Jennifer Lopez Denying Pregnancy Rumors

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, 38, is denying the rumors that she is expecting. “No, no! We get this every week!” Jennifer told Us Magazine at the September 20th party in London for her upcoming album, Brave.

“I don’t mind when people talk about this,” she continued. “I get the interest. I’m not the only celeb who gets these rumors.” But the newest spate seems to have staying power — despite Anthony issuing his own denial: “Everyone calls about this every month . . . but, no.”

Jennifer ignited more rumors by showing up at the party in a flowy dress and drank water. Jennifer, who launches her tour with Marc in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on September 28th, reveals: “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

Despite Jennifer’s denial, the above pic speaks for itself I think! I also think that her statement of being the happiest she’s ever been is a real tip-off! 🙂

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  1. Paula says

    She’s pregnant and having a girl. Look how her face is changing. That’s the sign that she’s having a girl. Good for you Jen. God Bless all of you, and good luck.

  2. ELIZABETH says


  3. Veronica says

    I have 4 beautiful children of my own. I think it is the greatest gift God can give a woman, I would not change motherhood for all the money in the world. JLo you look beautiful, may GOD bless you and your family .” Congatulations”.

  4. Veronica says

    I have 4 children of my own. I think it is the greatest gift God can give a woman, I would not change motherhood for all the money in the world. JLo you look beautiful, may GOD bless you and your family .” Congatulations”.

  5. Dena says

    Congrats to Jennifer & Marc. I recently saw them in concert and from some of the outfits she wore which by the way she looked beautiful I would say that they are expecting a child. I have never seen a couple so much in love. This is the real thing for both of them
    Much Love and Sucess

  6. Giselle says

    If she is pregnant or not, that’s her own problem…she wants a baby, she is married, and she has a lot of money to raise the him or her…sooo, leave her alone!!! It’s her life, not yours…. JLo: if you are God Bless you and the little peanut….if not, God will give you that blessing soon… bye!

  7. says

    Jen is glowing and looking really good. She’s wanted to have children for quite awhile and it looks like she got her wish. She’s unveiled a whole wardrobe of loose clothes, no longer dances like a Fly Girl on stage, and so far refuses to announce she is expecting. I figure she does not want to jinx herself after trying so hard to have children. Look at all the media attention she is getting while on tour. Keeping everyone guessing is a great way to stay in the spotlight.

  8. Ivonne says

    Jennifer tan solo puedo enviarles mis mas grandes bendiciones, me llena de regocijo que sean tan felices y si estas o no esperando un bebe, lo importante es que se tienen ustedes dos.Que Dios permita que su matrimonio sea eterno, tan solo ustedes ponganlo a el por delante y contaran sus bendiciones. Les quiero como si fueran mis hijos.

  9. Mily says

    Hurray for her if she is. She is old enough to know what she wants and if that’s it good 4 her. Congratulations that will really be a Newyorican baby.

  10. Kay says

    I think she is by looking at the above picture the wind is hitting her dress and you clearly see her dress hitting up against her stomach. She looks much more wider with a pregnant glow and if she is, she wears it well. Good luck JLo.

  11. Aishwarya Rai says

    owwwwzzzzz??….well good for her!!! how many kids Marc has two kids with Dianara…another two with the non showbiz girl…very big family!!!

  12. Bellaliz says

    Congratulations Jennifer! She looks so pregnant even her face looks different. She has the glow that every woman that is pregnant gets. Well may God bless them.

  13. Frannie says

    That is wonderful news if she is expecting. Goes to show you, God is doing his part. Congratulations to Marc & Jen. May happiness always be upon them.

  14. Kris2 says

    Hmm why the loose fitting clothes all of a sudden? All of her clothes use to be so form fitting. I think she may be expecting but just doesn’t want to say anything because she’s not too far along and anything is possible. Either way..I hope she is. She’s been wanting a baby for a while.

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