1. Carol says

    Very pretty lady, but lets face it she was no angel, she married Charlie and we all know about Charlie, then she dated her best friends husband while they were still married. I don’t think she has a brain in her head.

  2. Fillup says

    If Denise is the skank as everyone says she is, than she is the most Beautiful & Gorgeous skank I have ever seen !! Sweet yummy lady.

  3. oriana says

    I really think there may be something mentally wrong with Denise! Something doesn’t sound right to me! I know Charlie was a whore dog, and prob still is, but I don’t think he would ever hurt or harm those two girls! I bet Martin Sheen is having fits!!!!!!!

  4. jules says

    Biggest Media whore ever. There’s a few pictures of her in my latest copy of In Touch “just hangin’ out with the girls having ice cream” and she’s wearing friggin’ FALSE EYE LASHES in the pictures. Planned photo op, ya think? Hmmm.

    It’s very well known and has been spoken of that she does alert the paps to where she’s going to be. She did the very same thing when she was with Sambora. She’d call the paps to take pics of the 2 of them to stick it to Locklear. Nice.

  5. Elsa says

    I agree…she is media ho. And after putting out those new “charges” against Charlie, she wants to Pose as Mom of the Year. Poor kids. She is a skank.

  6. SQUEEKY SUE says

    I think this woman is skanky, if there was a worlds worst mother award she woud win over Britney any day in my opinion.

  7. Elizabeth says

    I find it is interesting that Denise finds herself always out with her kids while the paparazii are around. Does she have them on speed dial?

  8. Mellynn says

    She’s such a poser. What a fake. I don’t think the “well-being” of her kids is really valued when she takes them out ALL THE TIME for paparazzi opportunities. Cute kids, but she makes me sick.

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