Tori, Dean & Liam In Central Park

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling, husband Dean McDermott and Liam were snapped watching the ducks in NYC’s Central Park on Thursday.

Liam is such a cutie!



  1. Jannie says

    LIAM is adorable and whoever doesnt think that has something wrong with them! dont like toris hair cut though!

  2. Uniquely ~Taylor Mastronni says

    #16 how old are you? 9????????? Come on who uses the word B.M. these day’s? And that sounds like something a child would say….Hey I think you need to go back to school today and learn some manners. Quit skipping school to play on the computer…GEEZ what kind of parents do you have? I know your parents are trailor trash but do they need to pass that trait to there retarded child? YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tiffany says

    I used to not care for Tori until I started watching their “Inn Love” show and I have to tell you that I think that she seems like the nicest and down to earth woman. She is super funny and not obsessed with herself. I love the fact that she is herself in front of the camera and you can see just how much she loves and cares for her little boy and husband.
    She is a wonderful person and maybe in the past did not make choices that were approved of by all but she made the choices and they worked for her so more power to her!! I think that Dean and Tori are a great couple who truly love each other and I also think that Liam is a cutie pie.
    What a wonderful family. JMO

  4. Missy says

    I must be the only person alive that thinks they’re great together. Ok, “great” may be too cheerful a word. They fit. They match. Regardless of what happened before, they’re together now and they’re making it work. I love their show, it’s so funny and you can tell how looney they are over each other. And little Liam is so cute. And yes, he does look like Grandpa Aaron. Strong gene pool. The way I see it the past is the past and the present is all you’ve got because the future may not ever come. Yes they WERE with other people when they met: Paul Newman was married and his wife was pregnant when he started seeing Joanne Woodward. And look at them….the greatest couple in Hollywood. (Not that I’m putting Tori and Dean into that category, just using Paul and Joanne as an example.)

  5. Zbella says

    Tea, good question. I think it might be that Tori is not drop-dead gorgeous like Angelina. Dean is no Bran Pitt either. They are not jealous so they are not as cruel and judgemental of this couple.

  6. Tea says

    Yet people still feel the need to criticize Angelina, when it has been a longer period of time since then, and Angelina wasn’t married? I have nothing against Tori, I don’t care for her, but I never have and I hope they are happy, but the inconsistancy of the people on these threads is amazing!!! I just want to know, with the hipocritical people, what makes it okay for one person do do something and not another??

  7. DMITZ says

    Tea – Tori has received a lot of criticism for hooking up w/Dean – as has Dean. I used to criticize her when they 1st got together.

  8. tisha says

    I believe show is pretty weird, because I don’t see them making any money in their bed&breakfast place. They don’t act like they care much about their business and don’t have anyone to run it when they are out. They really need to come up with something else for the show to be exciting.

  9. says

    just because u think that dean is a shit didt mean u have to pick on the baby that just sick if u ask me number 7 u are totally sick i think that liam is so cute and is still tiny

  10. Tea says

    You know it is amazing, Tori hooks up with a married man who is in the process of adopting a new child, and has a child already, and that is fine with people, but Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt get together, possibley before Brad is divorced, and she is a horrible homewreaker? does the word Hipocrate mean anything to you people?

  11. Hmmm... says

    The baby is cute but admit it – The husband is beyond gross. He is totally grosses me out! Tori’s fine – doesn’t bother me one way or another. It’s the husband that I can’t look at – ewwww!! Like I said – cute baby though! JMO.

  12. DMITZ says

    I like Tori’s new haircut. She looks younger and thinner than all that dried out hair she had in her face.

    I used to not be a fan of Tori’s but I love her show. She has a cute personality.

  13. says

    OK, get over yourselves! Tori, has the better love making session that His other beast!
    their baby is so cute, and tori is hottttttt!

    I love the hair cut, sexy! I am suprsed that she isn’t knocked up alredy! d*mn!

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    this might be benefical to your health!

  14. carleigh says

    Ruby, Dean didn’t leave his pregnant wife, Mary Jo Eustace was NOT pregnant at the time. They have a son who is like 6 or 7 years old and were in the process of adopting a child who is now 2 years old. A man can’t be stolen from any woman if he is unhappy and ready to leave then irregardless of whether or not there is someone else in the picture that man is going to leave.

    I used to not be a “fan” of Tori, but I cannot help myself, I love their show and little LiLi is just adorable.

    You are entitled to your opinion just make sure that when you state a fact that it is ACCURATE prior to posting.

  15. Ruby Jackson says

    The baby looks like her Grandfather (Aaron)… poor thing.

    Tori is a home-wrecker, and Dean is a creep for leaving his pregnant wife. Lowest of the low. They deserve each other.

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