Scary News About The Prevnar Vaccine

You should definitely read this article! It is incredibly frustrating, but still important to know. The Prevnar vaccine came out in 2000 (the year my son was born) and he received it on the typical schedule, and I remember one week after he received it when he was two he came down with a massive ear infection and so did I. Neither of us had ever had an ear infection before.  I just find it maddening how the drug companies keep pushing all these new vaccines and our kids are basically being experimented upon. Now, they are pushing the HPV/Cervical Cancer vaccine for girls.


  1. pediatrician says

    As a pediatrician who gives thousands of children vaccines and has taken care of children with pneumococcal meningitis and sepsis the prevnar vaccine has completely changed medicine as we know it in a positive way. Approximately 500-1000 children used to die per year from meningitis. The other majorly important vaccines as I see it are DATA especially for the pertusiss, the hib vaccine which has completely eliminated epiglotitis. Rotavirus mmr and varicella. These are all important and definitely. Don’t cause autism.

  2. Rhizo says

    I stumbled across this site while and was disturbed by what I read. As a scientist who studies Streptococcus pneumoniae I can confidently tell you that the vaccine did NOT cause your ear infection. Prevnar is a conjugate vaccine that only contains pieces of capsule (think of it as armor for the bacteria) from the 7 most common strains found in children. There are NO bacteria in the vaccine, therefore it could have not caused your ear infection.

  3. sernadak says

    How is the safety of our children scaremongering or bad? The drug companies do have to go through many tests before putting a new drug or vaccine on the market, BUT they don’t always tell the whole story to the public or in pamphlets attached to drugs. And sometimes what the government agencies consider “safe” only means the risks are within a certain range to be considered ok. Like our mainstream milk has a “safe” amount of pus per parts. I’m sorry, but even a small amount of something potentially deadly is not acceptable for me and my family. Alumuminum and Thimerisol in our vaccines is completely unwarranted and dangerous. Other countries have found ways around this, why can’t we? I think it’s more about money than safety.

  4. Kiwi Mum says

    I have a question.

    The Prevenar vac has just been introduced to New Zealand and I am after some info from mums who have and haven’t given the vac to their children.

    I didn’t give my first child the meningococcal B jab (but did get all the others) I didn’t think it had been tested enough. As it turns out, I was right about the MeNZB jab as they have just come out and said if you immunised your child with it their immunity is the same at 17months as those that didn’t immunise. (Some children got really sick from that jab so I am glad I didn’t give it.)

    Now with this “new” one (new to NZ) I’m not to sure if I should give it to my yet to be born child. I have read just as much good as bad on this vac, and have just found out that apparently there have been about 800 cases of children having seizures as a side affect in the USA.

    Why I am asking for Info is because it seems to be marketed in the USA as a treatment for ear infections but in NZ they are marketing it as prevention for meningitis, pneumonia, septicaemia and a very little note on ear and sinus infections.

    Why do you think this is?

  5. Katie says

    This is a debate that will and has been going on for decades. It is your choice as a parent to immunize or not and your duty to do whats right for YOUR children.

  6. Ignoranceisbless! says

    Education is key! I urger you to educate yourself and make an informed decision first and foremost!
    First point baring huge influence is the pharmaceutical companies are among the richest companies in the world, and continue to gain because everyday we further put our systems at risk looking for a fix. We are ultimately making our bodies more vulnerable to illness via vaccination and other drugs, what ever happened to our immune systems, it does not have a chance to develop because it’s constantly being forced to produce pseudo-anitbodies that often like the case of Varicella isn’t effective! Does anyone ever wonder why cancer is so prevalent in todays society? Why are Autism rates sky-rocketing as well as ADHD (and it’s multitude of other facades)? Why often can we not take responsibility for our own health? Doctors make money and loads of it from pharmaceuticals, each Rx puts more $$$ in their pocket then when your child gets sick guess what more Rx’s therefore more $$$. If you were on the recieving end would you stop writing the Rx’s? I only laugh because so many MD’s do not vaccinate their children…ever wonder why?

    I applaud Jenny McCarthy, she was on Oprah recently and showed pictures of her child before his life changed, before he recieved the vaccination that changed that little boy. Seeing the pictures afterwards, the sadness, how lost he looked…you cannot dispute the hard cold evidence! Good for you Jenny, advocate for your child use your voice, so many NEED to hear it!

    My children have some vaccinations, I changed their immunization schedules as to not bombard their systems and to limit the overload after some lengthy research…the necessities are vaccinated against such as Tetanus, diptheria, polio and pertussis. I delayed the Measles, Mumps and Rubella to allow their immune systems to mature and did so when they were older as for the mutlitude of other vaccines not on MY child’s life, not worth the risk to me!

  7. Sheri says

    I think it is very unkind of people to say that parents that dont immunise their children are selfish. Parents have very good reasons not to. There have been many many reports of the link between Autism and Immunization. The Pharamcutical companies have of course denied this as much as possible, but more and more doctors are coming out and saying its true. Of course people that have immunized their children without issue will always say their is no problem. I was immunized too. I was fine. My brother though, had severe seziures after getting his meningitis needle. He is 15 now and has autism. will I immunise my child? probably not until they are at least 4. Am I selfish for saying this? No! I have a good reason not to.

  8. days says

    Thanks for the wishes. Hope your son does well and that all the testing turns out for the best. Really do.

  9. Zbella says

    days – sorry I sounded hostile. I agree we must each do what we feel is best for our family. In CO you can opt out of vac. and many do. It is a pet peeve of mine but I don’t hate people who choose not to vac. or to delay (which I think is fine). Good luck to you and your children.

  10. days says

    I care about any child, especially and certainly if that child needs to be tested for autism. I work with kids, too. However, I don’t view it as moral responsibility to vaccinate our children IF we believe as their parents and guardians, protectors, that these vaccines come with serious flaws.THAT, in my view, is Irresponsibility and Negligent parenting bordering on criminal.

    My point is this: you chose to vaccinate (I’m assuming according to the AAP schedule). That’s fine. That’s your choice. But to throw hostility at parents who have read research and accounts of many people whose children have reacted adversely to some vaccines (esp. the MMR) isn’t fair. They cannot in good conscience do that.
    Some parents choose to space out the vaccines more reasonably instead of injecting 7 different shots at once when they’re only 2 months.

    If the Academy of Pediatrics wants every child to be innoculated by preschool age, they (whoever it may be) need to provide safer vaccines and stop ignoring the numerous cases of adverse affects reported everry year. I, as parent, in good conscience cannot follow their schedule nor all of their recommended vaccines.

  11. Tish says

    My 19 month old has had epilepsy since 6 months old, but is hard to diagnose and treat. She has a seizure once a week, sometimes more. She didn’t have seizures immediately after a shot, but it slowly started a couple weeks after. Reading on the internet about it drove me crazy so I stopped – I’d usually read the horror stories and be depressed for days.
    A naturopath (didn’t result in much help in the end) told me that it doesn’t matter if it didn’t ‘hit’ her immediately, the fact that it’s in her system would affect her… but then again, as a parent first, everyone has an opinion about this or that, sometimes so contrasting it could make your head spin!

    I wonder if it was a vaccine? I read a lot about them before she got her shots, but I feel like the information is biased from depending on the source.
    I feel guilty, I can’t help it… maybe if she didn’t get any shots she would be fine and our lives would be closer to normal… we can live without seizures, meds, doctor appointments, fatigue, leaving our jobs, or maybe she would have died from a deadly disease, it’s such a difficult thing to ponder. Otherwise, she is a beautiful, smart NORMAL girl whose development surpasses her peers and we’re blessed.
    We haven’t stopped giving her the shots. I trust her pediatrician (who was my pediatrician) and he spaces them out more than other doctors. I don’t know what we’d do if she got whooping cough or anything serious.
    I just don’t know… and will never know and hope she’ll be strong and outgrow it. Is it the environment? Is it the state of our diets? Sometimes I have to stand back and not think about it because it’s very frustrating and sad.

    As far as ear infections, well kids can have fevers after shots, etc, it’s really not that bad and treatable. I do agree that this post is wandering into a different territory regarding its content, and will definitely spark a debate that has been ongoing for a long time.

    Sorry for rambling..thanks for listening

  12. Zbella says

    Guess I’m taking one up the cornhole, as blackberry so eloquently (she is a poet after all) put it.

    days – Yes, my children and I can get diseases that we have been vac. against. In fact, the last person to get smallpox was vac. against it. He was actually helping eradicate the disease when he caught it!

    I had my 3 children vac. Did you read that? My son was tested for Autism this summer. Do you care? I don’t see it as sacrifice others for me. I see it as let’s help protect each other. That’s moral responsibility.

    And finally – there have been many outbreaks of whooping cough here as a result of UNvac. children. But, like I tried to explain before, 9 out of 10 vac. children can also get it when they are exposed. There was even a case of Polio in the USA 2 years ago when an Amish newborn contracted it in the hospital. She was not vac. and spread the disease among her UNvac Amish community. I was exposed to the TB virus as a teacher – pregnant with my first child. These things are serious! I’m lucky my baby survived.

  13. KERRI says


  14. duke01 says

    #22 you obviously have no understanding of immunology….
    People who have been vaccinated will only shed virus if it is a live virus vaccine..and then it will be ATTENUATED
    -quite a lengthy post for someone so ignorant

  15. days says

    Zbella #19
    If your child is vaccinated, s/he won’t get the disease – if there is one strain of the virus responsible for the disease. For Prevnar, the vaccine covers 9 strains out of 40 (?) according to the article. The ones at risk are not your children who are already vaccinated but those who aren’t. Let’s not direct hostility at the parents who chose not to vaccinate with incorrect information to begin with.

    …And there are more side effects than the ear infection everyone is making fun of. Read up on each vaccine and you’ll read that neurological damage is often the “side effect” — but you don’t care, right? Because your kid isn’t the one to get autism and you just want everyone vaccinated right?

  16. blackberry says

    I dispute posts numbered 3,4,16,18 and 19. 3, There are established links between autism and vaccinations- they’re jsut not on CDC’s website. Empirical from parents, clinical form physicians. 4, The point is your pediatrician only saw these diseases in a third world country because the quality of life there is so dismal- not enough good food and potable water, little to no sanitation in living areas, etc. Few people in the US live in these circumstances. 16,18 and 19 These uneducated posts share a common thread, one that is possibly the biggest fallacy of all, that unvaccinated people spread diseases. It’s entirely the other way around, only vaccinated people have LIVE virus to shed. # 19 is especially alarming, bend over and take one up the cornhole from corporatism for the sake of ‘moral responsibility’ ? Are you crazy?! I am a woman, a poet, a parent, a friend. And I used to be a sailor. But moral responsibility no longer appeals to me, as it promotes judgment against people for having an educated, informed opinion. We’ve all seen the dangers of allowing corporate America to dictate our health and domestic and foreign trade policies. Our children suffer and die from heavily promoted vaccinations, over forty million citizens have no health care at all, and we are spending six billion dollars a month and squandering the blood of heroes. Let’s all give a damn about ourselves and each other first, then consider profit. Please think carefully about the traditional magic triangle of drugs, surgery and all- knowing god/doctor supported on a platform of government funds and corporate sponsorship. The point is well made in these posts about the $$ needed to develop a new drug, and the must- have market. Love and peace to all.

  17. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Sorry webmistress, but I agree with Mellynn, this is very irresponsible jounalism. And I too would rather have a child with an ear infection or whatever else the side effects than a dead child. Just ask Punkinbits above me, a prime example of why the consequences of not vaccinating your kids are far more serious than the consequences of vaccinating your kids.

    I mean seriously, so your son MAY have got an ear infection from this vaccine (unlikely if you got it too), so what? Ear infections go away. Death, unfortunately, does not.

    I am looking forward to Analise’s post on this thread actually, she will no doubt very eloquently come on here and state her case by screaming “enabler” at everyone and then stalking them for the rest of time… He he.

  18. Zbella says

    Yes, I live in Colorado where every one is so “well educated” that they don’t vaccinate their kids. It drives me NUTS! I have 3 kids and they are all up to date. I teach part time (own my own business) and make is nec. that all children are vac. in order to attend. I made that decision after a lot of thought. I was planning to get pregnant (and I did) and pregnant women (actually their unborn babies) are most at risk. Even the chicken pox can kill an unborn child.

    I find it sad that some parents make the choice NOT to vaccinate their children. I know they are doing it out of love, but it is not the best thing for society OR their children. I could go on and on, but you really do have a moral responsibility to vaccinate your children. Why? Because my beautiful children who ARE vaccinated still stand the chance of catching many deadly diseases when their peers are not vaccinated. It takes generally 95-98% vac rate for everyone to be protected (including sick children, unborn babies, newborns, etc). If the rates are not that high, only 9 out of 10 vac children are safe. Think about it.

  19. Donna says

    I have no patience with parents who decide not to vaccinate their children against potentially deadly childhood illnesses. Of course, what these ill-informed folks are counting on is that everyone else will get THEIR kids vaccinated so there won’t be an outbreak of measles, whooping cough or diptheria that could strike down their children. It’s the height of selfishness. I’m sure your children, and sons in particular, will be very grateful you didn’t get them immunized when they get exposed to mumps as teens or adults and become infertile.

  20. Jess says

    an ear infection or cervical cancer? I’ll pick an ear infection any day.
    If we are being “experimented” on (which I don’t think is true) don’t you think that the “experiment” has proved that vaccines actually work? considering the large number of people all of the world, who have been vaccinated…with no side effects? just a question. I find it very scary that in this day and age people are not vaccinating their children and no doctors aren’t gods, BUT they do have medical degrees.

  21. mellynn says

    Wow…this is some irresponsible “journalism.” The only thing that is scarier than what you just posted on the site was that some people don’t get their children vaccinated at all and put everyone at risk for diseases that were at one time eradicated. I lived through the mumps epidemic two years ago, and I have this to say: I’d much rather have vaccinated children than dead ones. Until they prove 100% that vaccines do more harm than good, I’ll stick with them, thank you very much.

    Webmistress…stick to babywatching…you have a very nice site, but this kind of propaganda can be a deal breaker for some people.

  22. Andrea says

    While pharmaceutical companies may not put out “inferior” drugs, they do market and lobby extensively for their products and often cause alarm in the general public, causing them to think that if they don’t use their drug, all hope is lost.
    Take for instance the pharmaceutical company, Merck, and how it has lobbied for its HPV “vaccine” (I put it in quotes b/c there is no research on it proving it will work in young girls –when young girls are mandated now in Virginia to be vaccinated for this cancer causing “virus”.) The initiators of the bill had ties to Merck also and the whole thing (if you chose to look into it) is so muddied with PROFIT written all over it. And who pays for it? Our girls.
    Let’s face it. These companies are a business, whether we want to accept it or not. They are not humanitarian, non-profit organizations. Let’s not be naive and think so.

  23. Kerry says

    Interesting little story…however, if your son got the shot/vaccine, how exactly do you explain your getting an ear infection???? people do get ear infections from other things. so, another answer is to skip all the vaccines and see which commonly treatable disease your kid dies from. probably a litte worse than a treatable ear infection, but, that’s just me. best of luck.

  24. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Both of my girls, born in 2005 and 2006, received that vaccine and neither has ever had an ear infection, not saying that the vaccine may have that effect on some children. Then again, they hardly ever get sick because I tend to be the mom that runs around disinfecting everything that they might touch!!! In terms of the cervical cancer vaccine for girls/women, I went ahead and had the shot series (of three I think it was) because my husband’s a doctor and I trust his opinion- he would know better than me, after all.

  25. D'Anna says

    It always upsets me that people think pharma companies are “above” putting an inferior product on the market. My husband works in pharma and there are plenty of cases where info slips through the cracks, is omitted and so forth.

    People should also realize their doctors are not God. Duh.

  26. duke01 says

    You are all idiots! This shot does not cause infection; it simply is not as up to date as it could be for covering all of these disease causing strains. An ear infection is nothing compared to serious meningitis. It is fortunate that you people don’t have to experience what life was like before vaccines were available.

  27. onatear says

    I have to agree with #3…Of course, an individual must take responsibility for her own health decisions. That said, a cancer vacine should in no way be compared to immunizations an infant receives. Many many lives will be saved by the vacine for the virus which causes cervical cancer. READ and be informed. It’s not a fad, like a stroller fad….maybe this isn’ the blog to discuss such serious matters. Just compare the statistics of childrens’ health in countries which do not have the drugs/medications we do, and think about where you would want to raise your own child? Finally, I say, please do not inject such serious issues as immunizations for babies on a blog which is usually providing photos of celebrities and their families. Please. Don’t.

  28. novaccinesforme! says

    We never ever ever vaccinate. My son is 7 and my daughter is almost 2 and they have not had one vaccine–not even the Hep B at birth. There is a lot of scary ingredients in vaccines, and I agree that we are basically guinea pigs for the drug companies.
    Vaccines are a billion dollar industry and there will never be studies indicating that they are dangerous because it is the drug companies and the CDC that do the testing. They would never incriminate themselves. But there is evidence that they are dangerous–such as the rotavirus vaccine that was taken off the market a few years ago. Now they have a new one–is it any safer? Only time will tell, and who knows how many more infants will be hurt or killed.
    I agree that articles like this should be posted and read by everyone. Anyone who has children should take it upon themselves to get educated and not trust everything a doctor has to say. Doctors are only human too, and have been known to make mistakes!!!

  29. Sam says

    I totally agree with lagirl. It a patient’s (and in the case of a child, a parent’s) responsibility to be as informed as possible about any medical treatment. Your doctor offers his/her opinion to you but it is just that. As parents, my husband (who is an MD) and I decided that the risks far outweighed the benefit when it comes to some vaccinations. Regardless of the possible connection between medical interventions and autism, a child is born with an immature immune system and as such is totally unprepared to handle immediate injections of diseased cells. Besides, I don’t have any confidence that these drug companies are putting the health and safety of our children ahead of their bottom line.

  30. Elsa says

    Of course you should be an educated consumer, even when it comes to your medical care. Research, PROFESSIONAL opinions and second opinions are warranted (and I work in the healthcare field…) BUT I will give you the advise of my pediatrician…she said that vaccinations are getting a lot of flak, but we don’t see some of the horrible illnesses they prevent. She once volunteered in a third world country, so she has. She assured me we are doing the right thing. Are there special circumstances, of course. But if your child is “at risk” you may want Prevnar. I have seen young children suffer horribly and sadly, even die, when they had bad bouts of pneumonia. While ear infections are not fun, they are treatable… so weighing the side effects here may not win the argument. Now, there is debate over the relationship between some vaccinations and autism, that does have to be explored more. Talk to your physicians and do your research, but if you truly feel your physician is not taking YOUR or YOUR CHILDS health as the #1 priority – I reccommend finding a new physician.

  31. Elaine says

    Your comments are really irresponsible webmistress! People should take advice from a Doctor, not a celebrity, but people will take into account what you say. You are basically scaremongering – “our kids are being experimented upon”?!? Do you know how much testing pharmaceuticals need to go through before being given to people?

    Vaccinations have prevented many serious illnesses and prevented many deaths – eg Smallpox vaccination. In the UK because of 1 report linking MMR (measles mumps and rubella) vaccination with autism, many people refused to get their children vaccinated, this has resulted in an outbreak of measles, which has killed at least one child. It turned out that despite much research no-one else has found any link between MMR and autism.

  32. Danica says

    I skipped the prevnar vaccine because IMO the benefits are not worth the risks. This shot definitely has more adverse side effects than the others. I found this out while researching vaccines. They really need to make vaccines safer before they start sticking millions of innocent babies with them.

  33. lagirl says

    Any responsible parent should research vaccines, their ingredients, and possible side effects before letting healthcare workers administer them to their children. Often we let the medical establishment dictate what we do to our children because we have grown to trust it when ,in fact, the pharmaceutical companies push all the vaccines for financial gain.

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