Liv Tyler & Milo At A Toronto Farmer's Market

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler and Milo were snapped out at farmer’s market in Toronto on September 22nd. Liv is so gorgeous!


  1. Blair says

    Actually I encourage my children to be as independant as possible. But I help them if NEEDED. I don’t think the child in this picture NEEDS to be helped with taking a sip of the drink. he’s gotta be like 2 or 4 years old at LEAST. Give him a little room to develop his “big boy” skills!

  2. jane says

    oh come on.! you mean you hane never helped your child drink something to keep them from spilling it all over them?

  3. 2teens3beans says

    Liv is such a natural beauty, and Milo has her wrapped around his little finger! She seems so “real” in the photos and not looking posed for a photo op.

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