Brad Pitt Opens Up About How Fatherhood Cured His Sadness

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt says being a father has given him something that his celebrity and wealth never could – a way to escape a sadness that’s clung to him since his days as a boy growing up on the Missouri prairie.

“It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever taken on,” Brad said of parenting on ABC’s Good Morning America on Thursday. “It’s the most difficult, the most rewarding and the most fun. I think this is the greatest thing I could possibly achieve, and hats off to all the parents out there.”

Brad says his happiness as a dad was made clear to him while playing Jesse James in the new film The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

Jesse James also grew up in Missouri, and Brad found himself reconnecting with his past – one defined by a general sense of melancholy that he said is deeply ingrained in the prairie culture.

“He’s from the same area that I’m from,” Brad said. “I was surprised how much that meant to me in the end, to do something that had a connection with home.”

But it also brought back what he called the “congenital sadness” of the region. “It’s something that I feel in my grandparents, in the people I’ve met, in a Southern way of life,” said Brad. “It’s something pervasive, an undercurrent that I think Christianity answers.”

For Pitt, having children helped lift the cloud. “They say the funniest things I’ve ever heard,” he said. “They’re the funniest people I’ve ever met.”

A lot of the skill of parenting, he said, comes from instinct. But it doesn’t hurt to have some help.

“One of the things I’m most happy about for my kids,” Brad said, “is that they have a mother, I think, because she’s amazing.”


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  1. Celia says


  2. Anzhelika says

    Boring….I am fed up to hear about Brad and Angelina and their everlasting adoptions..
    It would be better if they donate some money to help orphans or children who suffer cancer,AIDS,etc..
    This is the real care about children,not just to make happy few of them.

  3. Tia :) says

    ps. I dont think he was complaining about his childhood at all…like #25-Essie said, he just felt stuffed up there! I have never ever herd him complain ince about his mother..from what iv read, he loves her dearly.

  4. Tia :) says

    24- That child is LUCKY to have the gene pool she has. Im sorry, but she comes from 2 beautiful, loving parents…:P

  5. Nicki says

    essie~ Well said.

    If anyone bothered to read Brads latest interview (from him himself, not a source or friend of a source) they would know he loved the one on one he got from his parents when hopped into bed and got to talk one on one about anything they wanted to chat about. He mentions loving that and doing it with his children. That is a special time with his children with them. It sounds nice.. My Mom sometimes worked nights while we were younger (3-5 months here or there, never for more than that) But my Mom was a stay at home Mom. Dad worked construstion work. Winters were hard bringing the regular paycheck.

    But our parents were always thier to say goodnight and tuck us in, except for the company Christmas party or thier Anniversary celerbration every year. (That is the 2 times a year she got my Dad out of the house:lol:) I love my parents and I had a great life while I was a child, so did my 2 brothers.
    A parents love and 2 parents love will only ensure stability and stability in any child.

  6. essie says

    Brad’s movie is doing very good business in limited release, according to the AP and they should know. Don’t worry, it probably won’t do blockbuster business since it’s almost three hours long so you can still gloat!!!

    My intrepretation of what Brad was saying about living in Missouri is not that his childhood was unhappy or awful but that he felt limited and stiffled living there. That happens a lot when a child is artistic and wants to spread his/her wings. But, of course, anybody can intrepret what Brad says as they wish, especially if you don’t like him.

    Angelina has always praised her mother so how bad could her childhood have been?

  7. Gina says

    Brad is now copying Angelina with a sob story about his childhood. I remember him saying that he had a happy childhood on Oprah. Any way I agree he spounds more stupid each day. Poor Shiloh, what a gene pool, stupid and scheming. Any though his movie is in limited release, it is not doing well. KARMA

  8. Al says

    Hmmm, I grew up in Missouri as well and I had a wonderful, happy childhood. I was much sadder living in L.A.-I find that lifestyle much more unsatisfying than the Midwest.
    Also, Missouri has very little prairie, especially not in Springfield where he grew up.

  9. essie says

    Deeds, I said Zee could not have a hip problem because she was running, climbing, sliding down poles and jumping while in Central Park with her father. It was obvious she had no problems with her hip. Also, Brad’s publicist said that Zee has no hip problem nor any sort of health problem. She said that’s what she told the tabloid but they printed the negative story anyway.

    I don’t know “all about” the Jolie-Pitts, I just don’t pay attention to what the tabloids say!!!

  10. Marti says

    Tish is beginning to sound like an idiot. And I didn’t see anything I particularly liked at Wolfandrabbit. Sheesh, enuf already.

  11. lori says

    I do have to say that the fact that Brad has shown more love and affection for three adopted kids that look nothing like him, over his own flesh and blood, do not have his DNA proves that he does have a good heart and a strong character. I think he will be a very good father to as many kids as he can adopt! Very lucky children and Brad is happy!

  12. lori says

    #15, Mel, you are funny! I had to laugh, and you are right, Brad is sounding more and more everyday like Angie is writing his interviews for him!

    Being famous is not the same as being popular!

  13. Deeds says

    I read about Z needing an operation and asked about it a pic or so ago. Essie, who seems to know everything about AJs clan, claims Z does not need one.

  14. SQUEEKY SUE says

    I read the other day that Zahara needs a Hip op for a congential hip problem, I wonder if that is why she is carried all the time.

  15. Denise says

    They aren’t a good match. Just because they adopt kids doesn’t mean they are a good match. One of these days they will separate like all the celebrities do. And no amount of kids is going to keep them together. Then there will be a huge battle over custody which Angie will get because she started the whole adoption thing and Brad will just get visitation. It’s coming. It comes to all the celebrities no matter who they are. And how on earth do you know they don’t fight about things? Even the best of parents fight about things. They can’t be that perfect of a couple like some people would like to believe. They are on too high a pedistal for some of you and when they fall they will fall hard. It’s going to be such a disappointment for you when it does happen. Oh and I don’t hate them. I just look at reality.

  16. Mel says

    If Brad got any cheezier and sounded more like Jloie, I would scream. I a so tired of being tired of him. He is shallow and annoying and hardly ever seems to have an independent mind. I guess his movie will not fare any better than a mighty flop.

  17. lori says

    Well what exactly have the kids ever worn from there? I don’t see any of the clothes on the site ever worn by the kids?

  18. shefindsu says

    “One of the things I’m most happy about for my kids,” Brad said, “is that they have a mother, I think, because she’s amazing.”

    They have a mother I think? Not sure what he is trying to say here but I do like what he says. They explain further why he fell in love with Angie. They have the same desires and needs for more than fame. He didn’t have that with Jen. I think Jen made him more sad because of her reluctance to give him what he needed….not just wanted but needed. I just wish they would make it legal. I’m old fashioned that way. I think they are great together.

  19. Go Bradgelina! says

    How are they not a good match? They’re raising their kids in a loving household, if they weren’t a good match they wouldn’t have made the leap to become parents to all those kids. Obviously they felt ready together, and they’re still happy and working it out even WITH all the kids. I think that’s a very good match. A bad match would have known it after parenting the first one, and fighting all the time about things, but they don’t.

    Good for them. Don’t hate on AJ either!

  20. Denise says

    Yes, very old picture! But who cares? With all those kids how does he and AJ even get together? Hhmmmm, maybe that’s why they keep adopting. So they won’t have to be together and have to face the fact that they aren’t a good match.

  21. Zbella says

    OK – now that’s just AWESOME!

    My husband is from the same Missouri area and he is so right about the out-look. My dear husband was a very lonely child and teenager and finally in adulthood can enjoy lots of friends and his beautiful family.

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