Britney Out For A Drive With Sean & Jayden James

Britney Spears

The boys look so cute in the back!

Britney, 25, was snapped with Sean, 2, and Jayden James, 1, while out for a drive. It is very sweet the way that they are holding hands!



  1. Daisy says

    Sean’s face, he looks so cute!
    Britney has screwed up.
    Now she HAS to get back on track.
    For her children’s sake. x

  2. says

    Hi Britney
    I wanted to know how are u doing, i was look for some one to to talk to if there i can help u lat me know oh here is my home phone 724-964-8301

  3. jenn says

    oh for christs sakes,
    they hold hands b/c they’re always scared.
    Can u imagine being a little kid and having all those flashbulbs in your face and people yelling towards your mom everytime you go out? Some “mother” she is.
    Half of those pics you see on websites, they’re sobbing uncontrolibly…gee i wonder why.

    Thank God “DMITZ” is on here. Someone with half a brain
    I know all you “mothers” feel badly for her, but think about
    being those kids. She’s a nutjob. Everyday must be like living in “A clockwork orange”.

    She is a spoiled, selfish, asshole and I hope her kids
    get taken away forever. She treats those kids like the
    79 Chiuauas she has, just takes them along like little
    props “la la la” But this isn’t all her fault you know, you can thank her stage mom, Lynne. way to shove your kid into
    the limelight and fulfill YOUR dreams, Lynne. Frankensteins monster. Thats Shitneys new name.

  4. oriana says

    Those boys are so precious together! Jayden looks like Britney so much. Very touching and sweet picture of them!

    She really needs to get her act together! I am not a big fan of Kevin by any means so I truely hope that she can get herself straightened out and stop all her stupid stunts!

  5. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    I always thought that Sean Preston looked like KFed and Jayden James looked like Britney. Funny, though, how they can favor each other at the same time, too!

  6. N says

    She has a Louisiana drivers license. Alot of kids are protective of each other regardless if their parents are crazy or not. I highly doubt they “know” their mom is crazy… or think they have to lean on each other.

  7. Deenah says

    I hope that’s not her fleeing the country like she has been accused of especially because of her new single “Gimme More”

  8. Cobi says

    cute and sad at the same thing. Cute because well they’re young and theyre holding hands and sad because you can see that even at such a young age they know that they only have each other. They already know they’re momma is crazy ya’ll!

  9. Sassy says

    Hey you all, I work in West Hollywood Calif., I see celebrities everyday, as well as papazzi’s, I really don’t know how celebritites do it… I know Britney had an accident a few months ago, but Papazzi should be responsible for that, they are out of control.

  10. Letitbe says

    They are so cute! They know that they have to lean on each other. Poor, babies 🙁 I wish I can have them to help them out. I feel really bad for them.

  11. Mellynn says

    Darling little boys…wonder if they are holding hands because they are scared to death of their mother!!!! I read somewhere that she nearly crashed into the back of the car in front of her minutes after this pic was taken. I hope someone will finally take those sweeties’ best interests to heart.

  12. 2teens3beans says

    ^^^ Well for one thing it was recently established that she doesn’t have a California Drivers License!!

  13. says

    Ok- let’s see what people can find wrong with Britney in this picture. I’m very curious.

  14. sharrie says

    they are just the cutest little boys….no matter how screwed up the parents are…well at least they have loving grandparents who want to be involved in their lives…..

  15. angie says

    sean: “hold on, kid…mommy’s driving again…”
    jayden: “uh-oh…..hey wait a minute….isn’t she supposed to have a driver’s license??”
    sean: (chuckles) “come on, kid…you know what she always says: ‘who cares, ya’ll’ ?!

  16. Miapocca says

    Very cute kids..the look very much alike…the younger one though looks a lot like Britney..even the legs

  17. says

    Britney will not be fine, she is out of control! Click on my name for more info.

    Unless she gets help, there is no hope for her. She’s a mess and I feel for anybody that gets their children taken from them, but in this case it’s in the best interest of her boys. This isn’t just speculation of picutures we see on the Internet anymore, it’s more serious than that.

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