Elizabeth Hurley & Damian Pay Hugh Grant A Visit

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley, 42, was snapped visiting former lover Hugh Grant with her son Damian, 5, on September 15th. 


  1. amy says

    My first thought was that he looked odd, too. But it’s better than ketchup stained sweatpants and too small shirt, which is what you would see at our park.

  2. eyesofpearls says

    HE IS WEARING A SCHOOL UNIFORM, FOR CHRIST SAKE! How can you say he looks weird? He is a beautiful child wearing a traditional school uniform!

    Some of the comments you make here, guys, are just incredible!

  3. Blair says

    Sorry but he looks anything but regular…in that outfit anyways. HE may be normal but there is something bizarrely ABnormal about what he’s got on.

  4. Mellynn says

    He’s a cute kid in a butt-ugly school uniform. Liz has a pretty good head on her shoulders…he should be fine.

  5. Elsa says

    He looks like a regular little boy – give him a break!
    Celebs are weird… baby w/ Bing, marry the weird Indian guy, but still all weird w/ Hugh…?

  6. Nicki says

    5. Me — Steven Bing, some millionaire playboy guy she was with for a while, who tried to deny he was the dad. Tests proved he was the dad. I don’t know what the contact is with him and Damian, but he has to pay support for him, which because of his income is a lot.

    The school uniform reminds me of an old time uniform. He doesn’t look bad, all the kids at his school wear the same thing. (reminds me of Angus Young:lol:)

  7. kimmy says

    #2- he looks like he should be in a movie like “The Omen” or “Children of the Corn,” or one of those movies. You’re right-he is creepy looking.

  8. 2teens3beans says

    Oh get real! He’s NOT creepy looking just because The Omen ruined the name Damian!
    I think he looks adorable in his school uniform and shoes.

  9. sharrie says

    Damian is creepy looking. I know thats not a nice thing to say about a child…but there is something about him…..Liz is probably pissed at the paparazzi…can’t blame her there….

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