Bridget Moynahan Introduces Her Son With Tom Brady

Bridget Moynahan

Bridget Moynahan

Bridget Moynahan

Bridget Moynahan

Wow…they really went with a dramatic (well, I guess it isn’t that dramatic as it is true) and sad cover title…”Life Without Daddy.” Tom Brady must feel like a major creep!

Bridget, 36, and 5-week-old John Edward Thomas Moynahan look so sweet on the cover of OK! Magazine! Bridget declined to be interviewed, but OK! reports that she is facing single motherhood with an optimistic outlook. Even though she has a development deal with ABC, the actress plans to put her career on hold to focus on being a mother to her son.

Also, it is being reported that Bridget was paid in excess of $100,000 for the photo shoot, and donated all of the money to children’s charities, including the Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance and the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation. (Reportedly, Bridget has friends whose kids are afflicted by the diseases.)



  1. Mommy 2 a Mixed Boy says

    ….also i had some typos at the end. If u feel the need to bash me for it, then by all means! My mistake. I was typing with emotion at the very end….

  2. Mommy 2 a Mixed Boy says

    First off, I just wanna say that baby John is really adorable! So cute!! I am really rooting for Bridget to do well in raising her son on her own. And for someone who said that Bridget tried to trap Tom by keeping the baby, what would she have to abort now because they are split up and he doesnt want to be a father??? Please!! Like someone else said….when you have sex you are taking full responsibility of any possible outcome! And if she got pregnant and discovered this after the breakup, its her own personal choice if she wants to keep it. Regardless of what Tom thinks!! She obviously cared enough for this child, the child was conceived in a 3 year relationship….not a one night stand! I would keep the baby too! I wish Bridget the best and really hope that Tom does his best as a father, regardless of his issued with Bridget. In the end, it is not the child’s fault for what his parents are going through. He should just look pased that and accept that he has a son now and a monthly child support to his baby’s mama isn’t fulfilling the role of a father!! A father is someone who is there for his kids and makes the sacrifice to care without other peoply having to tell you to do it or remind you that HEY u have a kid! ugh….this whole issue just annoys me….Tom just annoys me.

  3. Miapocca says

    I LIKE to think that that monogramed burp cloth was a present and at the time the name Thomas had nto been tagged on. I think it was tagged on after he showed an interest in the baby..I mean they are both from Irish families so those names may actually those of her uncles and male relatives on her side ..In anycase for 9 months of the preganancy you dont show up and then land at the hospital for a few minutes..boy this Brady kid must be really as stupid as teh jock sterroptype. His brain probably turned to jello from all teh bumps on the football feild..ahhaha

    It scary to think that he would have preferred her to have an abortion, I wonder how many girls he has pushed into a similar position..and what the heck was Bridgette doing with a guy whose ex include the likes of the acoholic tara ried…seems like he was dating above his usual bottom of the barrel broad when he hooked up with Bridgette…but I guess she went right back there..ahhahahhahahhahahmmmm

    If anyone noticed, Bridgette has remained pretty quiet apart fomr the three statements about 1: pregancy 2: birth 3: name of child

    and all these announcements have been pretty basic and have left a lot of folks wondering what went down. I doubt she will ever talk about anything publicly, she has always been private and one of the reason why most people dont see her except in movies or on the red carpet.

  4. Miapocca says

    If Giselle can fall in love within a Nano sec she will fall out it again with even faster speeds..if you love teh honeymoon fells then you certianl wont be around when the all hell breaks loose……

    Giselle has been looking to get married since the day she hooked with Dicrapio.and hence one of the major reasons for the on and off nature of thier relationship because decrapio was not ready to be married

    In anycase she jumped right onto tom and is hoping ot get married once again. IMO most of the girls I have met from her part of the world are always in a hurry to get married especially to the all american boy

    Hmmm so Although I do not want to see Bridgette back together with Brady, who IMO is not worth Bridgette’s time, I wonder how cornered he will feel if Miss G brings up marriage.

    Giselle irrespective of her relationship with Brady, has never been a nice bright button. She actualy blames models with anorexia for not having the right genes…she is just a little dumb to warrant anyone’s disgust. She got herself wedged into a relationship of 4 and if she doesnt explode soon she will die of anger when the stupid arse Brady , she follows around realises that his son is more important than any of the two women

    IMO Brady is a sack of shit and despite fame , money etc , not worth the time of day from Bridgette.

    Again Bravo to Bridgete on carrying and delivering such beautiful baby boy!!Hope JOhn makes his mama proud.

    • Chris says

      How does that humble pie taste? Brady now has three kids who he adores and is still married to Gisele.

  5. DMITZ says

    Elsa – wow, I can’t believe she did that? That’s right, I read that somewhere too. So insensitive. How else would that be taken?

    Miapocca – I agree w/your posts.

    N – I read that somewhere too. Gisele has always had her eye on an “all american guy” to get her hands on. If Tom knew she said that, I’m sure he was thinking, “Whoo Hoo… I can’t get a piece of Gisele!”

  6. N says

    I agree with #64…. Plus I read somewhere…. I cant remember at this time….But Giselle was doing an interview and she stated in that interview that Tom was an all american guy that she would love to date!….All this while he was still in a relationship with Bridgette. SO…. Take that for what its worth.

  7. Elsa says

    Granny – I’m with you. I think people today just lack basic morals…and that’s half the problem with out world today. Tom was not w/ Bridgette for a week, maybe the timing stunk, but she got pregnant and I’m sure she didn’t force him into anything. And yes, Bridgettes only other option was to abort her beautiful little boy – so let’s criticize her for that… foolish!

    Giselle, IMO, has the morals of a snake because she did not “meet and fall in love with a man” who had a baby with a woman 3 yrs ago… they “met and fell in love” a nanosecond after he ended a long term relationship w/ someone else. AND that woman was pregnant. Any woman with any decency would realize this is NOT a time to get into a relationship w/ this man and perhaps he should NOT be parading herself all around the world with him while another woman is carrying his baby. Then to send a onesie w “SUPERMODEL” on it. First…they had a BOY (so she’s obviously night to bright) and the fact that she did it… obviously has no class. So sorry, not buying Giselle is just a sweet little girl bs.

  8. Elsa says


    I do not judge a persons worth as a human being, or their character, by how much money they earn possing like a ho…. sue me.

  9. Miapocca says

    frankly..I am so over as to the why and therefores and who did what

    All that is important is that a woman has a child she has always hoped for, he is beautiful and she deserves to be proud of the role she played in getting him here.

    BRAVO TO BRIDGET…and I wish John has a charmed life and pray that he becomes a man in his own right with a great personality and accomplishments of his own.

    I also hope that Brady does not mess up too badly for it to become impossible to have a relationship with his child in the future. Because once Bridgette finds herself a man, Brady will be taking the third seat to whoever lives full time with the family.

  10. Tia :) says

    39- Did you ever think she kept the baby because she doesnt believe in abortion?!? i highly doubt it was because she “wanted to get back at tom

  11. anon says

    I bought Ok today and the baby pics are very beautiful!

    I found the cover title misleading , after reading the article I saw where OK came from with the cover title-

    since Tom is not bashed at all in the mag. Only reference is that with his commitment to the Pats he has no choice but to be a a part-time father. and also the distance between them play a factor in their situation. So in other word it’s Life without Daddy due circumstances.

    Kind makes the haters look foolish doesn’t it???

    Never judge a book by it’s cover! It this case it’s never judge the mag!!

    Tabloids like to sensationalize things and they did a perfect job with this one. They seem to be all getting along.

    Enough said, John Edward Thomas Moynahan is one cute baby, the best picture on pg 43 and pg 45.
    Too cute!! Bridget is stunning, wow! Beautiful. All the best to Mother and son.

  12. Janey says

    Why do people rag on Gisele? It’s because she’s a woman and she should look at this from a woman’s point of view. She herself has said in the past how she wants a child and a family, she should have encouraged Tom to work things out. Instead she could latch on fast enough. Bait (oh not too shabby good American boy, but has girlfriend so he’s gay to me), hook (started the relationship while he was still with Bridget – confirmed by one of her friends bloggin on OK), Bridget found out and they started having trouble so Gisele got her “FISH ON”.

    Isn’t Bridget just so beautiful? What a cleavage! Hmmm won’t have trouble there anymore eh Bridge?

    If Bridget really wanted Tom’s money or needed it, she would be in Boston making sure Tom gets bonded. What are you guys – stupid or sumthing?

  13. nosoupforyou says

    “I agree. People who assume she got pregnant intentionally or to trap him, or for his money …well that assumption says more about their own values than it says about any of Bridget Moynahan’s intentions.”

    Great post. Bravo!

  14. nosoupforyou says

    “She decided to keep it.” Yes, she decided to keep her son. How sick are you?

    The baby is beautiful. He looks just like Tom.

  15. KD says

    This is from OK magazine. What a beautiful thing Bridget has done for these people.

    “As the mother of a 29 year old son with Friedreich’s Ataxia, I am eternally grateful to Ms. Moynahan for donating a portion of the money from the photo shoot to FARA (Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance). For the first time ever, there is hope for a treatment and/or cure for this devasting disease. The only way this will happen is through research, and the only way research will continue is because of the generosity of people like Ms. Moynahan. My heartfelt thanks…”

    “I am the mother of a beautiful little girl who has been afflicted with Friedreich’s Ataxia. FA is a very rare disease so does not get government funding or pushed into the spotlight like other diseases. Nonetheless, the effects of this disease is devastating. I watch my princess get weaker and struggle more every day. I live with the knowledge that without a cure, my daughter’s life will be difficult to say the least and that she may not make it past her twenties. Ms. Moynahan’s donation to Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance not only will hopefully help save my daughter, as well as others afflicted. To me, this shows her true character, not only as a person but as a parent. Thank you, Ms. Moynahan, from the bottom of my heart for your kindness. My daughter is my life and soul and you are helping to give her a chance to have a normal life. Your selflessness has not gone unnoticed!”

    “i have friedreich’s ataxia i am 18 years old. my mom is on the FARA board and i am so grateful to bridget to donate money to research to help me and so many others. why would people focus on other things that are so meaningless and really personal preference. we are on the verge of a treatement, this is so difficult to find with a rare disease. bridget is stepping up way beyond what most people have done. thank you so much to bridget moynahan and i hope you and your baby have a wonderful and healthy life.”

    Really helps put things into perspective.

  16. Miapocca says

    well we havent heard toms publiscist come out swinging and before that he was saying how he would be there for his I guess being there means what in the Brady fmaily dictionary

  17. Miapocca says

    When you date a 35 year old who has expressed her wish for a family.,.you dont just assume you are playing around…If tom wanted to play , he should have looked for someone with the same goals as him…

  18. Miapocca says

    Thanks Granny.#46.I totally agree with you

    #49..BINGO..I have been saying this on one but Americans and Canadaian kno wwho Brady is….To the rest of the world , he is just Mr Giselle the I-Robot girls ex..

  19. Elaine says

    I am in the UK and Tom Brady is completely unknown here, so I have no frame of reference for him. However, I don’t think I have heard or read any DIRECT quotes from Briget about Tom that are disparaging. People seem to be able to read a lot into the circumstances, and a few pictures, and its probably no-where near the truth. BTW whatever were the circumstances of the childs conception or what decisions Briget and Tom made about the pregnancy, and his birth are really none of our business.

  20. KD says

    Essie – why are you upset at people calling Gisele names. Read through your posts – you called Bridget a b1tch, nasty, evil, trapper, monster, d-lister and vengeful. Then you go on to say that adults should be civil to each other. Doesn’t that sound a little hypocritical to you? I wouldn’t exactly call any of your posts civil. Do you hold everyone else to a standard but not yourself?

  21. thanks granny says

    I agree. People who assume she got pregnant intentionally or to trap him, or for his money …well that assumption says more about their own values than it says about any of Bridget Moynahan’s intentions.

  22. kimmy says

    Hey I know! Bridget should have killed the baby and dumped it in the trash instead of doing the right thing ( that she did) and keep it. Oh darn! Tom is trapped now. Boo hoo Tom! Get real dumba$$es and get some morals.

  23. Granny says

    If a man doesn’t want a woman to get pregnant then he needs to abstain from sex or use a condom. Birth control is not just a woman’s responsibility.

    And if a woman gets pregnant the choice to carry a child and not to abort is not always an attempt to get/catch/trap a man. She just might have a strong opinion against abortion.

    And women can and often do successfully raise children without a man.

  24. Rae says

    For all you ppl who are sayin Bridget is evil for the title of the magazine…SHE DOESN”T PICK THE TITLE…Get real…she probably had no idea what the headline would be…She didn’t do an interview she just allowed pictures. So therefore she doesn’t have a say in the headline since she didn’t do an interview…

    Bridget is goregous and her son is amazingly cute he looks just like his daddy. I pray Tom grows the balls and helps raise his son…Thats the least he can do.

  25. DMITZ says

    Bridget has handled this with class. If she wanted to be ugly, she could and she hasn’t. Besides, Tom should pay, he’s the father! Just like I think any parent should take responsibility.

  26. LMAO says

    she might of donated all the money from the photoshoot to charity, but I bet she’s rolling in Tom’s money!

  27. essie says

    I don’t know Gina but some people seem to have a need to abuse Giselle as if she had anything to do with this mess!!! Calling her a whore is just stupid and totally unnecessary.

  28. Gina says

    Interesting Essie #38. I wonder why any one feels the need to abuse Giselle and call her names. She met and fell in love with a handsome man, that he was to be a father is not her problem. The issue is between Briggitte and Tom and so far I don’t think either party is hadling it well. Tom will miss out on the joys of fatherhood and Brigitte should be careful not to damage that child as such headlines will make him feel like a reject. He is a beautiful child and people she grow up and move on.

  29. essie says

    . . . skinny Brazillian ho

    Yep, let’s resort to calling names. But, honey, that “skinny Brazilian ho” earns $30 million a year; she’s the highest paid model in the world and the best known; she works hard and is very successful; and, even though she has dated some of the most famous men in the world, she didn’t “accidently” get pregnant to keep any one of them, which is way more than anybody can say for Ms. Bridget!!!

    So, who’s the ‘ho???

  30. LMAO says

    Milk it girl! Get the sympathy vote! Poor me! and then count all that cash you’re getting! Give me a break!

  31. beautifullbrown says

    You have short memories people. Tom left Bridget and after he left she realize she was pregnant and SHE decide to keep it (I guess to have Tom back) but guess what her plan didn’t work. Now she try to have the public sympathi, she is a single mother SO WHAT GROW UP and stop crying whit the amount of child care Tom will have to pay he’s the one who should cry

  32. Elsa says

    TOMS winning TEAM seems to be resorting to CHEATING as well…so I don’t think the TEAM has any better morals than TOM or his little skank Giselle.

    Poor boy only has one day off per wk and why spend it w/ his baby when he could be w/ his skinny Brazillian ho.

    BTW…Bridgette has never publically whined or compained. She’s remained a class act throughout. The headline may be harsh, but it is true.

  33. Tia :) says

    Tom Brady is the biggest jerk to ever walk the face of the earth… end of story! #32- I totally agree with you….shouldnt being a father and owning up to your responsibilities come first?!? Who cares if he’s focused on winning? He cant make time for his son? And as far am in concerned, Gisele is ugly on the inside and out. Remember, it takes two to tango, and sometimes these things DO happen….so everyone needs to Back off Bridget!

  34. minkysmom says

    “Besides, Tom is focused on his winning team (they are currently 3-0) and he’s a major star. He also has a very hot girlfriend. He probably doesn’t have time for Bridget’s pity party!!” That is the stupidest phrase I have ever read in my life. Gisele looks like a man and sounds like a retard. And you know what, if Gisele was any kind of woman, and wanted to be there for Tom, she would support him being his son’s father. Why do women have to keep fighting men to get them to love their offspring?

  35. Miapocca says

    If you dont want a child, you have to ABSTAIN from sex..any fool knows that sex can lead to babies and STDs no matter how much Protection you have P

    Protection REDUCES the risk but is NOT a 100% safe

    Its reality and any parent should be passing it on to their children. Protection is NOT a 100%

    As to the advantages and disadvantage of teh sesexes, you should also factor it in before jumping into bed. A woman knows that should th eman abadon ship its her full responsibility, because like it or NOT she has teh BIGGER responsibility of CARRYING the child AND nourishing IT.
    MEN know that they have the option to walk clean out of teh woman’s life and thier role can be limited to financial…others dpends on ones personal view of the situation…
    But I am all for the WOMAN!!..

  36. Malayka says

    Men are at a disadvantage, if a woman does not want a child, all she does in abort but a man has to be thrust upon fatherhood even when it is not his wish. Brigitte should not have allowed her child to be used in such a callous way and if she has no say, let her ask for an apology or a retraction. Am not a fan of no show fathers but Tom may not have wanted a child and the way Brigitte is going on, I now understand why he left her. I think she has a hidden mean streak a mile wide. Leave and let leave and if Tom wants to miss out on fatherhood, that is his loss, move on and have some class.

    John looks like Tom alot. He is cute.

  37. megs says

    I love that first photo, without the headline. The cover headline just takes away from the adorable photo of Bridget and the baby. They both look great, what a healthy looking little guy, and a gorgeous mother. She should be very proud!

  38. Lesley says

    What a beautiful boy! And Bridget looks beautiful as well. I don’t get what she’s supposed to have done wrong. None of us really know what went on behind closed doors. The only thing we do know is that he’s the one who left.

  39. 2teens3beans says

    #24… she trapped him? Hey, it takes two people to create a baby so why put the blame on one of them? DOUBLE STANDARD, it’s not 1970 anymore jeesh!

  40. essie says

    You’re right, I can’t stand Bridget because she tried to trap a man into staying with her and when that didn’t work and he moved on to a beautiful supermodel, she turned into a monster. So, no I don’t like her but I have no “agenda” just stating the facts . . . when Tom showed up at the hospital to see his son he wasn’t allowed to at first and, according to people who were there, only allowed him to see the baby for a few minutes because Bridget’s parents talked her into it.

    The problem I see with a child having a hateful, vengeful mother is that the father won’t bother to come around and the child will be the one who suffers, not the mother. People need to think about the children in a relationship, not themselves. The children are the only ones who should matter and the adults should try and be civil to each other.

    And this goes for ALL parents, not just Bridget and Tom.

  41. KT says

    Essie has been a Bridget hater/Tom &Gisele lover for months now. Has nothing to do with any known facts…just a little personal agenda going on.

  42. N says

    Where was Bridgette whining and ranting? Also, he should fly wherever he needs to fly if he wants to see his son. I’m sure he has enough money to fly….and if he uses his credit card he will rack up frequent flyer miles. Since his son lives with Bridgette and he didn’t marry her before she had his child….. he has no other choice! SO….if he wants to be present in his child’s life it’s up to him. She had a right to embarass him at the hospital IMO.

  43. essie says

    Bridget could show a bit of class the way Elizabeth Hurley did. You never heard her whining or ranting against the father of her child, even when he said the kid wasn’t his. Liz seem to think about her baby and not about getting publicity out of it. Damian won’t have to read headlines like this when he’s older.

    Tom has to spend his time in New England because that’s where his job is!!! The team gets one day per week off and he can’t fly 3000 miles. And why should he, after the way Bridget embarrassed him at the hospital when the baby was born? He probably prefers to not even thing about the b!tch!!! By this time next year she’ll probably be on “Dancing with the Stars” with all the other D listers. HA!!

  44. zoey says

    Beautiful picture. But to be honest none of us know the exact details of their relationship. And do “we” really know if he has been trying to be a part of the babies life? No. And if she is using this photo shoot to get back at him, because she is hurt over her being left. Well I feel that’s just wrong. He is the dad, and he should get the opportunity to be one, regardless of her feelings for him. What a bad light shown on both. I personally think, this puts her in a bad light as well. I just hope they both realize that their baby should come first. Good luck.

  45. Miapocca says

    Well he tried teh Daddy thing by going the hospital but I guess he wasnt his thing..I doubt Bridgette had any control over the title.she has had the door open for all I can see, he has fre acess to go back and forth..however he chooses to spend his weekends and free days with those on his priority list….Hopefully Bridgette will keep the door open wider and one day he will build a relationship with his son…

    But these titles are just plain grow up to read and irrespective of wether your dad wanted you or not, it would be nice to keep the titles neutral so any future reconciliation is not harmed by teh kid reading this garbage..

  46. Meagan's Mom says

    Okay..all you New England fans and trust me I am one…but reality check here. Your number 1 man deserves all the heat his getting. His trip to see his newborn was more because he had to and not because he wanted to. This baby…and what a beautiful boy he is…was conceived in a longterm relationship…not a one-night stand. I think Bridget has given him every chance to step up and be a dad but he hasn’t. And, while he will remain a great QB he is no longer a great person in my book and I don’t think much of Gieselle either…she should be ashamed of her behavior. Good luck and God bless Bridget and baby John MOYNIHAN

  47. bs hater says

    I’m tired of seeing poor Bridget. Everyone wants to blame Tom, and she’s trying to make him out to be a horrible person. I’m sure she thinks that all the way to the bank cashing those giant support checks. I hate to break it to you haters, but parents don’t stay together. Doesn’t mean someone is the horrible person all the time, sometimes it doesn’t work out. Wake up to the real world.

  48. Mellynn says

    Tom bad. Bridget good. He could have dumped the skinny model to stick around and raise his son, but he chose not to. And what in that title isn’t true? Is it not true that she is raising her son alone, since he has his precious team and girlfriend?

    Good for Bridget. I wish she’d stick it to him for child support, but she probably won’t.

  49. 2teens3beans says

    You don’t seriously think that Bridget had any say in the headline? Please! That was up to editing, she wasn’t even interviewed.
    I see nothing b1tchy in the way she has behaved toward Tom. They both made their decisions as mature adults and both have stated that they will do what is right for their adorable baby.

  50. Kelsey says

    I don’t agree with Tom leaving Bridget when she was pregnant, but I think the cover title went WAY too far. He may not have started out on the right foot, but he made an effort to go to the hospital when his son was born and I assume he will continue to try and be there for other important moments as well.

  51. essie says

    I seriously doubt Tom Brady cares. Bridget has been a major b!tch and everybody knows it!!! She’s nasty and evil for using that baby in this manner, especially with that headline!!! Makes her look bad, not Tom.

    Besides, Tom is focused on his winning team (they are currently 3-0) and he’s a major star. He also has a very hot girlfriend. He probably doesn’t have time for Bridget’s pity party!!

    Bridget needs to grow up and stop feeling sorry for herself.

  52. Miranda says

    He’s really big! And he must have a very strong neck? It doesn’t look like Bridget needs to support the head very much.

  53. Claire says

    what a cute baby. I did not realize he was 5 weeks already. wonder whose idea for the title was. Bridget has been pretty classy about most of this, cause that title is just a kick in the b**** to Tom.

  54. KT says

    I like the title, Life Without Daddy. It’s certainly true and is a good human interest angle. Tom’s failure to stand by Bridget will have repercussions for both her and John for the rest of their lives. Why pretend it does not matter? She looks great, BTW, and John is adorable and HUGE!

  55. DMITZ says

    I think she looks beautiful! Good for her for doing it all by herself. I think he looks just like his father in this picture.

  56. Pam says

    Bridget must feel like a *****. Using her baby to get back at dad. The headline on that gossip rag is bull****.

  57. sharrie says

    wow! He sure does not look like he is only 5 weeks old, what a big, cute baby! Good luck to Bridget, single motherhood is not easy, but it is do-able. I hope Tom is involved in John life though…….

  58. Elsa says

    Ohh, Tom must be SEETHING over this cover… well, good for him, he deserves it. SUCK IT UP TOM. Bridget looks beautiful and what a cute baby! He is a BIG boy! 🙂

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