An Expectant Elisabeth Hasselbeck At Launch Of Wireless AMBER Alert Campaign

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

An expectant Elisabeth Hasselbeck, 30, was snapped at an event to launch the Wireless AMBER Alert Campaign on September 24th. She looks cute. Elisabeth and her husband are expecting their second child in November. They have a daughter named Grace Elisabeth, 2.


  1. betty says

    Elizabeth doesn’t have much on her resume, I see. She should thank her lucky stars for being in that show which is my favorite, “The View”. I don’t like her attitude at all. Now I don’t believe this has anything to do with being a republican or a democrat, but just simple idiotic. She might represent the younger viewers but I have daughter as young as her and younger and don’t like her either. So a lot of people her age I know. I have been watching the show for years and in the beginning Elizabeth hardly ever talk, I remember. I used to get mad because I related to her saying ” those damn fools don’t let her talk!” But someone one day said: “enough! give Elizabeth more air time and let her talk, without interruptions” , oh boy! she hates that! Don’t interrupt her because she will eat you alive. The producers of the show instead of giving her and Rosie, both a reprimand opted for letting Rosie go even when the ratings went up 30 percent. I haven’t watch much since Rosie left but let me tell you that I like Rosie even thought I don’t agree with her lifestyle. What ‘s in her live is not of my business but when she addresses the people she is real, not a fake. I love the fact that she speaks her mind and have strong convictions. So see even if I don’t agree with her sexual preference I respect her as a human being. And a lot of people don’t see that. Also she no also represents the gay community, she represents straight as well and these I valued. I have the feeling that in the day of the argument, someone yelled out” Rosie!! and sided with Elizabeth, that is probably what happened. Rosie felt betrayed and tougtht those girls were her friends but they were not. They reprimand both or none. No one or the other. I just saying that these ‘could have happened” like that. What else could have made a person quit their job, a great one for sure if your self esteem and pride would have been hurt. Rosie was an stand up comedian who had been in numerous movies, TV shows guest star and other ‘gigs’. Elizabeth married a quarterback and a great one too! Lucky her!! I applauded Rosie for writing the book “Celebrity Detox” and can’t wait to read it!

  2. SO Gross on so many levels... says

    She is nothing but a reality show reject who happened to marry a NFL quarterback then land a job on a ridiculous “talk show”. I am embarrassed by EVERYTHING that comes out of her mouth – she is after all – our “representative” on the show (younger women). She sounds as stupid and uniformed as she is – it’s sad, some people can cover that up – but not this moron. Look at her in the 2nd photo – it would get tiresome defending myself of being called an idiot, day in and day out – she should call it a day and sit in the stands with the rest of the NFL wives. GO AWAY MORON.

  3. Kelsey says

    #21 – Elisabeth was on Survivor: The Australian Outback (season 2), which helped launch her career.

  4. Just me says

    I think Elisabeth looks cute in these photos.
    I am a Republican, but that has nothing to do with why I side with EH. She sticks to her guns. Rosie does not. She gets mad when everyone doesn’t agree with her and ultimately quits the show. My God, it’s a chat fest talk show, what does she expect? The VIew hired people with different opinions on purpose to ‘stir up’ things.

  5. sara says

    I would like to know where in the heck she came from other than the View??? How did she land that job?

  6. Lesley says

    I’m not a fan of Elisabeth Hasslebeck either. Maybe when she has 2 children she’ll feel like staying home to take care of them, and will quit her job? That seems like the way she would feel, I’m surprised she’s still a working mother.

  7. Chain Saw says

    You’re the one spewing the hate, little lady.
    And your spelling and grammar shows your level of intellect! Ha ha!
    …Oh, and saying “most” is still a generalization and shows your prejudice. Your prejudice is directed at Republicans –doesn’t matter which people group it is. It’s still Prejudice, plain and simple.

    Elisabeth H. has more decency and kindness than you’ll ever show. Doesn’t matter what her “label” is. I’ll take her for a friend any day over you.
    –You really don’t practice what you preach. Ha!

  8. madison says

    to 13 if you could read i said most rep. “gays, black people, and anyone who speaks against ‘President’ Bush.” not allrep. i never meniotend if i was a rep. dem did i number 13 so dont spew you hate on me

  9. Chain Saw says

    To madison-
    I’m a Republican, not by label but only because I’ve voted that way in the last few elections, … and I’m none of those things you mentioned. I don’t hate “gays, black people, and anyone who speaks against ‘President’ Bush.”

    How would you like it if I just substituted “Democrat” for what you wrote?

    It looks like you’re the close-minded one, making sweeping statements like that!

  10. Nicki says

    OK ladies, I can’t stand Elizabeth either (I like the name Elizabitch better) but the wireless Amber Alert campaign is a great thing! It should be a given, not a campaign to make it happen. So if she shuts up about everything else to make this work, then good.
    She is cute, but I won’t watch the View because of her.
    The wireless Amber Alert is a must.
    I wish her the best on her newest delivery.

  11. madison says

    sorry i meant to said This woman is a judgemental republican hag.. MOST republicans who hate all gays, black people, and anyone who speaks against “President” Bush

  12. kimmy says

    Ok- people- one last thing- Rosie is a liberal- please don’t tell me that you think she is open-minded. She is one of the most close-minded people on the planet. She respects no one elses opinions and even gets angry when people don’t agree with her. She has issues.

  13. kimmy says

    Madison- I am an independent, because, in my opinion, both parties suck. Demos are just as close-minded as repubs.

  14. 2teens3beans says

    I’ll take the Rosie O’Donnel’s of the world any day over Hasselbeck.
    I cannot stand this woman, I lump her into the same category as Dubya and Limbaugh. Scary people!!!!

  15. Sandra says

    I agree with number 3 and actually I only agree because that is what I thought of her BEFORE Rosie was even on the show. It is a fine line between naive ness and close-mindedness, either way she has one or the other.

  16. Yep says

    Whatever. I can’t say much more for Rosie’s close mindedness when it comes to respecting other people’s values. If Rosie wants respect for her points of view, then she needs to respect the points of view of others. Seriously. You don’t have to agree with someone to respect a person. :rolleyes:

  17. madison says

    elisabeth is nothing but a close minded republican hope he or she is gay,so maybe she will be given an opportunity to see the world outside of her perspective which is of a closed minded

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