Two-Year-Old Girl Saves Mother By Dialing 911!

Alana Miller

I thought this was an amazing story!

A 2-year-old girl called 911 after her mother collapsed inside their home.

Erika Miller was playing with her daughter, Alana, on Thursday night when a migraine suddenly hit her.

“Usually, I can take care of it with medication, but I was out of the medication I normally use for that,” she said.

Erika took some painkillers, but they didn’t stop the trouble ahead.

“I remember feeling a little bit dizzy,” she said. “Took two or three more steps and hit the floor.”

Little Alana watched as her mother collapsed in the next room. She then walked up to the coffee table, picked up the phone and dialed 911.

“While she was on the phone she said ‘Mama owie, mama owie,'” said Petty Officer William Cummings, with Naval Air Station Whidbey Island.

Those two words sent Cummings to Alana’s house.

Meanwhile, Alana had fetched a blanket and a teddy bar for her shivering mother.

When Navy security knocked, Alana went to the door and let them in, somehow opening the deadbolt that her parents thought was out of her reach. Inside, he found Erika on the floor. Then she went over and sat next to her mom, rubbing her on the back.

“She was real calm,” Erika said. “She wasn’t crying or screaming or getting in the way.”

Paramedics took Erika to the hospital.

“I was shocked to hear my 2 year old had the ability and knowledge to call 911,” she said. “She’s got a very big vocabulary in English and German.”

It turns out she had learned it all from Erika, who is a volunteer for the Red Cross.

“I had shown her a few months ago. ‘This is what you do when there’ s a big owie’ or what buttons to push. Maybe some of it sunk in,” she said.

Erika was released from the hospital on the same day. She said she has had several CAT scans, but the results didn’t reveal any underlying problems.

Erika says she now has the correct medication, but says she finds comfort in knowing that Alana knows what to do in case of an emergency.

And, it turns out, Alana knows quite a few words for a 2 year old, in both English and in German.

“I’m so proud of her,” Erika said.





  2. Lurker says’s on YouTube too..putting in “Momma Owie” seems to bring it up several places on the web as well.
    I think all of them are mainly copies of the KOMO interview, but it’s still a little bit of everywhere! You and Alana are pretty famous! 🙂

    I can’t believe my comment is STILL “awaiting moderation”..
    ever since September 19th, 2007 at 8:52 pm !
    By the time it shows up the links I put in probably won’t work at all!!

  3. jules says

    Erica you must be so proud of her and yourselves for bringing up such an amazing, beautiful little girl. You are so Blessed x

  4. Zbella says

    Erika – congrats to you! Alana is an adorable & amazing little girl. Best wishes to you all – and no more migraines for you.

  5. Tia :) says

    Erika- You are truly blessed, you must be a proud mommy to have such a smart little girl!! I do hope that you feel better, and never have to go through that again! I get bad migraines, but i can honestly say i have never had them that bad!

  6. Erika Miller says

    Yes, we are very proud of our little darling. She’s extremely smart and constantly learning.
    In addition to my job as a teacher and coach, I volunteer for the Island Country, (WA state) American Red Cross as an instructor trainer and board member. Alana has been with me as I taught First Aid, CPR and Lifeguard training classes over the last couple of years and I’m sure some of the training has sunk in.
    If anyone would like to see the news footage go to or and put “2 year old saves mother” in their little search bar and the video will come up.
    We feel it’s good the information is out because so many people feel a 2 year old is incapable of this kind of behavior/learning and Alana proves that just because a 2 year old has a limited vocabulary, doesn’t mean they have limited mental abilities and ARE constantly absorbing new material and storing it away for reference.
    I’m sick of seeing children in the news that are being abused, molested, kidnapped and all bad, I’m so thankful that Alana’s selfless act can be a happy story involving children.
    I am feeling better, and hope I don’t get another migraine like that again. I do get them from time to time, but it hasn’t been that bad in a while. Thanks for all the good thoughts.
    Alana is an amazing child and we are blessed to have her in our lives.

  7. Lurker says

    Thanks, Tia..but it didn’t help, so I’m sure it is related to linking off-site.

    Sadly I think they’ve removed the 911 call that was on there–maybe it will show up again eventually, but for now, it appears to be off the site.
    But in it you could hear Alana saying “Momma owie.” every time the operator asked her if mommy was there, and repeating ”momma owie?” to her.
    She must have said it about three really was pretty remarkable, IMO.

  8. Tia :) says

    Lurker, i find that happens to me sometimes too. Try closing the web page and re-opening, and try posting again!

  9. Lurker says

    Apparently my response is awaiting “moderation”..I’m guessing it’s because I posted the links to some video of the story.
    But if they allow my post, you can check out the links for yourself if you’d like (one even has the actual 911 recording)…and we were shocked and highly impressed with the fact that she knew what to do too! 🙂

  10. Sandra says

    Lurker that is awesome! I haven’t seen the news lately; I will try to find it on a local site here. Alana has the cutest most heartwarming smile to add to the happy life saving story. I live close to Marysville how about you?

    Dmitz I am ignoring your low bullying intelligence, too bad the WM doesn’t believe in an ignore button as you would have been added a long time ago.

  11. Kelsey says

    I too am really surprised and delighted to find this local story on Babyrazzi! I am from Washington state and grew up on Naval Air Station Whidbey Island where my father was stationed. I love the fact that this story was reported on this site, even though no celebrities are involved!

  12. phnxgirl says

    DMITZ, I didn’t mind the Britney video. 😉 I would have probably never seen it otherwise!

    That story made me teary. My son is three and I don’t know if he would have know what to do in that situation!

  13. Tia :) says

    Lurker- That is soo awesome that you know this family!! She has to be the smartest little girl ever!

  14. Lurker says

    Yes, Sandra (#15) they do. He (Dad) is in the military.
    In fact you can also read the story on at least one of the local TV Stations too (KOMO, I think) and it even has a video.

  15. DMITZ says

    Sandra you are juvenile for even commenting in the 1st place. Back off and let me state my opinions. Ditz… really classic… really mature.

    Your one of those types of people that doesn’t like people to express their opinions don’t you?

  16. Sandra says

    Oh I was going to ask Lurker…do these people live in Washington? I only ask because there is a Whidbey Island not far from where I live.

  17. Sandra says

    Whoo Hoo I am a loser just like Ditz, I mean DMITZ cuz I have to post about Britney and bring her up in every convo that lives. That tells me right there that YOU are the fan of Britney. I have NEVER once said I am a fan of her. Sure I liked her music BACK in the day. Now I think she needs help, but that is IMO. I don’t trash talk her like others do because I don’t know her. I along with the MANY others that have complained under the Britney photos about her don’t really want to READ or SEE her all the time. GROW UP and go to school or maybe parenting classes just like your Brit Brit!

    And to tell me to shut it is very rude, but you wouldn’t understand that. I never said anything rude to you!

  18. boo says

    Wow, Well all I can say is those parents are doing their job right, What an unbelieveably smart little girl…. they should be (and NO doubt they are) Very Proud of this little Angel, Because that is exactly what she is.~*

  19. DMITZ says

    She is amazing, isn’t she? I can’t believe a 2 yr old knew how to do all that! I bet she is getting non-stop kisses from mommy 🙂

    Thanks Tia, I appreciate the comment.

  20. Lurker says

    I can’t believe babyrazzi has this story!!

    We are actually friends with these people..known Alana since she was only a couple of months old..and when Erika told us about it at a birthday party over the weekend we were all so shocked..and now here it is WAY beyond our area!

    She was just as shocked that Alana knew what to do…she said they’d “practiced” calling 911 on her play phone but never thought they’d need it.
    And though they were surprised, both mom and dad are very proud of their little girl and her having had the “presence of mind” to do it at all.

  21. Tia :) says

    DMITZ, thank you for the Britney info! I can’t believe that there is NOTHING about her on here! I can’t believe that girl! and yet i also can’t help but feel sorry for her…she really is lost and does need help ASAP!

    Anyways, This little girl is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Her parents must be soo proud! Such a smart child!

  22. cyberkitten37 says

    AWWWWWW” Meanwhile, Alana had fetched a blanket and a teddy bar for her shivering mother! ”

    THAT made me friggin bawl! What a brave and smart little girl! Her parents must be so proud!!

  23. says

    Shut it Sandra. You’ve already tried stomping on me before since you are a Britney fan, and since you didn’t win before, don’t try it again.

  24. Sandra says

    This story is amazing! Way to go to the mother for teaching her daughter what to do in an emergency!!

    #5 Yes you are taking away from the 2 year old who saved her mother! Not every thread needs to be about Britney.

  25. says

    Britney is so beyond sad. Click on my name.

    BTW, I know this thread is about the amazing 2 yr old and I’m not taking away that fact that she saved her mother’s life. I think it’s amazing!

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