Denise Richards & Sam

Denise Richards

Denise was snapped enjoying a day out in Malibu on Wednesday with Sam, 3, and Lola, 2, (not pictured).

What an adorable pic!



  1. Ellen Wartinbee says

    Denise sounds like a selfish mother. I hate “Mother & Daughter” that looks selfish. She should share the custody with Charlie.

  2. Why? says

    “OHhh – she’s such a great mom!” Why????? Because she poses like a moron with her kids? Get a clue – a few rag mag photos back she was almost fornicating with Sambora on a public beach – yeah, she’s a reeeeaalll good mom. Her girls are soooo lucky to have her for a role model – can’t wait to see the pics of them with their boyfriends – should be fun to watch them emulate their “Awesome” mom.

  3. Elsa says

    This is quite like the Britney/K-Fed mess…both parents are questionable. Denise strikes me as a mess and an opportunist.

  4. SQUEEKY SUE says

    I don’t like this lady she seems to me to take any oppurtunity to ‘pose’ for the paparazzi, she is a media wh***. Get a life lady.

  5. Blair says

    YAY! I love seeing pics of Sam! What a cutie! I like her outfit and little ponytail! I hate when people say she doesn’t smile. Have you EVER been to aren’ ? There are TONS of pictures where she is smiling or laughing. Do the research before picking on a sweet little girl.

  6. lori says

    Sam doesn’t look the same smiling, her hair sure is getting long, glad she doesn’t have the usual blanket stuck in her mouth. I think Denise is being unfair to Charlie. Poor kids, caught in the middle of a very messy situation!

  7. Mellynn says

    Amazing the little girl can look somewhat happy given what a troublemaker her mother is. Poor kids don’t have a chance at normalcy.

  8. Miapocca says

    well seems like sam is old enough to tread, so Denise better be careful about filing PUBLIC PUBLIC papers on their dad..because wether its true or not the kids will just hate you for causing trouble

  9. 2teens3beans says

    #11 Yes, I just read that she named the baby Valentina Paloma. Also Charlotte Church had her baby girl, no name announced yet.

  10. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Oh my word that little profile of hers is like a little shrunken down version of her daddy’s!!

  11. Candy says

    Sam looks great & also Denise … By the way Salma Hayek welcome her first child a baby girl …congratulations

  12. colleeny says

    Time and time again you can see in the pictures what a great mom Denise is……..she’s a real hands on mom!

  13. Lurker says

    #6 Glad to see I’m not the only one that thinks she might be just a tad, um, ‘unstable’ ..LOL!

    In all honestly, of course, I have no IDEA what Charlie Sheen is like, as a husband or a father..but I tend to get a weird feeling about her, like she’s just trying to make trouble JUST to make trouble. To get attention, almost.. :o/

    But in any case there are two innocent little girls in that mess–so I hope it works out however is best for Sam and Lola.
    Not for Denise OR Charlie..for SAM and LOLA.

    #2–LOL! 😉

  14. DMITZ says

    Cute pic of Sam. I can’t believe all the stuff going on their custody battle. Denise sounds psycho!

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