Britney's Mysterious Tanning Habit

Britney Spears

I know that this is rather off-topic and random, but Britney is always photographed hitting the tanning salon….in this photo it was reportedly an “under the cover off darkness” run. Here a blue-eyed Britney was snapped visiting a tanning salon in Malibu in the early am on Wednesday. But, she doesn’t ever seem to be getting any tanner…I don’t get it! 🙂



  1. COLE says

    A bras a bras britney is so “i did it again” she’s a hipercrite as she didnt want children young but does and when she was in hospital in labour the so n so had a nerve to wipe most of that part of the hospital all to herself what a selfish act so no1 could photo graph her who cares she’s not that GOOD anymore not everythings about britney everyones movesd onto bigger n better celebrities not wannabe’s!!!

  2. N says

    Lots of small chested women never wear bras…. I have even seen huge chested women not wearing bras (ugh) but to each their own….. When I notice that someone is braless I continue on with my day because ……….its not that serious!

  3. Duh... says

    Yeah, she’s brown eyed, but she’s known to wear blue contacts sometimes…if you haven’t noticed

  4. LadyC says

    Maybe it’s because she isn’t using a tanning bed but instead is being spray tanned. That stuff washes off easy and has to be reapplied constantly.

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