1. Clementine says

    I think Kate looks beautiful, as always, and so do her two gorgeous children, although poor Mia, she looks upset.
    Theresa, I disagree with you that Mia looks like Michelle Williams, but I think she looks quite a bit like the Fanning girls, as in Elle and Dakota, with her pink lips and wispy fair hair. She’s very sweet.
    And little Joe with his rosy pout and stocky boy legs. He looks like my little boy Sacha.
    Such a pair of adorable munchkins!
    I love their names as well!
    And kudos to Kate for not succumbing to media pressure about size and appearance. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t think she’s at all fat, but she herself has said she will never be a stick insect, but that she doesn’t want to be. It’s nice, every once in a while, to hear a celebrity speak with a hint of sanity.

  2. lolkok says

    You know what? Nevermind I said anything. I just thought she looked kind of big, but she doesn’t acutally. I am pretty big myself.

  3. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Cheers, Jules! I was just wondering becuase my sister’s name is Maia (pronounced My-ah).

  4. jules says

    To Jenna re: post #9

    In case you haven’t had a reply yet —

    It’s pronounced Mia as in Mia Farrow.

  5. Amanda says

    Awww the kids are so adorable. Maybe Mia is crying because she doesn’t wanna go back to school or something. I don’t think they take the bus because Kate says she walks them to school, sometimes drives them. Kate is looking so gorgeous!! She looks healthy and her arms have always been fairly toned ever since she had kids. She just looks like a normal mum. Kate, you rock!

  6. Jenna M. (UK) says

    *I’m* a liar? Analise, what have I lied about? I think it is you that is the liar, saying things like that. Also, when was I proved wrong, and about what? Thirdly, you would have no idea whether or not I’m fat darling, you’ve never seen me!

    And what exactly is an “enabler”??? It sounds like some sort of sci-fi, oops, I mean scientology term

  7. Analise says

    Jenna you’re a liar. You cannot stand that you were proven wrong. So many here know it. You think it’s a crush? Hon, as fat as you are you couldn’t get a bull in heat. You ARE an enabler. And should never be allowed around kids.

  8. uk mom says

    I love the way Kate has that ‘proper’ mom look ~ the hair’s not perfect, make-up needs a touch up…. fantastic. She’s more into her kids than herself which is how it should be!!!

  9. Aishwarya Rai says

    i dont really like Kate..but i think she’s one of the coolest hollywood mom….very normal no more “ek2x” !!!!

  10. Christy says

    Lolkok, you are right, she is not tiny, but she is also not 17 and she has 2 kids and a husband. She makes wonderful pictures and tons of cash and seemingly has a nice family. If fat is the best you have for her, then I will take what Kate has. We were all 17 once and I admire you for working out and looking great, but write us all back at 30 and even you will admit that a little more life has happened between now and then. Besides at 20, she got to make out with Dicaprio and be nominated for an Oscar-I will take her odds anyday…

  11. Zbella says

    Love Kate – one of my all time favorites. She is so beautiful and I love her legs. She looks amazing, wonderful, healthy.

  12. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Analise, you always make me laugh so much, thank you. But your little stalker-crush on me is getting a little old, it was sweet and flattering at first my dear but now I just think you’re crazy. Have a good day!

  13. jennleg says

    i’m 30 years old and probably have the same body size and shape as kate. i don’t think she looks “fat” but she is not skinny either. i don’t think she is gorgeous, nor would i call myself gorgeous. in fact, i am very unhappy with my body and weight, so don’t assume it is only teenagers who feel that skinny is beautiful. oh, and while i’m here making enemies, i’ll put this out here…if joe was my 3 year old, i would be concerned about his weight. he seems a little large for his age

  14. 2teens3beans says

    This is exactly what I have said before, teenagers have a completely skewed view of what a normal woman’s body should look like. The media has contributed to this in the worst way. The recent attack on Britney’s stomach is one good example. Lolkok’s comments reinforce that viewpoint, she is 17. This is how teens think and it’s why so many teens/young women develop eating disorders.
    My 13 year old is always lamenting to me how fat she is, she wears size 5 jeans and is now taller than I am! This bothers me to no end!

  15. Tia :) says

    well then lolkok, you are a very immature little 17 year old. I would like to see what your little mind sees because this woman is a real’s sad to see that hollywood has corrupted your mind. What is wrong with her legs?? my god, you must be perfect then!

  16. kaykay says

    Maybe her daughter was crying because the paprazzi stalks them and mia is probably pointing saying look theres another one mommy why cant we just go out for a walk!?!

  17. lolkok says

    Yes,she is fat,i’m 17 and a size 8,i work out everyday and i eat in order,i eat everything.
    she isn’t a size 12,she is a size 16.look ate her legs.

  18. Miranda says

    Jenna M, I think she means “actress” but wrote “atoress”. I wondered about that too for a while.

  19. Haveanotherdrink! says

    Kate Winslet is beautiful and hardly fat. It looks like Mia is crying because they either missed the bus or someone was bullying them. With comments like the one posted above no wonder the kids of these people grow up treatinj oth

  20. Cherise says

    Kate Winslet is beautiful and a very good role model

    Congratulations lolkok, you got yourself some attention, its a shame you have to go to such measures to get some…

  21. Cassie says

    she looks beautiful. doesnt have to be red-carpet ready to take the kids out for a stroll! her children are lovely too.

  22. lolkok says

    ok ok im sorry. i didnt mean to say those things. i guess im fatter than her anyways. im a stupid person i guess. well yeah im sorry people on here. kates beautful.

  23. Jessie says

    Ok, lolkok, you sound like an immature pre-teen that wants to be skinny and you take it out on people who you know can’t call you fat back. Anyways, it looks like Mia was crying.

  24. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Then you are either blind or don’t have much common sense. Congratulations on making yourself sound really ignorant. Kate is at the most a British size 12 (whichi is actually UNDER the British average).

  25. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    I love Kate- she’s what I wish all Hollyweird celebs were- extremely talented but NORMAL!!!! She has a sweet disposition, she isn’t media hungry, she doesn’t seem to feel the need to wear heels to take the kids out, and she’s never surrounded with scandal. She appears to be a wonderful mother and all around great person.
    Wonder why Mia is crying??

  26. Tia :) says

    #3- gimme a break!! She looks good! then you must be a beauty gueen…ya right! get a life! 😛

  27. Jenna M. (UK) says

    #3 – Either you are very shallow or have never actually met a fat person. Kate might not be a celeb-size-zero but she it slim, toned-looking and healthy. She looks like she has a very sexy figure to me, a real woman’s figure, not some malnourished bag of bones.

    I agree with Nioami – it is people like lolkok creating this shallow sense of being in the world today (and simultaneously causing teenage sucides and eating disorders).

    Anyway, Kate is beautiful and so are her kids. Does anybody know whether “Mia” is pronounced M-ee-a or M-y-a?

  28. nioami - uk says

    OMG! she is NOT fat! how could you say that? what? just cos she’s not a size 0 she’s fat? kate winselt has the most amazing figure – its people like you ‘LOLKOK’ who are creating this skinny obssesed world that we live in!

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