An Expectant Nicole Richie In Hawaii

Nicole Richie 

An expectant Nicole Richie was snapped while relaxing on the beach in Hawaii with her boyfriend Joel Madden this weekend. Nicole and Joel were in Hawaii to celebrate Nicole’s 26th birthday.



  1. winnie says

    I am really glad for her. There are so many celebs out there that milk pregnancy and children for all the PR mileage they can get (Jolie and Pitt come to mind, and there are others). But I don’t get that sense about this one, just that she’s sewn her wild oats and now she’s ready to have a family. I’ve seen her with her other siblings and I am sure she will make a great parent, and enjoy motherhood in the process.

    Best wishes

  2. carol hall says

    i am really happy for nicole .i think she looks good!the pounds be-come her…being thin (pre-pregnant days showed her to be a little too thin) i hope that her being blessed with child will follow her always with love and the spirit of God “s blessings…you go girl (nicole0 god bless you carol

  3. Missy says

    I think she looks just fine. I’ve seen women so skinny while they were pregnant it was like they had half a basketball under their blouse and the minute the baby was born your looking at them like “how come your not still bumpy?!” And then I’ve seen women that are pregnant ALL OVER, face, stomach, hands, feet, everywhere. I had a friend who was both. She’s a size 3 and when she was pregnant with her first daugher, she was young (17) and thin and carried every ounce of her baby weight in her stomach and like the day after she got out of the hospital she was back in her pre-baby jeans, and then with her second baby (when she was 21) she was pregnant EVERYWHERE! No joke, it looked like she had a fully inflated beach ball under her shirt. We all swore up and down that that baby was going to be huge, and she was born tiny. It all depends on the person. Nicole looks good.

  4. DMITZ says

    I think she’s having a boy and that’s why her hips look a bit wider and she’s not really carrying up front. JMO. I know it’s an old wives tale, but still…

  5. fee says

    She will be one of those people who put on the 20-30 lbs. of baby weight right in the belly. You can tell she is healthy-she doesnt have toothpicks for arms anymore. She may just have a very small frame naturally. I think she and the baby will be fine.

  6. Zbella says

    She does look very thin. Hopefully the baby is getting lots of good nutrients. I was very thin and had an 8 pound baby. 🙂

  7. JJ says

    I agree with you #18…she still look emaciated with a swollen belly just like the starving children in Ethiopia that you see on television. I’m pretty sure that she is taking it easy with the food for fear of putting on weight. I bet that once she gives birth she will be at the gym working out the very next day.

  8. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Nicole’s a small person. I personally think she looks really good considering where she was at even six months ago. I’m also due in January, and while I’m probably about a foot taller than Nicole, I’m similar width, proportionately. I took prenatal vitamins, I go to regular appointments, I don’t touch foods on the bad food list, and I feel like I’m eating food all day from the recommended foods list. People come in different sizes, and while Nicole certainly had weight issues not long ago, I think she is really trying her best.

  9. denise says

    She looks great!

    Her tattoo may be okay – I know mine was off while pregnant and now it looks just like it did before.

  10. JJ says

    Let’s face it, Nicole will probably give birth to a tiny baby – I’m guessing the child will be no more than 5 pounds.

  11. Julie says

    She looks great! That’s awesome that she’s wearing a bikini…show off that gorgeous bump!!!!!!!!

  12. 2teens3beans says

    She still seems very tiny to me. I guess I am basing this on how she used to look.
    As long as her Dr. thinks she is OK I guess that’s all that matters.

  13. Mellynn says

    It’s nice to see her looking so healthy…it looks good on her. Yep, Jenna, that’s a tat on her!! Hope she doesn’t have to have a c-section, b/c that thing is going buh-bye!!

  14. Jenna M. (UK) says

    She looks good. One question though: is that a tattoo just above the bikini bottoms or does she need to shave lol?

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