Bridget Moynahan To Introduce Her Son On The Cover Of OK! Magazine This Week

Bridget Moynahan 

Bridget Moynahan and John Edward Thomas Moynahan will be on the cover of the issue of OK! Magazine that will hit newsstands this week WBZ of Boston reports! Read more here!



  1. Miapocca says

    I think they put a terrible caption on teh photo…life wihout daddy…I dount Bridgette will like that, but thats wha thappens whn you do a phot shot with the magazine…you are better off with the vanity fairs.,..

    but I guess you have to a have a publicist who will kiss arse to get you on all the right magazine ans liste…see Katie holmes..she used the power of being Mrs Cruis eto land vanity fair and the best dressed list..the other katie holmes would have not even been featured in star..ahahhahahhaha

    Seems liek Bridgette isnt using the Brady pull to add to hers..hmm she is really determined to do this as a single MOm,,I guess the name of the kids gives it all away, who the primary parent is!

    I am nto suprised, when a guy walk saway afer he knows you are pregnant..its can be quite heartbreaking.,..from what I hear, she was the one who broke up with him.,..probably one of those who cant tell you it sover but strst behaving wierd when they meet the new you do yourself a favor and let him GO…

    Anyway enough speculation, good luck to Bridgette,

  2. Miapocca says

    The pictures are in and sh elooks great,.,teh baby is adorable..lookd pretty big already with hair and all….he is going to be a BIG guy…August has some competition..ahhaha

    I love this girl..just a very positive woman goign about her life and making the best of circumstance…
    WHY ARE YOU SHOWING HER TOGETHER WITH case you havent heard they ar not TOGETHER…she is a woman of her own making so please stop insultign her by making her a part of a copule that no longer exists..Brady is licking Gissles arse in NY…

  3. kesta says

    Love Bridget. Can’t wait to see John. I don’t usually buy OK, but this week I will be sure to!

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