cooked in taro leaves, (like turnip greens here) and coconut pudding. They serve everything with rice and macaroni salad. I love macaroni salad!

    Girls, palusami is delish!!!!!! Coconut milk, chopped onions baked inside taro leaves, wrapped in alum foil, you would love it, a Polynesian dish. And of course, pineapple turnovers, like the half moon apple pies we have.

    Deeds, I have forgotten, what state do you live in?

    Tia, where are you?

    NIcki, I am concerned about your dog! I wish I could do something to help!

    Essie is right about Michael Douglas, the place in Bermuda has been in the family for years and they lead a great peaceful life over there.

  27. Gina says

    I hate to point this out but if celebrities want privacy they can have it. Who saw Suri Cruise for six months after she was born despite the fact that her picture was a goldmine? With their money, celebrities can have all the privacy they need. When I see Brad and Angelina, they seem like two people who constantly crave and actively seek attention. AM sure this directors letter annoyed Angelina. Which other celebrities carry four kids into a store and are applauded when they are leaving every store they visit? The Jolie-Pitts will not get my sympathy since they parade themselves and their family around and cannot stop yapping about in interviews especially when they have movies coming out. I wish they notice that their movies flop anyway.

  28. essie says

    Michael Douglas didn’t BUY an island; his mother’s family owned a hotel on, I think, Bermuda. It’s a small hotel and it wasn’t all that nice until Douglas sort of took it over and remodeled it. (I’ve been to Bermuda many times but I can’t remember the name of the hotel.)

  29. Nicki says

    oriana~~Welcome back. It’s great to “see” you. Missed you. I’ve been on and off here and I missed you saying you were going abroad. Someone~sorry I forgot who~ said you had to go to a funeral and would be gone for a few weeks. Glad you had a safe trip. Wish I got to go to Hawaii:lol:
    Glad to have you back.

    I won’t be back on until later, hope to catch you then. I get to go visit my dog right now who is in ICU, but is doing great! A long ride but so worth it. If I don’t catch you tonight I will “see” you very soon.

    Glad your back.

  30. Deeds says

    Welcome back Oriana! You’ve been missed. I would have rather been vacationing than been on this blog. Oh well such is life. Sounds like you had a great time.

    #19……ummmm if the people here didn’t post their comments on this website it wouldn’t exsist(sp) Therefore you wouldn’t have been able to voice your opinion.

  31. says

    Hate to say it, but this web site and all of us looking at these photos of the Jolie-Pitts and their kids, and looking at the other celebrities on this web site, and ALL celebrity web sites, etc., we’re almost as bad as the parents harrassing them at their school. We’re all just as interested in bothering them in their personal lives, just as the other parents are. It’s really sick that human nature is like this, and we all should be ashamed that we gloat at them and their families; they really are just regular people after all, what is the matter with all of us? We’re nuts and need to get a life! The media has made it into a sickness because of money paid, being the bottom line, and everyone else just falls along into it. We’re all pretty sad, gloating at them and their photos, using them and their families to make money or gossip about. I think all of us need to get our own lives and get off the computer and get out and live, like the “celebrites” are trying to…if we’d all be decent and just leave them alone. We’re all pathetic.

  32. Sandra says

    Welcome back Oriana, I have enough rain here in Seattle I don’t need to visit Auckland. LOL It is nice that you had a wonderful time!

  33. oriana says

    I want to say HI to phnxgirl and Martha too!

    If anyone wants to be where it rains, then go to Auckland! I think it rained constantly while I was there!

  34. oriana says

    Helooooooo Ladies, I am back home!!!!! Sorry about that Essie! Ha! I have been to Hawaii, didn’t want to leave, spent 10 days in NZ, in Auckland, gorgeous, gorgeous and the Polynesians are some of the nicest people on earth!!!!! Even my husband’s two faced family acted okay!

    Oh Nickiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Where are you darling? I want to send big pink Hugs also to DMITZ, Deeds, Xena, and you too Jenna, can’t believe you are only 18!!!!! Impressed! You sound so mature and logical for such a young age my Dear! Hi to Mia also!

    To my Honey Pie Tia, in Canada land, wish I had some of your good Greek food! Hope all is well!!!

    Xena, if you read this, is the wedding over or coming up soon? Halloween before long, I am thinking about that casket!

    Stopped off in Hawaii, stayed in Kaneohe, oh it is like Heaven on earth, so peaceful and serene, now back to San Jose to the hustle and bustle, just the smell is different here. Hawaii has some sweet smelling air and the water from the tap is better than bottled water here!

    Have some reading to catch up on, my son let his girlfriend borrow my laptop while I was gone so I will deal with that tomorrow!!!!

    Jenna, what is semolina?

    Have to say, I think the parents should be ashamed of themselves at Maddox’s school! Surely there have been more celebs there before as exp. as it is?

    Goodnight, just checked in, still have to unpack, hope everyone has been healthy and safe!

  35. Lisa says

    Of course its expensive, they are rich! They can’t be expected to send their kids to local public schools – it would be dangerous. It might help though if they had someone else take the kids to school – Brad and Angie aren’t “normal” parents… sadly, their fame will haunt them forever.

  36. Lisa says

    If I were them, I would buy an island somewhere and get in some good tutors. Isn’t that what Michael Douglas and his wife did to get away from the paparazzi? (I think I heard they live on an island in the Caribbean)

  37. Lesley says

    Those poor kids will never be allowed to live a normal life. Whatever Brangelina does, their children will be followed and hounded everywhere. Unfortunately it is bound to have some negative effects on them.

  38. essie says

    The school is $18,000/year, according to their website. That’s for the lower grades. The upper grades are more expensive.

  39. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I cant believe the other parents would be so inconsiderate, especially with little Maddox in the situation.

    Sounds like school dinners have improved since my day, I remember soggy grey tastless meat, semolina, boiled veg and mashed tatties (and I’m only 18 years old!).

    Webmistress, this isn’t a criticism but could you please stop refering to Maddox, Pax and Zahara as the “adopted” children in every post? I know you probably don’t mean any harm by it but adoption is a past tense thing, not a present tense thing and the children don’t need to grow up with constant reminders that they are adopted.

    They are just as much Brad and Angelina’s children as Shiloh, the circumstances of how they came to be in the family aren’t really relevant here. In a similar story about Shiloh, you wouldn’t refer to her as their c-section daughter now would you?

  40. Deeds says

    Cute pic of Maddox. #8 I know what you mean. My kids and I live in the “nice” part of town. Lunch menus are sent home, I swear if it doesn’t come out of a microwave it doesn’t get served.

  41. Kelsey says

    Essie, by “gourmet” I meant that they are not just getting fish, but they are getting fish that is roasted and high quality. And no public school in America to my knowledge serves roasted or sauteed vegetables to six year olds! My whole point was that Maddox goes to a very ritzy school and I am sure that it is VERY expensive to send your child there.

  42. Sandra says

    I would like to see 5 year olds eat codfish and all the other veggies and not complain! Yah good luck! My son has to try everything I make and he LOVES tilapia (though he thinks it chicken) but seriously how many of those kids actually eat that food.

    The letter was well deserved, I can’t believe parents were that dumb to flag them down for autographs, respect that they are taking their child to school.

  43. essie says

    One would think that people would be cautious about believing anything from US Magazine!!!

    And that food is not “gourmet.” It’s fish, veggies and potatos. Something children in American public schools don’t seem to eat. They only get chicken fingers and french fries for lunch and Mickie D’s for dinner!!! No wonder there are kids weighing in at 100 pounds at the age of 6!!!

  44. denise says

    Not fans of the parnets but you would think that the other parnets would give that kid some respect and treat them like any other family. Shame on the parnets who are acting in such a poor manner.

  45. Kris2 says

    Poor kid…the other parents should have a little more consideration. I think that’s great the director sent a letter out.

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