Charlotte Church & Gavin Henson Welcome A Daughter

Charlotte Church

Songstress Charlotte Church, 21, and Gavin Henson have welcomed a daughter. A spokeswoman for Charlotte said: “A baby girl was born sometime on Thursday evening or possibly Friday morning. Midwives were present at the home birth.”

Charlotte lives in England with rugby player boyfriend Gavin Henson. Gavin, 25, was present at the birth and the couple’s daughter weighed just over 6 pounds.

Chuarlotte announced her pregnancy in March, when she said she was “delighted” with the news.

The Wales-born singer was first discovered on a British talent show. In 1999, she had a worldwide hit debut album titled Voice Of An Angel.

Now Charlotte is a British TV talk show host.

Congratulations! I wonder if she has named her daughter Ava…I remember hearing that she was favoring that name! And then Myleene Klass named her daughter Ava.



  1. Kamineko says

    Congrats to them! I have 4 daughters, and had 2 of them all natural (no drugs, etc) Water births were not available at the time.
    Hope to see a pic of the baby soon-cute name!

  2. nioami - uk says

    Yep im just gna confirm ur all rite bout baby ryby megan’s name – they just announced it on Wles today (the welsh news for you who dont know waht that is!) maybe i shud change my name 2 nioami – wales! wat do u think?

  3. Mammy from Wales says

    Congratulations to Charlotte & Gavin!!

    They live in Wales (which is not a part of England, Wales is it’s own country).

    The baby’s name is Ruby Megan. I bet she’ll b beautiful as both her parents are gorgeous.

  4. paige says

    No thats not her name. Charlottes mum has said the middle name is Maria but the first name isn’t being released until the magazine they have a deal with comes out.

  5. SQUEEKY SUE says

    She lives in Wales NOT England. Thats like saying that Denise Richards lives in Canada, because it is part of North America.

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