Brad Pitt Talks About The Family Bed

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt says that he and Angelina are going to need a bigger bed for their expanding brood!

“We’re not done,” Brad, 43, shared, acknowledging public interest in the family’s growth. “They say, ‘Any plans for a fifth?’ And I say, ‘And a sixth, and a seventh, and an eighth, and a ninth.’ That’s my answer.”

“We also made a 9-foot-wide bed” that fits him, Angelina, 32, and all four children, Brad told the Associated Press. “Just big enough. One more and we’ll have to go to 11 feet.”

The Brangelina bunch already consists of four children, all born in Asia or Africa: Maddox, 6, Pax, 3, Zahara, 2, and Shiloh, 1. Brad and Angelina take turns taking care of them.

“We just take turns and make sure we keep the family together,” Brad said, adding in an interview with USA Today, “It’s impossible for us. We’re run out of every major city. There’s just too many paparazzi. There’s always cameras in the kids’ faces, yelling their names.”

Brad also admits that he’s concerned about “how to survive and how to maintain a family life.”

“I understand the essence of paranoia. I understand being hunted, to some degree. It’s rare, but there are imbalanced people out there. I’ve had break-ins in the house,” Brad said. “I’ve had some of these abnormal incidents that can be a bit frightening.

“It’s something that I want to be aware of and be cautious about, especially with the family, that everybody’s protected,” he told the AP.

The Assassination of Jesse James opens in limited release Friday.  Brad won the best-actor award at the Venice Film Festival for his role in the film. The family’s current base is New York as he is shooting the Coen brothers’ flick Burn After Reading.



  1. Tia :) says

    Zbella- My daughter is almost 15 months. I love the perfect order of girl, boy, girl! I would love that too!!

  2. Mybabysredhot says

    I find it ironic in this supposed ‘media savy’ culture that we live in that people are constantly confusing Angelina and Brad’s lifestyle with how the media represents them. They are allways pushing their altruism in our faces and since, ‘no one is going to make me do anything I don’t want to do’, is the mantra of most of us we resent them like we would if they were street-corner preachers. But people, you’re being conned by the tabloid rags and such, who want your attention and the mony that comes with it. Their agenda is the repugnant one, not Brad and Angelina’s.

  3. baby says

    LadyOne-don’t you think there is a difference between accepting that you are a star and being stalked? Don’t you think it’s a sickness that we’ve created by turning people who make movies into gods? I don’t think children should be accosted by photographers putting a camera in their faces and yelling at them to smile, especially babies. There should be no reason to “suck it up”-being harassed whether you’re famous or not is against the law.

  4. LadyOne says

    If they don’t want to be photographed by the paps, then they shouldn’t have became stars!! Price you pay. SUCK IT UP!!!

  5. Loreena says

    #49 I agree with you totally and completely. . . and for those who are bored why dont you do us all a favour and get yourself something else to do. I think they are a great family just trying to live their lives the best they know how. Common guys just let them be!!!!

  6. Deeds says

    Jenna M. thank you for the info. Don’t let the bullies on this thread lead you to believe that your opinion doesn’t count for much. Everyone’s comment should be welcome. If they don’t like what you say then it’s their problem not yours. I find it amazing that they are unable to take ownership that they might be wrong. Boy I’m going to get bashed for this! Have a great day all. JMO

  7. Tia :) says

    Zbella- I would like 3 as well! We are thinking about trying for our second! How old are your children?

  8. Tea says

    and so might Suri, or Violet or any other celeb kid!! Angelina’s kids are not anymore likely than any other kid to do something just because their mother did it way before they were even born. Now if she was doing that in front of them, well that would be a differnt story

  9. lori says

    NO kids, sorry! Yes, I guess a lot of people do go to Disneyland on drugs, and it doesn’t make it right for them either. Who knows, maybe one day Zahara and Shiloh may be doing the same thing!

  10. Nicki says

    54. lori — You do realize this was said over 10 years ago, its an old quote. I can tell you a lot of 19-20 year olds (actually younger) go to Disneyland at night for proms, graduations, etc. Kids party, back then acid wasn’t unheard of. The past ten years it has been escasty. If you have teenage kids lori, I would check thier schoolwork and and see how it has been maintained. I hope your kids, if you have them, are perfect. Kids are smart.

  11. Nicki says

    53. kitty ~~ It’s amazing how many people comment on them or any given pic, how bored they are or are so over them. My question is why waste your precious time (hopefully you all have more to do than comment on “boring” posts) on Angie and Brad?? Why not scroll onto someone you might enjoy talking about??
    Kitty you are so right, I just wonder—Why do they bother?
    I wouldn’t waste my time on a Paris H thread, she is useless, so would I even stop by a thread of hers and even comment?………..Duh, NO!!!! Same with anyone else I find “boring.” People are either bored or just plain nuts, only my thoughts on it. Strange people.

  12. lori says

    Who would take LSD before going to a place where mainly children and families go, even if it was ten years ago? This is a woman that loves kids so much but didn’t have any respect for them to be high as a kite and drugged out of her mind!

  13. Zbella says

    I’m one of 4 too. My mom is one of 12. I always wanted a big family – but w/o nannies, maids & helpers, I think we will probably stop at 3 – at least for a while.

  14. ink says

    this story is boring .find another story imiss this family picture i dont know where they are untill now.

  15. Lola says

    #49 Agree. And those that think most of these pics are staged are sillyI believe wrong. They don’t have to call the paps to come take their pictures. The way stars are followed and hounded outside of homes, grocery stores, schools, parks and every other place they go, the photographers are automatically there following and infringing. Look at the pictures that they took of Britney Spears behind her family compound walls. That certainly seems like an invasion of privacy when they are peering and photographing you on your home turf.

    And normal varies from family to family. That doesn’t make families that operate different than your family wrong, just that they march to a different drummer.

  16. baby says

    I agree with those who have said if you have a problem with this family don’t look at the pictures, don’t read the articles, etc. Go read a book or something.
    I’ve come to realize that we criticize when we are jealous of what other people have. These two people seem like they really love each other-when they are looking at each other sometimes you can just tell how much they care. I know they are actors but I don’t think they’re THAT good. I have a solid marriage, been with the same person for 30 years and am hoping for another 30-but every once in awhile I wish he would look at me that way again.
    I don’t ever think that their photos are staged or that they are trying to get publicity for their next movie. They are trying to live their lives with their children in a way that we all should be able to. Going to the museum, taking a boat ride or playing in the park-I thnk they are just trying to give their children normal life and some nuts aren’t letting it happen. Now I have to admit that I like to see pictures of the kids, especially Shiloh so I’m not sure how to balance that with wanting them to be left alone.

  17. &J says

    what the heck does her drug PAST, have to do with this post? some people are beyond obvious, always trying to stir up sh*t. why am i not surprised.

  18. Tia :) says

    i also ment to say “Go for it to Angie and Brad”

    that’s it. no more typing for a while!! haha!

  19. Tia :) says

    ahh yes, thank you Jenna! I just thought she mayb be back by now!

    As for having lots of kids, I grew up in a family of 4 children myself. We had the best christmas’ and lots of love and good times! I only hope that one day my daughter will have that too! My mother came from a family of 10 children! So yes, i say for for it to Angie and Brad!

  20. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Tia, Nicki and Deeds – I think Oriana said she was going abroad for a family funeral for a few weeks.

    I love Brangelina! Well maybe not Brad so much, but the rest of them. Not that my opinion matters one iota, but I think they are great parents to ALL four of their children and would make great parents to a fifth, sixth, seventh child and so on.

  21. DMITZ says

    #41, I see your point. I think people say that because they have busy lives, always travelling and filming and stuff. While this is not my favorite celeb family, I’ve got to give them props for balancing family well – unlike Britney.

  22. traveller says

    It floors me how hypocritical people on this site are. When they posted the article about the Duggars having their 17th child, everyone gushed at how great it was and how great the parents were. But get on a Jolie-Pitt post and everyone is bashing Brad and AJ about having to many kids (and they only have 4). Why is it ok for the Duggars to have more kids than they can count, but not ok for the JPs to have 4 kids?

    Besides, my sister has 4 kids. And while that’s definitely more kids than I ever want, it’s really not that overwhelming.

  23. daisy says

    Those pics of Brad are great. He is such a handsome man and his baby girl looks just like him.

    AJ? Skanky.

  24. 2teens3beans says

    I think this is the first time I have ever seen them with a stroller too, although nobody is in it.

  25. Essie says

    For the people who are “tired” of these people . . . don’t read about them!!! That should be easy. When you see a picture of them on this site or anywhere else, just MOVE ON!!! That’s what I do for the Cruises. Can’t stand them so I don’t bother to read about them. (Suri is cute though!!)

  26. says

    Let’s get the Britney gossip going… For the Brit supporters out there, see? We aren’t the only ones that knew she was throwed!

    LOS ANGELES — Britney Spears has been ordered to undergo random drug and alcohol testing twice a week, according to court documents in her custody dispute with ex-husband Kevin Federline.

    The order was issued Monday by a judge who required both parents to refrain from drinking and using drugs around their two young children and 12 hours before either cares for them. Only Spears was ordered to submit to testing.

    “Based on the evidence presented, the court finds that there is a habitual, frequent and continuous use of controlled substances and alcohol” by Spears, Superior Court Judge Scott M. Gordon said in court documents.

    Photos: Spears | Federline

    Messages left with attorneys for Spears and Federline were not immediately returned.

    The singer married Federline in October 2004. She filed for divorce last November, and the divorce became official July 30. The two have joint custody of their sons — Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1 — but Federline is seeking a greater share of custody.

    The judge also said Spears must meet for eight hours a week with a “parenting coach” who will observe and report back to the court about her parenting skills.

    Both parents are prohibited from “making derogatory remarks” about each other in their children’s presence, and from “using corporal punishment” to discipline them. Each must complete the court’s “Parenting Without Conflict” class.

  27. Lesley says

    Their kids will never have a normal life-I wonder how they will turn out? I’m not against them or anything, I just seriously wonder the effect this kind of constant hounding will have on their kids.

  28. TAMARA says

    Angelina is fug,Brad looks so old and tired these day.
    They are too boring these days and i agree when they have a new movie they start: “look at us,we are so nice and kind,we have cute kids,we are……..”

  29. bia says


  30. Tia :) says

    For the people who whine on here about “ooh all you ever see are these people” You see just as much of Suri, Katie, and Tom and Jen Garner and Violet!

    Besides, there are people like myself, Zbella and Nicki who like this family!

    As for a 6 year old sleeping with his parents…he is ONLY 6!, so yes! I slept with my parents when i had nightmares and what not when i was 6.

  31. Zbella says

    Why are they crazy, because they want a big family? They are a wonderful family – love them! Family bed – not for me, but they only do this once or twice a week. I know people who do it every night and they are good parents. Who cares how they bond with their kids. They love them, they are beautiful and I personally can’t get enough of their family. 🙂

  32. mayra sanchez says

    ella uso drogas como muchas personas jovenes la han usado,el pasado es el pasado,y posiblemente este escrito sea una falsa,vivan el presente

  33. Tea says

    Who cares what she did in her past, it is the past!!! what matters now is that she has changed and is a good parent, a compassionate person and wants to help others. Of course the haters are going to jump all over this, they can’t ever seem to let go what someone said or did in the past, even after tons of proof that person has changed!!!

  34. Nicki says

    lori~ that was over 10 years ago she said that. They will bring up anything to get Brad and Angie in thier piece. Yes she said it, but they don’t tell you it was 10 years ago. Angie is honest and she won’t deny anything she has said, but lets get the quotes correct with the year she said them.

  35. Nicki says

    19. 2teens3beans ~ The kids have thier own beds……….Sundays are family in bed and “movies, books, coloring, etc.” One big happy family, I had that as a child, only it was Flinstones and Lost in Space in the winter,after sledding in the snow. Hot chocolate and warm covers………..Wonderful!!

  36. lori says

    How reliable is the U.K. magazine that reported Angelina taking LSD before she went to Disneyland?

  37. lori says

    Is it normal for a 6 year old even to be still sleeping with his parents? I am shocked to hear that Shiloh would be included in their sleeping arrangement!

  38. **S says

    I agree with #19. Both my kids were put to bed while still awake and learned from the beginning to fall asleep on their own. Nightly ritual- brush teeth, read story, go to bed in your own bed. I’m sorry, but I like my alone time with my husband and with out my kids. I love them just as much as any couple that believes in the ‘family bed’ but I honestly think they may grow up with less independence. As it is the Jolie/Pitt crew get carried every where they go. Paps or no paps, they don’t walk much. And that goes for the two older boys. When one of the girls aren’t be carreid, the boys are. With the execption of Maddox for the most part.

  39. 2teens3beans says

    I love this family, and I love seeing the pictures too. But I would never trade places for any amount of money, that kind of fame is scary.
    Now, about the “family” bed. I know a lady who did this and it caused all kinds of marital turmoil for her. Finally she weaned her kids into their own rooms when they were 4 & 6… her husband was very happy but it took her a while to adjust… the kids liked having their own beds. I wonder how Brad and Angie are ever intimate with all those kids in the bed? I guess some folks are true advocates of the family bed, not me, I am a person who likes some elbow room when I sleep.

  40. Lauren says

    I am soo sick of reading about Brad & Angelina. It seems like everytime one of their movies come out, they start gabbing about their family!

  41. lori says

    Jennifer has a life and friends, I am sure she is not worrying about Angelina Jolie any more.

    How OLD are these pictures?

  42. **S says

    Still not fond of them, but I can definately feel for them when it comes to the crazy people and their kids. They do seem like good parents. My guess is Jen Aniston doesn’t care anymore. She obviously has moved on.

  43. Tia :) says

    well then #4, skip over this story or ignore it.

    I highly doubt they are publicity whores #5, they can’t go anywhere without the pap’s going after them.

    I love this family, i hope they do indeed have many more children!

  44. sharrie says

    I know Brad and Angelina are celebrities and their paychecks come from the public, but I feel bad that they are so hunted that theyhave to be on the lookout for the nutcases threatening their family. I like to see pictures too….but theyshould be allowed their privacy too and not be public fodder 24/7. I do not know how they maintain their sanity. And those poor kids probably think their life is normal and that EVERYONE has their pictures taken whenever they go anywhere or do anything.I would not mind having some of B & A’s money, but not at the price of their fame…….

  45. Essie says

    “It’s rare, but there are imbalanced people out there. ”

    Anybody reading the various message boards know this to be true!!! Some people are totally weird and can’t seperate fact from fiction and let their imagninations roam. It’s scary and I can see why they carry their children. Crazies can grab the little ones if they aren’t protected in their parents’ arms.

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