Eddie Vedder Explains How Fatherhood Fueled His Anger

Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder, who used to rock out as the lead singer of Pearl Jam, says that fatherhood has not mellowed him. He is now the father of a three-year-old daughter named Olivia.

“When I had a child, everyone was telling me that I was going to see the world through her eyes, and everything was going to get this nice gloss to it,” Eddie told reporters at Tuesday’s Into the Wild press conference in West Hollywood. “I kept waiting for that to happen, and thought there was a real problem with me that it wasn’t.”

Eddie, 42, says, “It was a different reaction. It wasn’t the glowy lovey-dovey. It fueled my anger.” Vedder’s daughter, Olivia, was born to girlfriend Jill McCormick in 2004.

The Pearl Jam frontman, who performs on the film’s soundtrack and is friends with Into the Wild director Sean Penn, blames current events for his emotions.

“I realized that I was getting more angry – the exact opposite – and maybe it was because of the times, three years ago and what’s still happening. … All of a sudden, I saw the world as her world that they were messing with. That really pissed me off.”

He has kept a low profile in recent years, and fatherhood has forced Eddie to question his attitude about life, he says.

“I don’t know what I’m going to say when she sees pictures of me hanging 30 feet off a rafter, over a crowd,” Eddie says. “At a certain point, you realize you have a responsibility more behind yourself and your need for adrenaline. I’m glad I did things in my 20s that were more reckless.”

One of Pearl Jam’s most popular songs, “Alive,” is reportedly based semi-autobiographically on Eddie’s childhood. Eddie insists that as a father he won’t repeat his caretakers’ mistakes.

“I’m trying to break any chain of negative parenting that I might have survived,” he says. “I know that she’s going to go through a time where she has to assert her independence. I’m going to have to just encourage that.”

Despite his emotions, Eddie feels like he is a good father to his daughter.

Eddie boasts, “I think she’s going to have a great upbringing. … Already, she’s been provided a life of travel. I didn’t get to New York until 25 or Europe until I was 26. She’s been to all these places six or seven times. She’s beyond me in terms of her comfortability around other people, to this day.”



  1. says

    Eddie is so philosophical and hot!! Seriously, though, he has the balls to stick up for what’s right and true..and I understand his feelings regarding the sad state of affairs the world is in now…I am a little bit younger than him ..3 years or so..and I know how he feels…things weren’t “PERFECT” when I was a kid, but now it’s a whole different ballgame… I guess we just have to have the belief that at some point this young generation has to stand up and make the most of this world…..I have 4 kids of my own…and as a mom I know that there is good in people, not only bad……….too bad the kids are listening to such suckass music….at least we had cool music to relate to when things seemed unbearable!!!

  2. Lurker says

    Well put, Tiffany.

    I agree that sometimes as adults we just tend to accept life and all of it’s messes as they are..but when it comes to our children’s lives. we just want, ‘better’, you know?
    At least I know that’s what I’d like to be able to see for my own kids.
    Not that I suffered or anything, and IMO, my upbringing was ‘safer’ in many ways..just the TIME and all that..but all I can see really wanting for my own kids is for them to have a great life–and when you see the way many things look these days, I have to agree with Eddie Vedder..it’s enough to tick anyone off.

    I think it makes you see why some people say that they don’t WANT to bring kids into this world. Obviously I don’t necessarily agree with that, but I can see why some people might feel that way.

    I just try and hold to the fact that there is still hope! 🙂

  3. Tiffany says

    Renee, why take offense to him saying “HIS daughter”? I think he meant her generation of kids and I see no reason to take offense. It is interesting the things we can overlook because we have become used to them or desensitized to them but when it could and possibly will affect our children, I think everyone gets alittle more concerned and protective. I think he is just being a good dad.
    If everyone cared a little more about the future maybe things would start to look on the up and up. You know?

  4. Zbella says

    Renee – do you have children? I was 9 months pregnant on 9/11/2001. Believe me, it makes a HUGE difference.

  5. Renee says

    Eddie says that “it’s her world they’re messing with’??? The world belongs to ALL of us, not just HIS daughter. Why is it that only when someone becomes a parent that he or she suddenly gets all excited about the world not being a great place? Where was the concern for people in general and the world not being a great place for all of us, not just one particular child.

  6. Julie says

    Good for him for being honest about his feelings. Pearl Jam was huge when I was in high school, and Eddie Vedder was so cool and crazy and grungy and we all loved it. I think it’s great to see that he cares so much for his daughter and has gained a new perspective of life and the world. He’s right, his daughter is lucky to be exposed to all kinds of different people and travel around the world. He’ll be so protective of her because he knows about all the bad stuff that can happen. She’s beautiful and I’m so happy for him that he’s a dad!

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