An Expectant Nicole Richie Continues Her Hawaiian Holiday

Nicole Richie 

An expectant Nicole was snapped sporting another bikini in Hawaii where she is on holiday with fiancé Joel Madden. The five-months pregnant Nicole and Joel, 28, have been in Hawaii to celebrate Nicole’s 26th birthday, which fell on September 21st. The couple is expecting their first child in January. 

Joel is clearly excited about their baby joy. “It’s the best thing that has ever happened to us. It’s awesome,” he reveals. “The baby has started kicking, and I’ve already gone out and bought a stroller and a playpen for the nursery.”



  1. Mommy 2 a Mixed Boy says

    LOL why should she stay home and sleep??? At 4 months I dont remember feeling fatigued. That was more in my 2nd month. Its good she enjoys her pregnancy by being out and about right now! In a few more months, she will really feel the weight of pregnancy and her huge belly will impede her from probably doing all the things shes doing now. I say GO NICOLE for having a wonderful time during her pregnancy! Staying home “resting” all the time is not necessarily healthy for a pregnant woman. Unless your dr. tells you to do so.

  2. says


  3. sunkissed says

    why can’t pregnant stars just stay home and rest? why this flying all over the world and back? STAY HOME PEOPLE AND GET SOME SLEEP!!!

  4. Deenah says

    Christina is five months pregnant too.Nicole looks like she is enjoying her birthday trip to Hawaii. Does anyone know if it’s a boy or a girl?I thought Joel was going to be one of those rocker boyfrinds who has no wives but, alot of children like most rockers but, apperently not.

  5. yummy says

    #5, Why would you wish someone to get married soon? You don’t know the state of their relationship. Just because they are having a child together does not mean they need to run out and get married.

    But I agree, she looks great. Hopefully she will retain some of the baby weight after the delivery and not go back to skin and bones.

  6. Kamineko says

    Wow! She has certainly filled out. Pregnancy agrees with her, she looks so healthy.I hope they will get married soon, though. I wish her and the baby the best!

  7. Lauren says

    Nic looks fantastic!! She is sooo much healthier and she’s just glowing!!! That’s motherhood 🙂

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