1. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Congratulations to Mary-Louise on her new daughter, and to the daughter on finding a mummy!

    Does anybody know how old the little girl is, which country she was adopted from and what she is called?

  2. Miapocca says

    Zahara is just spoile..I think because she was sooo sick earlier on that she needed so much attention form her parents..I hope she doenst grow up with it to become a Noami campbell….but with a mother like JOlie, we should be gratelful she is just a sour puss and not pyscho…

  3. Lurker says

    #15..I used to feel the same way about just an overall unfriendly, unpleasant even, child. I really didn’t even enjoy seeing pictures of her.
    But I’ve seen enough pics of her recently where she’s actually SMILING that I decided maybe she’s not such a sourpuss anymore!
    Though I’m not a fan of that family, I think I got a different feeling about HER when I saw the video of she and Brad Pitt together and she was pointing at the camera and just jabbering away a few months back.
    Made her seem more like a “normal kid”. At least as normal as she can be, with paparazzi’s in her face all the time. :-/

  4. Lurker says

    #13..I do hope you’re wrong..but I can see that, too. 🙁

    But, I guess as long as the kids are being given a good life, I guess that’s better than the life they would have had if they’d been left in the bad circumstances many of them were in.
    And I also hope they are all being adopted out of the love and desire to give these kids a better life, and to make the adopting parents happy, and not to just give themselves some good PR.
    I HAVE to believe that is the case for the families we read about.

    Just trying to think positive! 🙂

  5. JJ says

    She’s cute!! I like her better than Zahara…Z has too much attitude…she’s beginning to remind me of Naomi Campbell.

  6. Nicki says

    Cute lil girl. I wonder what her name is and how old she is. Her dress is pretty, very colorful.
    I haven’t seen a pic of Will in a long time……Anyone know of one recently, the last year or so???

  7. Elsa says

    While I think international adoption is a good thing, I get this creepy feeling that most of Hollywood is doing it because it is the latest accessory and that worries me.

  8. Miapocca says

    Crudup Leaves Wife for Claire Danes?
    21 November 2003 (WENN)
    Almost Famous actor Billy Crudup has left his pregnant partner Mary-Louise Parker to begin a romance with long-term pal Claire Danes, according to reports in his native America. Crudup – who has known the Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines actress for years – has been with Parker for seven years and she is currently in the late stages of pregnancy with their first child. However, according to website Page Six.Com, Crudup, 35, and 24-year-old Danes have become much closer as they work on upcoming movie Compleat Female Stage Beauty, prompting both to leave their long-term loves. Danes has been dating Australian rocker Ben Lee for many years and their relationship was thought to be one of the strongest celebrity pairings. But a source tells the website, “They (Crudup and Danes) have been friends for years. They share the same agent and know each other from the New York scene, but they never got romantically involved until they starred in this last movie together.” Another adds, “Claire left Ben Lee, and she and Billy say they are now in love. Everyone is appalled with Billy and what he has done to Mary Louise.”

  9. Miapocca says

    She had a baby with Crudup a boy, …Crudup run off with claire danes when she was 8 months pregnant, but she named teh baby after crudup..The relationship with Clair Danes fizzled out, danes with anotehr man and Crudup has ruined his realtionship with his son foreever because of a 1minute kcuf

    Crudup Begs Parker for Visitation Rights
    20 December 2004 (WENN)
    Actor Billy Crudup has allegedly begged Mary-Louise Parker to let him visit their 11-month-old son, because he wants his child to see his dying father Thomas. Parker is still furious Crudup left her when she was seven months pregnant, to date his Stage Beauty co-star Claire Danes, but she’s reportedly considering accompanying Crudup on a trip to South America so their child William can visit his sick grandfather, website NYDailyNews.Com reports. An insider explains, “Mary-Louise refuses to let Billy take him out of state for fear that Billy will take Claire. She doesn’t want Claire to see William, ever. But she offered to take the baby down herself because she feels for Billy and she wants his father to see his grandson.” Parker’s representative adds, “Mary-Louise Parker and Billy Crudup are working hard together on all matters for the sake of the baby.”

  10. ink says

    is it true mary- louise parker baby is a boy his name is william .he is 3 years old . isaw the web today morning .but iam not sure if it true

  11. 2teens3beans says

    What a precious baby though she looks a little overwhelmed with this new world she is suddendly living in… I hope Mary-Loise takes that into consideration. It’s not Africa anymore.

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