Catherine Zeta-Jones At No Reservations Premiere In Tokyo

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Hooray! What a gorgeous pic of Catherine at the premiere of No Reservations in Tokyo on September 18th.


  1. dori says

    #14 I agree she’s beautiful but I really dislike the animal print dress. Ans this is a baby website Lets stick to babies ok?

  2. dragob says

    This is a baby site. If I wanted a site where I could compliment adults who spend thousands of dollars to get dressed up so other people can just praise them I would look for the emmy or grammy site. More babies please!!!!!

  3. kendell says

    ok TRISH enought with the woflandrabbit thing you post it on every single post do you work for them or something

  4. Zbella says

    I was RWP & SP’s daughter in a magazine years ago – really beautiful girl. Of course I love CZJ too!

  5. Mellynn says

    Andrea, for some reason the Penns don’t take their kids “out” much. Pretty private people, I guess. But I bet their kids are gorgeous!

    Catherine should really have another baby…she seems like a really grounded, good mother.

  6. Andrea says

    She looks great. You know, I’d like to see some pictures of Sean Penn and Robin Wright’s kids. He’s in the news lately and I thought, “I’ve never seen their kids before.”

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