An Expectant Milla Jovovich At The Premiere Of Resident Evil: Extinction

Milla Jovovich

An Expectant Milla Jovovich was snapped at the Resident Evil: Extinction premiere in Las Vegas at the Planet Hollywood Resort on September 20th.


  1. Kamineko says

    She looks so healthy! I personally wouldn’t wear the bright lipstick AND the shiny dress at once, but that’s just moi. Congrats to her on the upcoming babe.

  2. tam says

    I love how she didn’t care how much weight she put on.. unlike all the other celebrities in hollywood who need to stand still at 110 lbs pregnant. when is she due? shes so cute!

  3. 2teens3beans says

    #5 I solemnly vow to never ever shop at rabbit and wolf or ever click on that link… because you are a PITA and nobody believes that all those celebrities shop there.

  4. JJ says

    Pregnancy does not suit her…her face looks very different with all the weight on it. Mila is a gorgeous woman but I prefer her with her pre-pregnancy physique.

  5. kimmy says

    Don’t care for the hair or makeup. She needs to go more natural with her makeup. Pregnant women are so pretty and glowing anyways. The bangs are bugging me too. But congrats anyways!

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