Salma Hayek & François Henri Pinault Welcomes A Daughter!

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek and her businessman fiancé, François Henri Pinault, are the parents of a baby girl, Valentina Paloma Pinault.

“Mother and daughter are doing well,” Salma’s publicist Cari Ross, said in a statement. No further details were released.

A source told People magazine that the Salma, 41, entered the hospital on Thursday and that François was present.

The daughter is the first child for Salma. François, 45, has two children from a previous marriage which ended in divorce in 2004.

The actress’s pregnancy was first revealed in March, at the same time that the couple announced they were engaged to be married.

And though she is first-time mom after 40, Salma spoke confidently of motherhood to Marie Claire magazine earlier this year, saying: “Motherhood is not for everyone. It is for me, but there’s no reason women should feel rushed to have a child.”




  1. mabel says

    Congrats.. it was a bout time that she had a baby i am so happy for her!! once again congrats and best wishes to parents and baby!!!

  2. Zbella says

    I agree #14. I’m sure she doesn’t mean any harm. Hopefully women can think for themselves and figure out the best time for them to have babies. I’m really glad I was younger when I had my first (but older than the national average) at 27.

  3. eminencegrise says

    I’m glad she had it because pregnancy certainly didn’t suit her. She looked a state – imagine how rough she’d have looked had she not had all that bloke’s money behind her?

    I think it’s really, really the wrong message to send that women should delay childbearing.

    Salma was very lucky.

    Some are not.

    I waited till my 30s not out of choice at all, and wish I’d been younger when I had my first.

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