Mary-Louise Parker Adopts A Baby Girl

Mary-Louise Parker

Weeds star Mary-Louise Parker has adopted a baby girl from Africa.

Mary-Louise, who was nominated for two Emmy awards Sunday night, was spotted with her new daughter over the weekend as they traveled to the show.

“Mary-Louise is such an incredible mom,” says a source. “She couldn’t be happier about this.”

The actress’s reps declined to reveal any more information about the adoption.

Mary-Louise, 43, also has a 3-year-old son, Will, with actor Billy Crudup, 39. The couple split before Will was born.




  1. Granny says

    #5 I caught your sarcasm too and understood it. Also, in this country there aren’t that many babies to adopt, many single women keep their infant now and with social services other families also choose to keep their babies. Plus it takes so long, and mothers have a large window in many cases to change their mind. Heartbreaking to the family.

    #18 you are right. There can be so many other restrictions too that keep people using foreign adoptions. In the end, it is just a private call where to adopt from such as birth control choices and marriage choices are private. Only the involved really know what influences their call.

    In the end, a needy child gets a home; a parent gets a child. Win/win in my eyes.

  2. Jenna M. (UK) says

    For all you people who criticise people for adopting children from abroad, have a little compassion. Its entirely their busines where they adopt from (as long as its all above board).

    They may be adopting from third world countries for many reasons. Some people in the UK adopt from abroad because they are too old to adopt babies in the UK (you can’t be more than 35 years older than the child you are adopting in most cases).

    Healthy babies in the UK and the USA are also far more likely to be adopted than children in Africa, South America or most of Asia. Why should adoptive parents wait on a list for years to adopt a baby from their own country when there are already millions of babies in need of families around the world?

    And don’t forget, the unfortunate children in the UK and USA that aren’t adopted will probably grow up in fosterhomes, with adequate food and medical care. The children who aren’t adopted in these other countries will grow up in dingy orphanages with inadequate food or medical care and in serious risk of dying of starvation, malaria, diaorhea and other preventable causes.

  3. essie says

    It’s nobody’s business why Mary Louise, or anybody else, decides to adopt and from what country. Some people are way too judgemental. It’s kind of sad to read some of these comments. A child is a child, no matter what country that child comes from.

  4. traveller says


    Not neccessarily. I plan to adopt from Ethiopia. But my decision came about from a trip I took to that country this past January. I absolutely fell in love with the children. They have a unique spirit that I haven’t found anywhere else in all my travels. So, sometimes there are good reasons for choosing a specific country.

    As for AJ, I know that where Maddox was concerned, she saw him while touring an orphanage when she was in Cambodia filming Tomb Raider and it was love at first sight. So, it was apparently the specific child rather than a desire to adopt. I believe the story is similar in Madonna’s case. She saw David and fell in love with him and felt that she just had to be his parent. So, I’d be careful about making accusations when the complete story is unknown. Especially in Mary-Louise’s case, as not many people know what moved her to choose adoption in the first place or the the specific country she adopted from.

  5. LadyOne says

    It’s all superficial. If it were easy to adopt in the U.S. then all the people who are fascinated and obsessed with “cheap” African adoptions would not even be bothered with adopting abroad. THEY ONLY DO IT FOR SHOW!!!!

  6. Zbella says

    Congratulations! Wonderful! I agree with madelaine. Wasn’t Mary-Louis is fried green tomatoes? Loved that movie…

  7. madelaine says

    Arent there many celebs that adopt from the US? Sheryl Crow has wyatt, and Sharon stone has 3 little boys. I don’t think it matters where a child comes from. Whether is it from your own body, or your own country or some where very far away…all children come from your heart.
    If everyone were as generous as Mary Louise (and all the other people that adopt from Africa), then perhaps millions of children wouldn’t die each year from famine and disease. Yes, there are plenty of children in this country that need homes, but does that discount the fact that African children need homes too? NO. It doesn’t.

    Any child is a child worth loving, no matter the country of origin or the color of their skin. “Why Africa,” you say? Well, the same could be asked every time someone adopts from any country or chooses to have biological children, its a choice that should be commended, not questioned. We should see humanity as it exists in all people, not borders or limitations.

    I have never resorted to chastising anyone like this on this website before, but frankly, I think you should be ashamed of your comment.

    If you didn’t mean it to be so offensive, then I suggest you consider the words and intentions of your statements before you broadcast opinions like that.

    Frankly, I would hope that international adoption rates become a trend, goodness knows there is never a shortage of children that need good homes and loving hearts that are willing to take them

  8. Émilie says

    Oh here we go again, with all the pathetic comments about absolutely adopting in the USA, like if it was so bad to adopt black babies.

    There is life outside the USA, people!

  9. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    #5, you make me sick. In fact, I’m almost in tears over your comment. African babies don’t deserve homes??? They have no business being loved by Americans??? I can hardly believe a human being would say such a thing let alone think such a thing!

  10. denise says

    I think some of you are taking sharrie comments out of text.

    You hear heartbreaking stories everyday of american childern in the need of loving homes so it seems a little crazy to go to another country when so many childern are hurting here. While its great she adopted someone needs to remember there are childern in the us that need love just as much as ones from other countries.

  11. Essie says

    I agree with you 2teens. Mary Louise has a 3 year old boy and perhaps she thinks it would be easier to raise a baby than to adopt an older child.

    There is nothing wrong with adopting a baby from Africa if you have the means and the love that child needs. Good for Mary Louise!! At least she’s not a bitter woman after being dumped by that idiot. She still has enough love in her heart for another baby.

  12. Anon says

    You’re right, #s 1 & 2, babies from Africa don’t deserve homes and certainly have no business being loved by Americans. International adoption is evil.


  13. 2teens3beans says

    One reason people don’t adopt from the US is the long waiting period for a newborn. Going to another country definitely shortens the time.
    There are older children available for adoption in the US, and obviously less waiting but most people want a baby that they can raise the way they prefer. Let’s face it, many of the kids in foster care have had some pretty rough beginnings…. not the child’s fault by any means but it does take effect. Behavioral & emotional issues are common, it takes a very special person to be able to make that kind of commitment. Not everyone is up for the challenge.

  14. Lauren says

    Why are we downing someone who has the means to give a child a better life? Adoption is a good thing! Take your negativity elsewhere!

  15. LadyOne says

    Oh here we go again…..another celebrity trying to make herself look good by adopting a baby from Africa!!!!

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