1. silly says

    If it does not matter, why highlight it again in two posts?

    I call my kid lots of sweet babynames instead of his real name a lot of times. He knows I’m talking to HIM!

  2. jules says

    Meant to add — not at all “picking” on you, rather highlighting that you brought up a very good point that I and maybe others had missed. That being that the little girl would have had a chinese name for 14 months before Meg changed it —- twice. So that means she really has had 3 names and not just 2.

    But like some others have said — in the grand scheme of things, what does it matter when all that matters most is that she is hopefully going to now live a charmed life.

  3. jules says

    To #11. Meg didn’t change her chinese name. She took a young child (not baby) who already had the chinese name that she came with, re-named her Charlotte and then changed her name yet again to Daisy. So that girl has had 3 names now. I wouldn’t do that to my dog, let alone my kid.

  4. squeeky sue uk says

    What’s a cutey doing with that fruitey.
    Gorgeous kid, shame she has a nut case for a ma.

  5. silly says

    Oops forgot to ad: Meg’s daughter was 14 months when Meg was allowed to pick her up in China. I doubt it mattered much what she was named. Most kids who are adopted are given a different name. What matters is that the baby felt – and feels – LOVED.

  6. essie says

    Silly, I was only joking about Meg carrying her daughter because people on this blog complain that Angelina carries her children too much. I think it’s wonderful and see nothing wrong with it.

    I don’t understand why people think a baby would have problems with changing their name. Daisy is only 2-1/2. I’m sure she doesn’t remember her original name or the name Charlotte!!!

  7. lennox says

    My best friend is chinese. Her biological mother changed her chinese name to a more ‘american’ name when she was 6 and about to start school. She still goes by this name and is completely adjusted. I’m sure Daisy will be fine.

  8. Kris2 says

    Had she gotten her daughter when she was just a few days old then changing her name wouldn’t be that “strange” but come on..her daughter was 3 and was already use to her name. She probably confused the poor kid.

  9. yummy says

    #3, I think it’s wrong also that she named her daughter than a few months later changed it. That poor little girl. She’s already had 3 names. Yes, she’s young, but I hope she doesn’t have issues because of that.

  10. silly says

    Jack lives with his mother for most of the time. There have been loads of pictures of the two of them – with and without Daisy – this past year. Just because those don’t get posted here does not mean they are not there.

    Beans, Meg changed her baby’s name within two weeks after coming home. That’s not strange at all since she had never even seen her baby except for a photo before she was allowed to pick her up in China. She felt the name Charlotte just did not fit her considereing her character.

    Do tell why it’s wrong for a mom to carry her child every now and then? i do that too and mine is five!

  11. Mellynn says

    So did Meg totally forget her first child? No one sees poor Jack anywhere. Of course, if I was in my teens and my mom used enough botox that my friends would think she’s hot, I may not hang out with her either.

  12. 2teens3beans says

    Daisy sure is cute. Meg, I don’t like so much. I have seen her in several interviews over the years and she always comes off sounding bizarre and possible mentally disturbed or under the influence of something.
    I also think it’s strange that she named her adopted baby Charlotte then months later decides she doesn’t like it anymore and changes it to Daisy.

  13. essie says

    I guess nobody is going to complain about Daisy being carried by her mommy. Oh, wait, that’s only a problem when Angelina carries her babies. Sorry. My bad!!!

    Daisy is adorable!!!

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