Tom, Katie & Suri In Berlin

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Tom and Katie were snapped with Suri on the set of his film Valkyrie in Berlin. Suri is a cutie!



  1. ann Tx says

    I don’t like this family , they just spent so much money for a wedding-what for just to show off they just want to entertain celebrities not help poor people, I wish he can do the same as Angelina Jolie donate money to help poor people, the world need Angelina Jolie this kind of people.I admire her

  2. Shadow Girl says

    That may be so, but remember a lot of celebs buy the people off, thereby corrputing ratings. Remember the Crude poll that was corrupted? I don’t remember the whole story, but around like 10 computers voted multiple times to rig the poll or something like that. Everything isn’t always fair, u know.

  3. betty says

    Do they have any new pictures of Tom Cruise, Katie and Suri? It has been 2 weeks since I ‘been here is they have the same pictures. Same for the Jolie-Pits, maybe a new one. And that’s is probably why these famous people are never left alone. We the people demand these pictures so is our fault. On the other hand, they are public figures so they are exposed to these photo flashing and so. I don’t see pictures flashing of others actors because they are smart, like Marc Anthony and J.Lo; Jude Law; Robert Deniro (does he have a wife, or girlfriend?.. we don’t know. Even when he was younger. Also someone mentioned here that the Jolie are trying to protect Shiloh from the media flashing, but how about the other kids? Don’t they deserved also to be protected? I don’t see these children smiling, only a couple of grins, is not a smile so I guess they are not too happy. And I do have a life;; is the website that is entertaining us with the celebrities and theirs news and for one like it! The only complain I wish the papparazzi don’t always be so rude when asking for a picture or chase them down the street to get one, just get a good photo len. But I don’t think all papparazi are equal. I have seen them in ET asking the celebrities very potite for a picture and also asking how they been and their opinion of the story of the week. If we don’t have reporters we wouldn’t know what is going on other parts of the world. Ever since watching all this ‘stuff’ about them being arrested, drunking driving and such makes me realize that they are not to perfect after all and they just have a job to do. The difference is the money they make. If it wasn’t for us watching the movies or buying the magazines they wouldn’t be where they are now. Ratings speak for themselves, so the celebrities once in while should thank the public which not to many do.. So be it!!

  4. Shadow Girl says

    Oh look, Betty just wrote a short novel, LOL. Never fails to amaze me how dense the pro Crudes are in willing to overlook the truth. Tom’s a gay mofo who prob takes it up the @ss by that David Miscavige freak.

    It’s horrible. $cien claims to ‘cure’ gayness and I don’t think it’s a disease. If he would come out of the closet, he’d get a wee bit of respect from me, but since he’s mentally unstable, it’ll only be a matter of time before he’s in a straitjacket, drooling and babbling like he prob does @ home. Freak.

  5. Miapocca says

    Someone mentioned something I thought was funny and nit picky..however I just realised it also…the adults always wear warm clothing and coats and Suri in never in a jacket…does that mean she is wearning thermal underwear or is this a scientology thing.ahahha

  6. Miapocca says

    OH PLEASE…so that know all thinks they know teh midget because the haveonly positive things to say…

    Welcome to opinions blogs. where everyone has an opinion and it entitled to their own reality..and fo ryour information, you dont have to sleep with someone to know they are you watch tv and read the newspaper…

    Sheer utter scientology nonsense….

  7. Betty says

    How there you even suggest that Tom is gay? I surely haven’t sleep with him but actions speaks louder than words. You are probably going ‘bananas’ if he ask you out, however Tom is a smart guy and have moral to be girl hopping, from relatioship to relationship like others couples in Hollywood do. He waited for the right woman,just happened to be younger than him. So what? How about Michael Douglas; Christopher Knight (from the Brady’s Bunch), and thousands of others I couldn’t think of right now. But you have to pick on Tom because you don’t like him. Well I like him; he is a great actor and always have been very handsome and for his age he looks wonderful. Now I know they have plastic surgery, botox treatments and so on. But wouldn’t you? ..if you have his millions. I would. If you are a guy outthere don’t be a hipocrite since you would like to be in Tom’s place and look at least half of what good he looks. Tom could have have any woman he wanted but he chose Katie, he felt in love with her for some reason so leave them alone and in peace. And their beatiful baby was conceived probably thru vitro fertiliztion but what you expect? the guy was 42 years old. This is not a big deal since it was still his sperm they used, (if they did, I am not say ing they did because I don’t know the facts) However Angelina pregnancy is questionable since she was out of the country. How convenient for a ‘fake pregnancy” The baby doesn’t look like her but she does look like Brat. So please leave Tom alone! I love him, his movies and they have a great family. They don’t need this negativity surrounding them. If Tom smiles and shows he is happy, some will call him
    ‘nuts’; if he is sad or frowning, he is having marriage problems. In any relatioship there is arguments, sadness and happy times. There is a time fo everything..Peace out!!
    P.S. I do have a list, I will post next time of the people in Hollywood older than their partner whether male or female. Thanks for letting me speak out!

  8. Fans Are Blind To The Truth says

    this is such a revolting couple!!
    their sham of a relationship makes me wanna puke everytime i see the ‘staged’ pics taken whilst they are out being their usual media whore selves….
    as for the child…the only reason she is always being held by her mother is to ensure that katie is in the frame..
    without suri she is nothing but a b-grade actress in a sham marriage to a closet gay cult following dwarf
    just my opinion

  9. Shadow Girl says

    I heard awhile ago she did rebel so she had to get that veg oil cleansing and a four hour sauna. Nasty crap.

  10. lori says

    ANYTHING would be better than Scientology, that is a crazy Cult!!! I like Suri, I think they are good parents, but I wish Suri would not have that garbage put in her head when she gets older! Too bad! I think Katie may rebel somewhat against it too.

  11. Shadow Girl says

    Raised Catholic, yeah! At least a real religion like that has better moral values and such. You don’t have to pay to belong! I’ve heard that Cathlocism is too restricting for some people, but if it works for you, do it! $cien sucks @ss.

  12. lori says

    I think Suri is looking more like Tom every day. I like this family, just wish Tom wasn’t into his crazy Cult! Katie dresses so cute to me now, very stylish, but those heels with everything has to go! I for one will see this movie, say what you will, Tom is a fantastic actor.

    I wish the kids would be raised Catholic, I think Connor is so handsome, I think when they go home we will see more pictures of them with the older kids, this is a close family.

  13. Miapocca says

    the custody agreement is in teh divorce documents online at the smoking gun..they each had 6 months of the two older kids…and I beleive when with Nicole they go to catholic school;..ahahha..the mess of divorce, religion and sheer MADNESS of the father can make a child go bonkers..still waiting on the tell all

  14. Miapocca says

    ahahahha..are these folks still at it…when are thier flops opening anyway…she looks drabber than drab that skeleho and hmm Tom shrunk some more.hahahahha

  15. Shadow Girl says

    nice as in the way they don’t mince words, just say as it is, yes. Tom looks like he wants to jump on a dog’s back and go ‘ridin”

  16. tam says

    did anyone hear the news nicole kidman told in a recent magazine about her miscarriage with tom right when they split up

  17. nice gal says

    they all need to wash their hair or is it a scientology rule to have nasty gray gressy shitty ass hair.

  18. x (the original x) says

    The site was down for at least a day or so which probably explains the mess up.

    There’s a difference in asking pictures of Isabella and Connor with Tom versus with Nicole. The fact is that the paparazzi are always hounding Tom/Kate, not Nicole. So to be taken pictures of alot and to not see any photos of them with his “other” children since the wedding is well, sad. I hope that answers your question, Jill.
    Lastly, I don’t see asking this as “negativism”, as you put it. Maybe seeing it as that is negativism in itself. Whoever spelt it, dealt it.

  19. Analise says

    Tom was in the closet and chose Katie’s coat to wear. Why is this back up top? It’s old. Where are all the entries after it?

  20. joy says

    somebody is messing up with the tomkat thread, a lot of comments were gone. maybe this is something to do with the other fans or orchestrated by vicious and jealous enemies.

  21. Ruby Jackson says

    Why does he always hold Katie’s hand like he’s leading her in a dance? It’s weird. He’s always steering her around, like a car.

  22. Jill says

    I enjoy both pictures and comments here, but do have a question,…Why are so many negative comments being posted about Tom’s lack of pictures with Isabella & Connor, yet none being made that there are no pictures of them with their mother? I can’t remember the last time I saw a picture of Nicole with her children.

  23. x (the original x) says

    (Looks like someone’s picked the same letter name.)

    I think Suri’s looking more like Katie as she gets older. It would be nice to see some pictures of Isabella and Connor with them some time.

  24. x says

    My guess is that they each have the kids for a certain part of the year. You see Tom with the older two all the time before and now not very often. Lets not just assume that all of the sudden he doesn’t care. Perhaps they are in school since its September and spending time with Mom.
    Even if they weren’t with her right now I wouldn’t assume that he doesn’t care.

    I am not crazy about Tom but he appears to be a very dedicated father.

  25. Lauren says

    Suri is adorable. 🙂 I wonder why Tom just seems to be with Katie and Suri all the time and not with his kids with Nicole?

  26. Shadow Girl says

    Like thousands of other babies all over the world aren’t doing the same thing. Tom’s the only person who could fit into a women’s size jacket, sure as hell looks that way 2 me.

  27. lori says

    Suri is just too cute! This is such a happy loving family! Congrats Tom and Katie!!! I know you all don’t like me for my opinions on Brad and Angie, but I agree 100% they are a loving close knit family also and seem sincerely happy also.

    I wish Reese and Ryan could get their family back also, they seem so devoted to their children too.

  28. 2teens3beans says

    What in the heck happened to Babyrazzi???? First it disappears for 24 hours, now a bunch of the the posts & pics are gone!

  29. face says

    It’s been a while since I waited for new pictures of Suri
    I just smile whenever I saw new pictures of this prococious and most beautiful toddler in hollywood. I always searched in for new pictures of baby Suri, and this morning I was lucky to find some.

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